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PriusPointLast week we took on the portal an interesting investment platform PriusPoint with a kind of marketing that allows you to earn up to 50% of net profit per month. The mechanism of work is similar to projects working on the principle of "queue" with a system of accruals within 30 days. While some are buying local currency (1PP = $ 30), others can sell, i.e. withdraw the profit accumulated on the balance sheet (at least $ 30), all settlements are made between the participants themselves, with the exception of the first purchases of points. Promotion at this stage is carried out mainly through word of mouth, since the daily limit for the purchase of points is limited, and there are already enough people who want to purchase them. In the future, additional measures will be taken for effective development. (Project Start: March 18 2016 years). SCAM

PriusPoint Project Is an excellent financial tool for stable online earnings. The system's conditions are simple: some participants buy domestic currency, others sell it, and the system does not accumulate funds. Transfers participants carry out each other from the purse to the purse, the system only reduces the seller and the buyer with the help of a mathematical model.

Design the project is unique, outwardly it looks simple and laconic, but with all the convenience and reliability. The content of the site in a compact form is distributed over the pages of the resource, the texts are written competently and in an understandable form, using only the Russian-language layout. The structure of the site allows you to view it on any mobile gadgets, while maintaining all the convenience of viewing. The user's personal account is sharpened directly for working with this project, the functionality does not cause difficult situations, I think I will not get confused. In any case, you can always go to the "FAQ" tab, where everything is explained in detail, or contact support.

investment plan Is the only option for creating an investment by buying from other system members, so-called points at a price of 30 $ for 1 PP. The validity of the point is 30 calendar days with 5% accruals every day until the final profit of 150% is received. Thus, for 20 days you will repel the initial investment, the remaining 10 days on the balance will come clean earnings. Purchase of 2-x and more points is allowed in the order of the queue, i.e. For a day you can buy no more than one point, the total is unlimited.

Marketing of the PriusPoint project works as follows:
- you order the required number of points that suits you;
- the project script finds you a person who wants to sell points;
- transfer the cost of one point to the seller, the rest remain in the queue (if you have booked two or more points);
- you receive a profit of 5% per day for 30 days, after which Point will disappear;
- withdraw profit by creating an application for withdrawal, but not less than $ 30 (it will be paid by a participant who wants to purchase a Point);
- confirm the transfer within 24 hours, otherwise you risk getting a ban.

* When creating an order for the purchase of Points, be sure to verify that the correct amount and the possibility of paying them are given, since it is not possible to cancel the application in the future. In the event of non-payment in due time, the account may be blocked by the system without the right to restore.

Brief outline of the plan:
5 30% daily for days
Fixed deposit: 30 $ for 1РР
Deposit is included in the payment
The total profit - 150%

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- DDoS protection Ddos-Guard
- SSL encryption from StartCom
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: Perfect Money.
payment type: Manual (up to 24 hours). Affiliates are automatically deduced to the wallet.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 30, there is no commission.

Affiliate program (five-level): 5% -4% -3% -2% -1% of the amount of points purchased by your referrals.
5% of the total cost by 1 level referrals
4% of the total cost by 2 level referrals
3% of the total cost by 3 level referrals
2% of the total cost by 4 level referrals
1% of the total cost by 5 level referrals

* 2-5 lines are opened only after creating an application for purchase from 25 PP, which is equivalent to 750 $.

The form of feedback, online support, online chat.

Conclusion: Quite a working project with the prospect of a long-term game with a moderate flow of funds, just this point here is well thought out by entering a limit on daily contributions to 30 $, i.е. For the purchase of one Point per day. 1PP is able to generate revenue up to 50% per month, thanks to the daily accruals for 5%, at the end of the 30-day period, Point burns out. Note that the output is possible only if 30 $ is on the balance, not more, not less. If 60 $ is on the balance, 2 requests are generated for withdrawal, which will be processed not by the system, but by other participants who want to purchase the goods, in our case, points. Thus, participants will pay for themselves each other requests for withdrawal, it is necessary only to confirm the transfer without fail. In terms of technical training, everything is also good, the site operates on a self-scripted script using secure site protection methods. The work on the project and its implementation has been fairly worked out, the administration has introduced the original marketing, which contributes to the planned development, which is a good argument for entering the front ranks. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 20 April 2016 year with the fund from 300 $. To our partners we offer refund of 6% from your deposit.

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  1. Avatar photo bona:

    Good afternoon, maybe - today we will make a request and expose problems.

  2. Avatar photo Edward:

    Good afternoon. There have been no profit payments for a week from this project, 2 days support is not responding ... Scam?