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Park easily and quickly with the service PARKGENE

Platform PARKGENE offers all users a simple, convenient method of searching for parking. The service unites companies, drivers, as well as individuals. Thanks to a professional approach, it will be possible to alleviate the lives of not only drivers, but also pedestrians. The main goal of the PARKGENE team is to optimize the entire stage of parking, as well as to bring the business to a new, more modern level. GENE tokens are used to pay for this service. It is integrated and available for payment from a mobile phone. Thus, drivers can use the services, as well as evaluate all the advantages of high-quality service.

The creators of the PARKGENE service are trying to destroy the offline parking industry known to everyone. Thanks to the thoughtfulness, the ideal structure of the platform, drivers will receive invaluable parking experience. Megapolis, small cities will be more convenient for residents and guests.

Principle of operation

Through the virtual PARKGENE service, drivers can go to any city car park to reserve the right place. After the reservation is completed, the smart contract PARKGENE is automatically launched on the Ethereum block. Full payment for the parking space is carried out in GENE tokens. The funds are transferred from the driver's purse to a specially assigned temporary wallet. In the event that there is not enough tokens in the driver's purse, the user can use a credit card or other means of payment (Ethers, Bitcoins) to purchase GENE tokens.

Correctly conducted reservation, as well as successful payment will allow to unlock additional functionality of the application to the owners of parking lots, as well as drivers of vehicles. This is necessary to complete the current parking session.

The convenience of the PARKGENE service can be illustrated by the following example. The platform provides an opportunity for drivers to open the garage door remotely using their own mobile phone. The owner of the parking lot, in turn, receives an immediate notification. If necessary, he will be able to observe the entry, exit of the car with the help of video cameras. The functionality of the service is quite high. Users can apply options, customize the menu at their discretion. The platform is being improved by integrating it with existing remote access tools. They can be obtained on the market or with the help of a special device. PARKGENE plans to sell it to its customers at a favorable price.

After carrying out a successful transaction, the parties conclude a contract in the blockbuster of the Etherium. Participants providing parking in the parking lot receive money from the depository (about 75% of the cost of the smart contract in the tokens) to their wallet. The funds are credited after the driver releases the parking space. The remaining 25% of funds are distributed in this way:

  • 5%: are listed to the parking owner or the driver after they carry out the necessary actions to improve the ecosystem (surveys, education);
  • 20%: tokens are listed to cover the costs of advertising, development, implementation of cloud services.

Participants of the PARKGENE system can buy or sell at any convenient time tokens for a currency (EUR, USD, JPY, CNY) or Crypto currency (ETH, BTC). To do this, you can use the services of a number of crypto-exchange exchanges that work with the GENE token.

Factors for success

One can single out the following factors, which ensure the project PARKGENE unconditional success:

  • unique technology, a strong team: the specialists of the group of developers have already proved their professionalism in the creation and implementation of innovative technologies. The PARKGENE platform is based on MVP. This is a convenient, powerful service that has already been used successfully in North America, Europe by more than 50 thousand users;
  • the power of the collective economy: as the awareness of the participants increases and the project develops, users' confidence in the collective economy begins to grow. Uber is a prime example of this. Finding a convenient parking spot is a question faced by most urban residents. Therefore, P2P parking methods will evolve rapidly;
  • transformation of the automotive industry: autonomous vehicles appeared on the automotive market, which can be parked without driver participation. Such cars require the creation of programs with which you can legally reserve parking spaces. In the near future, cars will be sent to the reserved parking spaces. Payment in this case will be carried out automatically. Drivers at the same time can give time to work, rest.

Conducting ICO

In order to achieve all the objectives, PARKGENE management decided to launch the sale of tokens. Sales of GENE crypto currency will be carried out in two stages: Pre-ICO, as well as the main ICO. 15 December 2017 year was launched the first stage of the closed Pre-ICO. Thanks to him, it was possible to distribute 2% of the total number of tokens. The maximum amount collected during the closed Pre-ICO is 20 million GENE tokens. To take part in a closed preliminary sale, the user needs to upgrade his skills and receive an official invitation. The public stage of the ICO kicked off 15 January 2018. In the process of its sale 35% of the total number of tokens was sold. All tokens that were not sold during the Pre-ICO, the main ICO, will be destroyed.

The ICO was carried out on a special platform for sales. To participate in ICO PARKGENE, the purchase of GENE tokens must register an account. This procedure is completely free. The GENE Crypto currency is compatible with the ERC20 standard, the blockbuster Efirium. Accordingly, in order to obtain the purchased tokens, the user needs to open a personal electronic wallet. It must be compatible with the ERC20 standard. Payment can be made in Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash. The tokens will be released after the end of the process of selling the tokens. Crypto currency will be distributed among depositors.

Bounty campaign

As part of the Bounty campaign, all users who help distribute information about the sale of tokens, a unique project, receive mandatory remuneration. The program is based on the creation, sending potential referral links to potential participants. They can be sent through social networks. Each participant who sends his referral link receives a bonus of 5% of the total amount of GENE tokens. Anyone can take part in the Bounty-campaign PARKGENE. It does not matter whether they got tokens or not. Payments to active participants are made during the week after the end of the sale of the tokens.

Distribution of tokens

40% - for the PARKGENE fund

35% - sale of cryptocurrency

10% - for the team, advisors

10% - founders

5% - Bounty campaign

Distribution of funds

55% - marketing

20% - for research

15% - product creation

10% - business development


Ilyas Khatzis - director of the company

Jannis Ramfos - Chief Operating Officer

John Zarifis - Technical Director

Nicholas Skarlatos - Chief Financial Officer

Thassos Flambour - Head of Digital Strategy


In November 2017, the expanded cooperation with partners began. In January 2018, the main sale of tokens was conducted. In February 2018, a beta launch of the resource was carried out. For March 2018, the official release of the product, its presentation on the market, is planned.

Anyone can join PARKGENE. The creators of this project have made useful adjustments to the principle of mobile services, which make life of modern drivers more simple and convenient.

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