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Project overview

ITMJudging by the dynamics - now we can observe the flourishing of the industry. New projects are growing like mushrooms in the rain, administrators are thinking about how to hook the people and are ready to work, investors are choosing worthy projects. Spring, season-s. It is during such periods that competent investors beat off losses and go into profit, so I recommend that you seriously get down to making money. Moreover, the middlemen now have plenty to choose from, but today I want to draw your attention to one of the undisputed leaders of the section. A project that has proven over time to be serious about work and is certainly worthy of your closest interest.

I want to start a review from my first impressions of the site - when I saw its design for the first time, I was very surprised in the best sense of the word. Light colors, elaborate button details, overall laconicism and completeness are pleasantly captivating. In general, I am deeply convinced that websites of high-quality investment projects should be executed in light colors, the design should not be defiant, flashy or gloomy. The admin here clearly adheres to similar views, it is pleasant to look at the project site.

Separately, I want to note competent partition structure - everything is very ergonomic, with nice looking pictures and diagrams. All illustrations are matched to the main background, nothing annoying or striking.

Legend of the project non-standard and interesting - advertising in the mobile applications sector. Originally, respect to the admin. As confirmation, the site has a beautiful certificate of a company registered in the Seychelles and a map with the company's headquarters in California. Singing to ourselves the immortal Red Hot Chili Peppers hit "Californication", let's take the admin's word for it.

Move on to the technical part - here is a classic solid level, it is not possible to find fault with the admin: hosting from DDoS-Guard, SSL from Comodo, dedicated server, unique design. Everything is good and pleasant. In my opinion, a greenbar would look great on such a high-quality site ... but such things of course remain at the discretion of the admin.

Separately worth staying at project investment plans - everything is just awesome for an investor. Firstly, the terms start from 14 days - which is short and not scary; secondly, the investor is offered a choice of options both with a deposit included in payments (which can significantly reduce investment risks), and with a return of the deposit at the end of the deposit term. This flexibility and freedom of choice in the project is very captivating.

Investment plans:

0,9% on 14 days. Contribution 10-1000 $
1,7% on 28 days. Contribution 300-10000 $
2,3% on 42 of the day. Contribution 1500-50000 $

The deposit is returned after the expiration of the deposit. Payments for calendar days.

7,85% on 14 days. Contribution 10-1000 $
4,87% on 28 days. Contribution 300-10000 $
4,18% on 42 of the day. Contribution 1500-50000 $

Deposit is included in payments. Payments for calendar days.

Three-level refsystem (5% / 2% / 1%) is also versatile and dynamic.

Summing up, I can not help but note the term of the project - from the beginning of December 2013. With such plans, only an experienced admin can survive the calm of the New Year holidays. In principle, judging by information from several sources, it is so. Summarizing the above, I am sure ITMobiles has good development potential and may well grow into a new "giant" of the industry. Be sure to take a closer look if the project by some miracle did not make it into your investment portfolio.


A unique refback offer from the portal - 7% of your deposit!

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