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Project overview

SentinelsThis time, let's talk about a new promising high-yield MLM project that has attracted the attention of many experienced reformers and ordinary investors. The uniqueness of the resource is manifested in the design, marketing, and functionality of the office. There is no digging into the selection of the technical side, the marketing conditions are worked out to the smallest detail and promise a long life for the project. The deposit is accrued every hour, from which the resource traffic will grow continuously. Active participants will find many interesting offers here as additional bonuses. (Project Start: 21 September 2014 years) SKAM

Sentinels-X - an innovative online project for those who want to preserve and increase your money. Based on three principles: comfort, safety, high income, we have created a unique product that will be indispensable for anyone who wants to gain financial independence. Our team of financial professionals has developed a system in which each participant will receive a higher percentage of their deposits. your income level will depend on your activity.

Graphic Design the project unique and attractive graphics quality developed. Text
Information provided in English and Russian languages. posted on the main page of the investment
plans with maximum yield calculation calculator earnings depending on the size
investments, a detailed description of marketing, the benefits of the program, participants' feedback, as well as
Statistics showing the last five deposits and payments. View daily profit history for
month by visiting the "Profit" section of the menu. What is especially pleasing in this project is the execution
a private office with a unique functionality and capabilities.

Investment Plans represented in the project by four rates, which differ from each other
the minimum amount of input and overall profitability of the size of 180% to 210%. marketing provided
hourly charge of the deposit depending on the daily floating interest rate, which
It varies from 5% to 20% per day. The deposit is considered complete at the time of reaching a common
maximum income on the selected tariff, respectively. The minimum contribution to participate in the system from
5 $, the minimum amount for reinvestment of $ 1, the body of the deposit is not refundable.

1. Standart
Min / max contribution: $ 5 - $ 250
hourly calculation
The total profit - 180%

2. Advanced
Min / max contribution: $ 251 - $ 500
hourly calculation
The total profit - 190%

3. Premium
Min / max contribution: $ 501 - $ 2000
hourly calculation
The total profit - 200%

4. Gold
Min / max contribution: $ 2001 - $ 10000
hourly calculation
The total profit - 210%

An illustrative example of the charges:
Suppose you have opened a deposit for under $ 100 180%. To date, the interest rate was 12%.
Since the calculation of the project are produced each hour, the resulting percentage is divided into 24 hours.
Thus, every hour on the balance will be charged on 0.5% of the contribution. If within 15 days
the interest rate on the day will always be 12%, then the amount will 180 15% of the days. From
changes in interest rates will depend on the number of days for 180% of the contribution. funds from
Balance can be displayed at any time.

0.5 $ - for placing an advertising image with today's percentage on social networks;
1 $ - for placing a reflink to the project in the signature on the forum;
1-3 $ - for creating a post about the contribution and payment in social networks and forums;
$ 1-5 - for placing an advertising image on social networks;
$ 1-10 - for posting a picture on an avatar on social networks;
2-5 $ - for placing a banner in the signature;
$ 3 - for creating a photo on the background of a monitor with the main page of the site on it;
$ 5-30 - print or draw a poster for the project;
5-100 $ - for creating a video review of the project and posting it on social networks and forums;
5-100 $ - for placing a banner and a link to the project in the blog;
$ 30-100 - for creating a selfie in "Hello, this hour!"

To receive the listed bonuses, you must create an application in the cabinet, section "Bonuses" with
providing all the necessary references, confirming the assignment. Bonuses are awarded on
by project participant within 24 hours after administration of the application. Repeated administration of one and
performed the same job is prohibited! Violation of rules threatens blocking the account.

Technical part:
- Licensed script H-script
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection from BlockDos
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design is translated into 2 languages: Russian and English.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPay, Bitcoin.
payment type: Instant. The Commission and the minimum amount to no conclusion.

Affiliate Program (three-level): 10% -3% -1% from deposits of referrals
10% of the deposits of referrals 1-level
3% of the deposits of referrals 2-level
1% of the deposits of referrals 3-level

feedback form, online support, support skype, skype, chat, ticket system, social

Conclusion: strongly recommend to use offers of this project, since there is one admin
the best in the HYIP industry and always makes every effort to complete the work. For 6 days
work to the system joined more than 3000 participants, and the result is reported to be even better.
Technical data on a different level, marketing is designed for the long term within the framework of
the relevant section. Special thanks to the personal office developers profit is displayed with just one click. The project is located on our website under the "deposit protection" to the 4 2014 October, with the fund of $ 500. Our partners, we offer refund refkomissii 10% of your deposit.

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