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Project overview

S-kolosWe took on the portal with protection for a year a social project "S-KOLOS". Today we will talk in sufficient detail about the investment component of the program; besides, marketing here is quite unusual and long-term. As an investment, you can use one of two options: active and passive. In the first case, you do not need any special skills or regular invitations, it is enough to use the already prepared investment strategy and your total profit will grow 4 times. The project has begun to develop quite actively in blogging circles, the potential is just beginning to unfold, the administration has stockpiled many undisclosed planned ideas that will surely serve as a confident growth in the dynamics of popularity. (Project start: November 12 2015 years).

According to the legend "S-KOLOS" is a social community, the principle of which is to trust and provide financial mutual assistance between the participants of the system. The S-KOLOS project was named so because, according to legends, an ear of wheat has always been considered an indispensable component in the life of people. They received bread from wheat, here the participants share, as it were, a piece of their bread, helping others: "As long as there is bread and water, it doesn't matter." All actions in the project take place on a voluntary and free basis. The funds transferred by the participants to each other are not accumulated on the accounts of managers, custodians or administrators, which makes the S-KOLOS project even more attractive.

Design the project seemed quite colorful, comfortable and, of course, unique. The user's personal account is worked out very well, it is difficult to get confused in the functionality, everything is provided in a simple and convenient way. Apparently, the project is designed for a Russian-speaking audience, since the site's version is submitted only in Russian. The content on the site is completely original, the content in the sections is well written for general understanding. The investment component is detailed in the "Marketing" section, in fact, to which we will now turn.

Investment Plans In the project are to assist other participants through a one-time transfer from 30 $ to 1000 $, after which once a month you will receive the same assistance from participants in the form of a percentage of the amount of assistance provided. The amount of monthly charges is made according to the scheme presented on the site within 12 months. With each month passed, the amount of assistance will be reduced and in order to restore the initial percentage of payments, the system developed an original tool (Jumping faith), acting on the principle of reinvesting part of the profits.

1-Option investment (passive):
In this case, you will provide assistance only once, then within a year to receive a monthly payment of interest on the following scheme: 30% -25% -20% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10%

Charges: 1 once a month (on the scheme)
Min / max contribution: $ 30 - $ 1000
Deposit is included in the payment
Overall yield: 165%

2-Option investment (active):
The principle of operation is the same as in the first version. As you can see from the diagram, the main payments fall on the first 3 months, then until the end of the year, charges are made at a fixed rate of 10%. In order to constantly receive a higher percentage, there is a special reinvestment tool called the Leap of Faith. During the entire period, you can make 3 leaps of faith (every 3 months). Each time the reinvestment contribution will be reduced by 2 times, and the percentage of accruals will be constantly 30% -25% -20% of the total amount of all contributions.

Charges: 1 once a month (on the scheme)
Min / max contribution: $ 30 - $ 1000
Deposit is included in the payment
Frequency of reinvestments (Faith jumps): every 3 months
Size reinvestment: 50% -25% -12.5% from the previous payment
Total yield: up to 375%

You have invested (assisted) to $ 1000, in a month will get the balance of 300 $ (30%), followed by 250 $ (25%) and 3-Month 200 $ (20%). Thus, for 3 months the amount of accruals will be 750 $ or 75%. If you are not going to invest anything more, then during the next 9 months you will receive 100 $ (10%) every month. If you use the leaps of faith, then after 3-x months make a contribution of 500 $ (50% of the initial assistance). The next 3 months will already be received instead of 10%, again 30% -25% -20% of the total contribution to 1500 $, i.e. 450 $ -375 $ -300 $. After another 3 months or continue to receive 10%, or again make a contribution of $ 375 (25 1500% of the $) and percentage of restoring the scheme 30% -25% -20%. After 9 months, you can make 3 a leap of faith, contributing only 12.5% of the help provided. At the end of the year, your total revenue with such a strategy will be 375% of profit: 100% of nominal + 275% of profit (or 1000 $ denomination + 2750 $ of profit).

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain purchased at 3 years (up to 2018 years)
- DDoS protection Ddos-Guard
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: Perfect Money and Payeer.
payment type: Instant (up to 1000 $). The minimum amount and no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate program (seven-layer): 7% -5% -3% -1% -0.75% -0.5% -0.25% of the assistance provided by your partners.
7% by aid partners 1-level (with the first aid system)
5% of aid partners 2-level (in-person help from 1000 $)
3% by aid partners 3-level (when m 1-jump belief)
1% of partner care 4-level (when total aid in structure to the amount 10000 $)
0.75% by aid partners 5-level (when m 2-jump belief)
0.5% of aid partners 6-level (in-person help from 2500 $)
0.25% by aid partners 7-level (when m 3-jump belief)

feedback form, online chat, group VK social network and channel on YouTube.

Conclusion: Many are probably accustomed to perceive and associate social projects with custodians (holders) of funds, managers who manage the deposited amounts, but here the administration reacted to this issue differently, due to transit wallets on which funds are accumulated and withdrawn when ordering by the participant in the "instant" mode. Please note that now, while the project is young and the first marketing accruals have not yet existed, when providing assistance in the LC, you deposit funds to a transit wallet for accumulation, then in the list of those in need of assistance you can choose any participant at your discretion. The project has proven itself on the positive side, has ambitious plans and ideas, periodic webinars are held 3 times a week, the limits on the maximum contribution will increase. Now the site is actively promoted by many experienced bloggers, well-known networkers will soon be connected to the work, moreover, the affiliate program is not at all demanding. Especially attracted by the original development of the administrator, with regards to the "leaps of faith", the purpose of which, see a little higher, in the investment section. In general, the project does not experience difficulties with popularity, has unique "chips", we definitely recommend including it in your investment portfolio. S-KOLOS - helps those who help! The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until November 30, 2016 with a fund of $ 300. We offer our partners a refund of 8% of your deposit.

7 reviews for "Project overview"

  1. Avatar photo Starvz:

    That's right.

  2. Avatar photo bona:

    I see nothing funny - try to find better conditions, while being careful with scammers. Nobody will insure you for large sums and take all the risks for your contribution on themselves (except for the administrators themselves, of course, but everyone knows the price of such "insurance").

  3. Avatar photo Starvz:

    Thanks, I get it ... funny to be honest.

  4. Avatar photo bona:

    Good afternoon. The amount of compensation depends on the amount of losses of ALL referrals in the project - for Kolos it is $ 300 for all. That is, in theory, compensation will be small in the case of large deposits.

  5. Avatar photo Starvz:

    Bona, please explain, if I come to $ 1000, by what amount of compensation can I expect, if anything?

  6. Avatar photo Alexbul:

    shahmat, so something like you properly considered, but did not consider the fact that for example via 3 months partners will already 75% of payments, thus compensation will be in the amount of 2500 $, and it is already 12% of the contribution of each to compensate . It also did not account for refbek so hard to imagine just how to get the percentage of compensation.

  7. Avatar photo Shahmat:

    If your partner will contribute a total of $ 10.000 (100chel of 100 $), then what compensation they each receive at a SCAM?
    $ 3….?