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Picus project overviewGreetings, dear partners. Today in the review we want to inform you about current events in the cool investment project Picus. After rebranding and adding on the blog, the site is in great demand not only among our partners, but also throughout the high-yield investment market. Only well-coordinated work of the administration and investors is able to give such results, as a result of this, we note in the article the effectiveness of new marketing and intermediate results.

Picus project overview

The investment project started last year, namely on November 15, 2019, which is confirmed by a limited set of advertising on some monitoring sites. In the “partisan” mode, the administrator dried the site for about a year, while fully fulfilling his obligations to existing investors. Past marketing allowed this to be done without straining, having strict limits and paying about 9% of the profit per month. Since October 20, 2020, we have seen a complete rebranding of the fund, its chic implementation and recognition among the hyip community.

The updated investment line of plans consists of 6 different offers, where only one working tariff is relevant with a daily charge of 2% per day. The minimum deposit amount is $ 15, and the investment period lasts only 10 days, after which the body of the deposit is returned to the balance. As a result, the net profit for marketing under the first tariff plan is 20% in 10 days. Thus, in a month it will be possible to earn up to 60% of the deposit amount. You can familiarize yourself with the rest of the plans on the screen, on the official website or in an article on the blog “Review and reviews of the project«.

Charges: 2% daily
Min / max contribution: $ 15 - $ 5000
Deposit validity period - 10 calendar days
Return of the deposit at the end of
Total yield - 120%

Investment plans of the Picus project

Achieving such a high profitability allows a high-quality legend, according to which the administration earns on the development and production of drones for the delivery of goods. The business is quite real and in demand in the context of current events in the world, moreover, even in the state certificate received in the UK with registration on May 19, 2020, the declared activity is indicated.

On the Profit Hunters blog, the site was decorated with VIP status a few days after the rebranding. Under the new tariff, investors have already completed 4 laps of 10 days each and earned a total of 80% of net profit. Our partners only have a few days left to complete the fourth round, while taking into account the received refback, the income will be at a level exceeding 110% of the initial investment. Quite a decent job as an admin, definitely worthy of respect.

Without the management's attention to the promotion of the fund, there would be no such activity. The admin competently builds a development course with noticeable dynamics and growing popularity. Periodically, various promotions and drawings are held among all investors who have made new investments. More than 400 people received bonuses in two distributions timed to coincide with the Halloween holiday and the anniversary of the project, where about $ 5000 in DOGE cryptocurrency was allocated. Also last week was "Black Friday", where each depositor was asked to receive + 3% to any deposit amount.

Updates in the Picus project

Among the innovations, we can note the launch of the Picus mobile application for devices with the Android operating system, the addition of a new way to replenish an account using the Tron cryptocurrency, as well as the development of a beautiful video presentation and high-quality PDF presentation for easy familiarization with the investment fund. We opened a new "Reviews" section on the site with reviews from real customers in text and video formats. In addition, a cool project channel was created on Youtube, where you can find company videos and feedback from participants. If you tell us about your experience of earning money in the Pikus project and record it on video, then you can get a reward from $ 5 to $ 100 by sending the video for verification.

However, the development potential of the Picus investment platform is still quite large, although the risks are already a level higher than at the initial promotion stage. On the other hand, the admin is overly patient and experienced, which is the main criterion in any project. Pikus has been working for over a year, started as a partisan, and for the second month already he has actively joined the hyip industry and rewards everyone with excellent profits. We will be happy to work with the project as much as possible, I hope the admin is in no hurry to close, but consider the risks too. Join the best, our partners consistently pay 8% of all your deposits from the blog.

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