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Platform ACX Network for easy work with financial resources

Network ACX Network was built by the Atlas Money team. It was created on the basis of a P2P banking platform. The platform has proven itself successfully in the digitalization of financial services in Senegal and Ghana. ACX Network is the first largest project created to simplify the work with cryptocurrency in West Africa.

The work of the network is supported by 300 experienced agents. Through time, the number of active users of the ACX Network platform will increase to 17 thousand people. The ACX Network platform is integrated with the Atlas Money network. After a while Atlas will function with Access. By establishing this cooperation, users will be offered mobile wallets, as well as other services that enable the wide participation in the ACX network.

Through thoughtfulness, data security, the ACX network will provide economic freedom to users, as well as accelerate the onset of major changes in the cryptocurrency industry. Thanks to this, financial communities will be able to unite, develop further, and single users - to increase existing capital.

Among the main features of the ACX Network platform are:

  • convenient management principle: for updating the system, specialists apply a special management protocol;
  • carefully thought-out allocation of access: access will be extended not only to those already involved, but also to potential users in different African countries;
  • the developers' focus on further development: authors are rewarded for developing, implementing various projects (community members vote for the best options).

Effective solutions for the use of crypto currency, work with it will be provided to users not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.

Principles of ACX Network

Developers of ACX Network are confident that the created platform will provide all participants with economic freedom, and will accelerate global financial development. The following basic principles of the ACX network can be distinguished:

  • providing easy access to effective financial instruments;
  • to realize the most ambitious ambitions, the best developers need to unite;
  • evolutionary solutions should be equally accessible to all citizens (regardless of citizenship).

Atlas Money Platform

Atlas Money Is an open P2P banking platform. It allows everyone to become a member of the micro-bank community. Atlas Money is headquartered in Senegal and Ghana. To date, the Atlas Money service has provided more than 3 thousand microloans. Atlas provides services in 3 out of 10 regions in Ghana, as well as in 1 region of Senegal. A special application was developed to conduct transactions with clients. To work on the platform, users only need a smartphone and a special application. Atlas Money network users pay a small fee for agent services. Agents, in turn, are officially employed and receive a stable salary. All these facts testify to the stable, fairly prompt development of the Atlas Money system. In the future, the network is planned to be introduced to other countries in West Africa, as well as beyond.

Project Ecosystem

The ecosystem of ACX Network includes 5 main components:

  • ACX token;
  • management protocol;
  • decision-making modules;
  • services provided by Atlas Money;
  • Incentive Pool - to reward users.

Together, these components allow you to create the necessary crypto-economic framework. The above layers are powered by the native protocol.

ACX token - description

The ACX token is released in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. Crypto currency will be used to pay for services on the platform. The entire ACX Network ecosystem is based on the circulation of ACX tokens. These are original access keys, allowing users to participate in the development of the network. Crypto currency ACX has several key functions. Their distribution will occur as the ecosystem expands and diversifies. The ACX Token has the following functions:

  • ACX tokens will be used as a means of exchange, units of calculation in the market, in applications;
  • The management protocol allows ACX token owners to modify the components of the network by developing, ratifying new solutions, modules;
  • An intensive pool unlocks ACX tokens. This is necessary to reward participants contributing to the ecosystem;
  • After the creation of the survey module, the ACX tokens will be used to participate in the voting, deliberation, and also to present the most interesting polls for users. The funds are distributed and sent to users after the access pool is stimulated.

After generating the token, the intensive pool will proceed to unlock them. The speed of this operation will decrease annually, until the pool is fully accessible. From this point on, an intensive pool will distinguish between new tokens from the total number of ACX (taking into account the votes of the owners).
The ACX Network Control Protocol is a strict set of rules for modifying the constituent components of an ecosystem. It is an essential part of the network infrastructure. The protocol is intended to protect the network in the long term. Thanks to this, the service functions efficiently every day.

The value of the polling module in ACX Network

A decision module is a list of rules that, asynchronously, ensure that token holders interact during the processing of decision-making processes. Interactions occur within the chain through user contracts and transactions. Thus, funds are allocated to reward contributions to the access ecosystem. The polling module is a proposal for the first decision-making module in the ACX network.

The polling module establishes a two-stage process of calling, sending a response. Data are needed to decide which projects are funded and how best to assess them. The register of proposals accepts surveys on ideas, which talk about improving IPP. Contributions of participants will be stimulated. The Access development team develops several interfaces to simplify interaction with the on-chain protocol network:

  • the control protocol interface or graphical user interface required to make changes to the voting process (during election cycles);
  • Interrogation interface: an updated interface that includes functionality for submitting proposals. At the same time, resolutions and the possibility of voting are provided. The protocol includes search functions, sorting, and the ability to track running polls;
  • ACX wallet: ACX multilingual wallet is designed for developing users. They can easily manage their tokens, as well as participate in on-chain processes using personal smartphones. Access is provided through Atlas Money. Due to this, the quality of the services provided is the highest possible.


Costa Mickey - Co-founder
Schuller James - company founder
Jose V. Fernandez - Chief Economist
Phyllis Yeboa - Havana Community Leader
Guy Malik - Head of Community of Senegal
Shimoni Ori - Blockchain Technology Engineer


In 2016, developers from the ACX Network team began work in Havana. During this period, the market value of the project was determined. In 2017, 300 agents were involved in the development of the project. The number of participants in the 2017 year increased to 17 thousand.

Distribution of tokens

27% - user incentives
27% - company reserve
27% - intensive pool
12% - for founders
4% - for advisors
3% - rewarding participants
For the ICO ACX Network, 6 000 000 000 tokens ACX were released.

Thanks to the professional approach to development, the ACX Network project will soon become the most convenient, popular and promising platform.

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