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Boon Tech - world-known freelance exchange

Boon Tech Is a pylansa exchange that operates on the basis of Blockchain technology. This is where freelancers and entrepreneurs make deals. Payment for the work of performers is carried out in cryptocurrency. The developers of the Boon Tech platform have made sure that the service combines the basic concepts of work. The world's first freelance exchange rewards entrepreneurs as well as freelancers who use the platform for their success.

Entrepreneurs can hire freelancers to solve their tasks. As for the performers, they will be able to use the service for free. Additional bonuses on the Boon Tech exchange will be paid in the form of a Boon Coin crypto currency. It is necessary for the project to stimulate participation in the life of society, attract new users.

Principles of Boon Tech development

The basic principle is that each investor must receive a proportionate share of the property, debt obligations or payments from the enterprise. The same principle is used in all start-ups, since they distribute the main shares at the stage of project creation. Another principle is that all forms of capital have the same value. Accordingly, those who spent time developing the project, helping other users, have the same status as those who invested their own money.

Features of work on the site Boon Tech

Members who provide services online are registered as “freelancers”. These users express their willingness to perform certain types of work in accordance with their qualifications. Members who wish to receive certain services register as "entrepreneurs". They connect with freelancers. For this, a special search system is used. This takes into account the type of specialty, the qualification of the participant at Boon Tech.

The site is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms for the deposit of funds (conditional) in accordance with the agreements reached. Thanks to this, freelancers receive reliable insurance (as do entrepreneurs). If they do not have labor disputes, in this case other methods of resolving conflict situations are used on the site.

The creators of the project released BOON tokens. Thanks to them, it is necessary to form a system of co-owners. They will be able to easily coordinate the activities of the site with the interests of users. The advantage of this model is to create a network effect. The developers of the project are confident that the economy will already have a strong impact on the services market in the near future. Community members Boon Tech can take advantage of the following services that the project offers:

  • purposeful community, as well as high-quality service;
  • the opportunity to receive a reward for the use of the site (award in the form of BOON tokens);
  • all payments are made without charging a commission, which is beneficial for all project participants;
  • a safe platform for entrepreneurs and freelancers, where participants can communicate with each other.

Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute between recipients and service providers, Boon Tech provides a mechanism that guarantees the placement of the required amount of money on escrow. This happens until a concrete agreement has been reached between the parties. Accordingly, the entrepreneur will have to pay the funds except when the service was not properly provided. The service in this case will offer other options for resolving the conflict that has arisen.


Two methods of attracting capital are used in this project:

  • share of ownership;
  • debentures.

Those participants who buy a stake in the company make a profit. As for creditors, they necessarily receive their interest. However, they can not take part in the process of distributing the profits that are received as a result of the growth of the community. The project has assets of various classes: Boon Coin (BOON) and Boon Dollars (BD).

Boon Coin (BOON)

BOON is the basic unit of account. The rest of the cryptocurrency depends on its value. Typically, tokens are used for a short period of time when the user needs liquid funds. Users who wish to become a member of the site or, conversely, leave it, must purchase or sell BOON tokens. After purchasing BOON tokens, they must be transferred to Boon Dollars (BD). Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid dilution of your share.

Boon Dollar (BD)

Since stability is an essential feature of a successful economy, the Boon Dollar (BD) has been introduced to ensure stability in the cryptocurrency world. This also applies to those people who use the Boon Tech site to achieve their goals. Boon Dollar is created on the principle of convertible loans. They are typically used to fund startups. In this environment, convertible loans are short-term debt instruments. After the expiration of time, they can be converted into company shares. Creating a token that can be converted to dollars will enhance the network effect. At the same time, the income of token holders will increase. Building a BD requires a mix of rules as well as a stable cost. These parameters prevent abuse.

Reducing attack time

Market participants receive information much faster than the blockage with a weekly average conversion cost. Information can be used to enrich traders at the expense of the community. With a sharp increase in the value of Boon Coin, traders will be able to request the conversion of their BD at an old, lower cost. After that, the user will be able to sell the received BOON at a higher cost with minimal risk. Due to these conditions neither traders nor blockmen have an information advantage regarding the cost of conversion.


BD can be converted to BOON at fair value, as well as within a reasonable time. This does not mean that a crypto currency can be regarded as a reliable replacement of the dollar. This asset requires liquidity in the market. This will ensure instant conversion between BD and BOON.

For providing liquidity to both parties in the market, users can receive bonuses. Blocker applies a simple algorithm for ranking users to provide, as well as for the consumption of liquidity. A user can be considered a supplier of liquidity in the event that he uses a platform for hiring, as well as provides services for all entrepreneurs. It is very important that the participant ensure the liquidity of freelancers, as well as entrepreneurs. In this case, users will be entitled to a reward.

Use of received funds

Funds received from the project activities Boon Tech, it is planned to spend on financing partner programs, useful developments. The funds received at the pre-sale stage will be spent on marketing and attracting customers. Thanks to this, it will be possible to multiply the resources of the project. The more funds will be received, the more it will be possible to spend on attracting customers. In the end, more funds will be at the disposal of the Boon Tech team.

Project budget

The funds that were earned during the placement will be used for development, as well as for the development of the Boon Tech site. Expenses will determine the amount of funds received. The structure of the reserves of BOON will reduce the volatility in the process of achieving the set goals. Progress, which was achieved with the alpha version, indicates that the effectiveness of the technologies used provides a wide mobile application.

Reasons for choosing Ethereum

The developers of the Boon Tech project are confident that the public Ethereum blockchain will penetrate the legal, financial sphere, decentralized applications, and the Internet of Things. Ethereum is a social technology. To realize its potential, it is necessary to expand the area of ​​its use to the maximum. It should always be accessible to regular users. Over time, Ethereum will become part of everyday life without any harm to decentralization.

