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Affiliate program - an opportunity to earn extra money in HYIPs

If advertising is the engine of progress, then the main “engine” of the HYIP is its affiliate program. It is difficult to find a project that would not offer its users affiliate program, but for some reason many investors ignore this opportunity to earn additional income. Let's figure out whether to devote time to attract referrals and how to make money on affiliate programs in HYIP.

What is a partnership program?

Any HYP project needs advertising and this function is taken on by listings and affiliate programs. The latter is not something specific and is found far beyond the limits of the HYIP industry. Earn on the attraction today offer very often, because this form of promotion is fully justified and is effective. We will not talk about affiliate programs on a global scale; we will focus only on their application in high-yield investments.

Affiliate program or simply "affiliate" - the main method of advertising an investment project, which consists in inviting new investors to its participants. It is beneficial for any project that investors not only invest in it, but also bring other investors with them. On sheer enthusiasm, such a scheme would work poorly, so project administrators are ready to encourage such assistance financially. Sometimes the rewards are very generous, so it is not surprising that there are enough people willing to be partners of HYIP funds.

How does the affiliate program work in hype? Everything is extremely simple and fully automated. Each registered participant receives a unique referral link and can invite new investors on it. As soon as the person making the transition through your link makes a deposit, a certain percentage of remuneration will be added to your balance. This principle underlies any affiliate program, but in practice there may be some additional conditions or incentives, and the affiliate program itself may be of several types:

  • Single level - the most standard type of affiliate program. In this case, the income is accrued from deposits of direct invitees, that is, only from the contributions of those participants who personally went to the HYIP website through your affiliate link. For referrals, such a system may look unattractive, but it does not create a large load on the cashier and is most often found in fasts and projects designed for a short investment period.
  • Layered - affiliate program that allows you to make a profit not only from direct invitees, but also from investors who are invited to your project referrals. Multi-level programs can have a lot of levels in depth, but you need to take into account that they wash out the cash well, so many investors perceive negatively. But they are very much appreciated by partners who do not even mind receiving income from several referral levels on full liability.
  • From the contribution - a type of affiliate program, when the percentage comes from the amount of the referral investment. For example, a member of 100 $ invited by you, has invested 5 $ from this amount. This type of affiliate program is the most common, and its conditions are simple and understandable for the participants: led the deposit - get your interest.
  • From income - remuneration is charged not from the invested amount, but from the interest earned by the investor. To meet this type of affiliate program more often you can in the piggy banks, where it is unwise to pay income from the deposit, which in the project can stay 1-2 of the day. Such a program reduces the load on the cash register, but in the future it can also give an opportunity to earn good money.

Why is it profitable to be a HYIP partner?

You do not need to be a guru in the HYIP to understand that the main advantage of the affiliate program is the possibility of additional income. It is much better to earn income not only from your deposit, but also without any investments, because this will speed up your break-even. At this list of benefits of participation in the affiliate program is not limited to:

  • In many projects, you can be a partner and earn income without a personal contribution. This is a great opportunity to earn in HYIP those who do not have the funds to deposit. Without risking anything, you can raise funds to the fund and receive your commission, which can be multiplied by depositing.
  • If you earn money on a deposit in a decent project, inviting new investors to it will help the fund to work longer, and this will have a positive effect on your profit. Besides, why not advise others a good HYIP, from which you yourself make a profit?
  • Often, projects are launched that put serious emphasis on the affiliate program, and they offer participants very generous conditions. Numerous levels, bonuses, ranks and prizes will give you not only certain advantages in the project, but also significantly increase your earnings.
  • The income from the affiliate program is not limited by anything - the more active you are, the greater the profit will be. And having built your structure in the HYIP, you can receive a completely passive income.

The basic rules of participation in the affiliate program

It would seem that the referral program in the HYIP offers great opportunities to its members, but for some reason, not all of these opportunities are used. Just follow some rules, and the affiliate program will become a stable source of your income:

  • Practically in 99% HYIP it is forbidden to create multiple accounts. Therefore, if you decide to stir up several accounts and merge them with your affiliate link to get super-profit, then this idea is doomed to failure. Admins are not ready to just squander the cash register, so multi-accounts are calculated and destroyed, freezing the money in the accounts. We advise you not to tempt fate and not to violate this rule, otherwise you will incur losses instead of profits.
  • Registering in the project in order to earn an affiliate program, pay attention to the rules of participation in it. For example, often for earning income through affiliate program a personal deposit is required in the project. There may also be some additional conditions - points, reaching a certain rank for a withdrawal, etc.
  • Safely becoming a partner of the project, do not forget to regularly withdraw profits - no one knows how much the HYIP will work and it will be annoying if all your earnings go to the scam with it.
  • Often, under the terms of the partnership, you can only display income on the payment system that your referral used to invest. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you have to have wallets in all bills connected to the project.
  • One of the main rules - do not ignore the opportunity to get a refback, even if you plan to earn as a partner. If you are going to make a deposit to the project and simultaneously attract referrals, then the yield in the form of a refback will not hurt you anyway. Therefore, register on the affiliate link blog Profit-Hunters and do not lose your right to receive the bonus.

So, the referral program is an opportunity for the basic earnings or receiving additional profit in the HYIP. Some investors actively use it and build referral structures, others ignore it and earn only on their deposits. But, as practice shows, sometimes the profitability of partnership cooperation can be much higher than the profit from personal investments. Properly picking up a project and building a team of investors, the leader can receive a stable and completely passive income. And most importantly, such an income does not force you to risk your own money.

If you are under the impression of this article decided to go in search of HYIP with the most profitable and multi-level affiliate program, then we will hurry to stop you. No matter how attractive the conditions of partnership cooperation are, the choice is still based on the quality and availability of the project. After all, no generous affiliate program will help to work a long time HYIP, which does not have a working marketing and competent administration. Therefore, be careful, cooperate only with worthy projects and a stable profit is provided to you!