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Project overview

123The rise in the HYIP industry continues, there are really many projects and the investor has plenty to choose from ... But quantity does not always mean quality, and several scams of the past week convinced us of this simple truth.
We have to improvise and choose unusual and high-quality facilities for investment.
Today I would like to draw your attention to the project, out of the general mass of non-standard, lots of content
and ambitious, aggressive promotion.

When I first got acquainted with the project, I was surprised - why do some people classify it as an MLM? In my opinion, except for a somewhat overestimated three-level refusal commission, he has no clear sign of involvement in this section.
And even among the middle ones, the project stands out nicely against the background of many competitors.

First, I would like to elaborate on legend. Despite the plans that are quite standard for the middle broker, the project creators claim that they do not just pay profits to investors, but close their credit obligations to banks.
It would seem - a fantastic scheme! But the legend of the project is so beautifully, blurred and, I'm not afraid of this word, effectively beaten - that it does not cause a feeling of rejection. Moreover, the topic of loans is well known to the general population, which makes it possible
and a promising project going offline. Another important plus of the project is the mass of advertising materials for representatives, which certainly captivates.

Contents the project is unique and there are a lot of it - from video reviews to blogs and articles on the topic of lending. To some, it may seem superfluous, but in my opinion such high-quality content speaks of a serious approach of the site creators to their business, adds weight and solidity to the project in the eyes of investors.

Graphic Design the project is unique and meets modern fashion trends. The site is made in the best traditions of the "American" school of designers, plus the structure is similar to the currently extremely popular landing pages. Here, too, it remains to pay tribute to the administrator - everything is beautiful, everything is on the level.

Tehchast The project is worthy of respect - licensed H-script, SSL from COMODO, DDoS-Guard. All is well.

Plans varied, and all with an included depot. They are also consistently the most attractive for investors:

$ 10- $ 3000, yield 1%, term 2 of the year. Deposit is included in the payment.
$ 100- $ 30000, yield 5.16%, term 30 days. Deposit is included in the payment.
$ 10- $ 150, yield 6.66%, term 30 days. Deposit is included in the payment.
$ 250- $ 5000, yield 5.90%, term 30 days. Deposit is included in the payment.

Refkomissiya three-level, and in my opinion a little overstated - 15% / 3% / 2%.

Summing up, I want to note that the project is very, very good. A huge amount of photo and video materials, a progressive system of reviews, high-quality and up-to-date performance of the site - all this creates the impression of a respectable company.
Of course, it is too early to draw bold conclusions, but I am sure that if the admin will competently build marketing and enter the offline market, open offices, then we can talk about a new "giant". I advise you to take a closer look at this non-standard and promising project.


PS: the project continues to gain momentum! Already you can meet such advertising in the hallways of Moscow))) Well done!




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