Site structure

The creators of the project Boon Tech have developed two interfaces: the Internet portal, as well as the application on Android, iOS. The site will have the same features as the mobile application. The resource Boon Tech easily functions in any browser. When you sign in through the mobile application or through the site, the user will have a choice, namely:

  • enter the site as an entrepreneur;
  • visit the site as a freelancer;
  • open account control panel.

After logging in, the user has additional options. For example, if he came in as an entrepreneur, he could become a freelancer (and vice versa). A participant can also:

  • create a proposal for the provision of services;
  • to search for applications for the provision of services;
  • search for service providers (based on keywords and categories).

Freelancer can bet on a job that matches his qualifications. All participants have the following options:

  • to carry out correspondence at the site;
  • view the contents of the wallet, rewards;
  • leave feedback, evaluate entrepreneurs after the completion of the project;
  • evaluate the accounts of freelancers, entrepreneurs, leave feedback.

Boon mobile app (iOS and Android)

The Boon app is an open source, multi-vendor platform, and a browser (web 3.0) that is designed to work with decentralized apps on a single Ethereum network. The Boon app provides access to all interested parties. Boon is currently in alpha release. The app is available for iOS as well as Android. With its help, you can solve the following tasks:

  • create projects, provide orders;
  • to communicate with freelancers, customers;
  • accept orders, and receive notifications.

As an additional effort to capture the market, experts are considering the possibility of creating a two-level referral program. In this case, to solve problems with fraud, you need to integrate a serious Civic system (to carry out the identification of personal data).

Benefits of Boin Coin

During the ICO Boon Tech users can buy Boin Coin tokens. Their owners receive the following benefits:

  • if necessary, BOON Coin can be exchanged for basic crypto-currencies;
  • BOON Coin owners may sell tokens at their discretion after the completion of the ICO;
  • owners of crypto-currencies have access to services that are provided in the unified system BOON;
  • translations of cryptonized assets, as well as BOON Coin tokens within the boundaries of the system, can be performed.

In the event that ICO Boon Tech 2018 will be held as a whole successfully, the value of BOON Coin will grow automatically.

Why is it profitable to invest in Boin Coin

1 problem

Almost all the sites of freelance are skewed toward the owner of the site. This is not surprising, since they act only in their own interests, demanding as much money as possible from freelancers, entrepreneurs. Cash is received through unreasonably high commissions.


The Boon Tech service uses blockchain, in which the sources of income are not related to the extraction of funds from freelancers and entrepreneurs using various commissions. Boon Tech's revenues depend on quality service that freelancers and entrepreneurs can appreciate. This has a positive effect on the breadth of use of Boon Coin. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency is also increasing due to this.

2 problem

Freelancers do not receive payment for their own labor in full. In other words, they are completely dependent on the owners of the fiat site. Even if the owner decides to increase the commission, the freelancer will have no choice but to continue to use the site. If even a freelancer decides to complete the activity on a particular site, his profile with the established reputation, the list of customers will disappear.


Boon Tech is a commission-free marketplace. This is where freelancers can get a stable income, which is paid to the penny. The service will always remain free for freelancers. In addition, the best employees will be rewarded. Thanks to this, other participants will receive excellent motivation for further development. Boon Tech also offers a referral program. Bonuses accrued for attracting new freelancers can serve as additional motivation.

3 problem

Too large commission for fulfilling your order is a problem that is inherent in almost all fiat platforms. In fact, this is the largest source of income for its owner. Their task is to receive funds from the fees charged.


Service Boon Tech coordinates the interests of owners and entrepreneurs. If the user spends money on the site, he receives a reward. This provides confidence building. Entrepreneurs, in turn, are motivated to continue using the service.

4 problem

To get good reviews at the sites, many freelancers donate their own income. This is necessary in order to increase the credibility of the freelancer among competitors. All large customers pay attention to this parameter.


The Boon Tech platform stimulates freelancers, entrepreneurs, allowing them to earn good money. Freelancers are motivated to use the site to receive positive feedback. Thus, the profile becomes more attractive and promising for new entrepreneurs.

5 problem

It is not profitable for entrepreneurs to conduct their own freelancers at fiat labor exchanges.


The site should suit, attract entrepreneurs in order that they use Boon Tech to work. Service encourages entrepreneurs to attract more freelancers.

6 problem

The transfer of funds between customers and freelancers with the use of fiat systems is archaic. This procedure takes a long time (from 2 days to 6 months).


With the help of the BOON Coin purse, the movement of money through a decentralized network takes place in just a few minutes.


At the beginning of 2018, the introduction of BTC wallets, ZCash, and Litecoin is planned, the creation and launch of a feedback system, and the introduction of video calls in the application. After that, the system of distribution of roles will be implemented. Thanks to this, project management will become more efficient. Project management Boon Tech also plans to implement project management systems (via API).

Patented technology

Boon Tech has its own patented technology that eliminates volatility in the crypto currency market. Thanks to it, the site is also stable. Boon Dollars operate on the principle of convertible loans. These are debt short-term instruments, which after a certain period can be converted into shares of the company. Boon Dollar makes it easy to convert crypto currency into dollars at a cost that is set on the market. However, this does not mean that they act as a reliable substitute for the dollar. This asset requires liquidity in the market to achieve instant conversion between BD and BOON.


Rajesh Pavisran - CEO

Sunil Jacob is a specialist in the creation and development of blockchain projects

Govindray Malehitlu - Information Technology Specialist

Bobby Matthew - CTO

Boon Tech-platform has just started to develop. However, thanks to the creation of a unique structure, privileges for freelancers, entrepreneurs, the service has already attracted the attention of a significant number of users. If pre-sale of tokens will be successful, Boon Tech will be able to reach the world level.

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