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Project overview

sswanToday we will analyze the unusual project Shining Swan, which in translation from English is something like "Shining Swan". The program is presented in all its glory and performed in an oriental style. The technical component is determined from the best side. As for the investment plans, there are some ill-considered moments, which confuses many potential investors. For active participants, options have been prepared for additional profit in the form of bonuses. (Project start: April 14 2014)

According to the legend The company was founded in 2000, and officially registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The company's activity is the management of investment funds and their successful trading on the stock markets, due to which investors receive the promised benefits.

Graphic Design The project is unique, the pages with the text are translated into English and Chinese. At the entrance to the site, a tranquil relaxing melody plays, you can turn it off at the top of the site, with rows with language buttons. The main page is quite informative, you can immediately find all the necessary information: the company's activities, tariff plans, registration certificate, video presentation in English, the latest news of the program and various technical points. Live statistics allow you to monitor the life of the project, as well as the flow of investing funds and payments. A convenient calculator will help you calculate the total profit taking into account the function of compounding.

Investment Plans have a wide choice both in terms of terms (from 15 to 80 days) and in the amount of investments (from $ 30 to $ 100000). The plans are presented in three groups, one of which is available for compounding (interest capitalization). For deposits on the first two groups of plans - the deposit is returned at the end of the investment period, payments are made on calendar days. For VIP deposits, the deposit is included in the daily accruals.

1. Daily plans
2.1% per day on 60 days; min / max contribution: $ 30 - $ 500;
2.5% per day on 80 days; min / max contribution: $ 501 - $ 1000;
2.75% per day on 80 days; min / max contribution: $ 1001 - $ 5000;
3% per day on 80 days; min / max contribution: $ 5001 - $ 50000.

2. Classic plans
200 20% through the days; min / max contribution: $ 10000 - $ 50000;
400 40% through the days; min / max contribution: $ 7000 - $ 20000;
600 60% through the days; min / max contribution: $ 3000 - $ 15000;
800 80% through the days; min / max contribution: $ 100 - $ 10000.

3. VIP plans
7% per day on the days of the 16 1000-3000
8% per day on the days of the 15 3001-10000
9% per day on the days of the 15 10001-15000
10% per day on the days of the 15 15001-100000

0.5% of the deposit amount - for the placement of the image of the company in the social. networks;
1 $ - for posting links in signatures on forums provided by five;
$ 3 - for placing a banner in the signature on five provided forums;
3 $ - for placement in the social. networks your photo next to the screen, which shows the company's website;
5-15 $ - for a video review and its placement in the social. networks and forums.
Receiving bonuses is available only for active users. Send a report on the work done through the feedback form marked "Promotion". The bonus will be credited to your account within a few hours.

Technical part:
- Licensed script GoldCoders
- Domain purchased on 5 years
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection from Black Lotus
- SSL encryption from Comodo (to 3 years)
- Unique design, translated into 2 languages: English and Chinese
- RM-Verified Account

All monitors this project here:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay
payment type: Manual (within 24 hours on weekdays, within 48 hours during weekends and public holidays).

Affiliate Program: 9% -2% -1% of each contribution referrals.
9% of the contribution referrals 1-level
2% of the contribution referrals 2-level
1% of the contribution referrals 3-level

Affiliate program representatives: 10% -2% -1% from referrals deposits.
To become a regional representative enough to write an e-mail message with the subject "Representative", which according to the provided template to specify information about yourself.

Contacts: feedback form, phone number, e-mail addresses, online support.

Conclusion: The technical part of the project is picked up at the highest level, the design is also a self, to be nice on the website. Investment plans are not thought out the best way. With a minimal contribution to breakeven can be accessed only 48 day when the term of the investment 60 days. For the rest of the plans of the minimum threshold for the deposit too high. Despite the fact that the program mainly refers to projects Fast category, there are all the prerequisites for long-term job, of course with proper and adequate behavior of the administrator.

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