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Platform RankingBall for betting on sports games, Esport

RankingBall Is a platform designed for the comfortable work of sports betting fans. Over the past four years, experts have been analyzing existing sports. At the same time, the interest of the audience in them was taken into account. The experts considered the platforms of Europe and North America.

They used the latest data, analyzed them to include the best tools in one innovative platform.

RankingBall Platform

The RankingBall service evaluates numerous events occurring in real time. They are reflected in a special scoring system. Using special tools, users can connect behavioral predictions to mobile phones.
Players using the RankingBall platform will appreciate the following benefits:

  • dynamic visualization of data;
  • the possibility of real-time interaction;
  • clear, carefully thought out game interface;
  • an optimized system of scoring points, rewards.

The RankingBall resource is optimized in such a way that the gameplay will become exciting on its own. Users do not have to focus on cash rewards. To achieve these goals, specialists optimized all data sources, game logic, as well as a scoring system. For every sport there is a translation. Data can be transmitted by players in real time. This makes the streaming more qualitative, stable. The innovative system of rewarding the spectator game is built on the crypto-currency economy.
Due to the Blockchain technology, each player is decentralized. In addition, the system can receive rewards. Bonuses are integrated into smart contracts, thanks to which the service RankingBall actively develops. The offered games correspond to the skills of P2P. Due to this, a new ecosystem is created, intended for media carriers, advertising sponsors and developers.

Earnings on sports betting in RankingBall

Initially, the RankingBall platform was developed as a sports interactive platform. She combined live broadcasts, as well as sports betting, fan communities, marketing channels in partnership with sports media. Thanks to watching the matches on mobile phones live, RankingBall users can place bets in real time for major sporting events. For example, it could be the European Football Championship or the Olympic Games.

The RankingBall platform generates revenue by turning ordinary viewers into gamers. Using the service, sports media receive more relevant, up-to-date information. A special business model developed by RankingBall specialists was applied to seasonal sports (football, baseball, basketball). Thanks to this RankingBall can be called an independent platform, which can benefit different groups of users.

Functionality of the RankingBall service

The RankingBall platform evaluates the quantitative changes for each sports event in real time. Using a bingo card, users can simply navigate through the match process. RankingBall service can be used for almost all sports. To date, experts have completed beta tests with classical sports (football, baseball, basketball, golf). Thanks to this, all users who need a service for successful work can use it to make bets.

How to work on the RankingBall platform

In order to perform actions on the RankingBall platform, you must:

  • choose the match, which is planned to be watched (after that you can join the contest);
  • pay the entrance fee (fill in a 4 × 4 bingo card with game teams);
  • Wait for the match to be completed to evaluate the results.

If the player's predictions are correct, the same fragment gets a duplication in real time (Play-By-Play). Thus, it will be possible to track progress against other participants. After the completion of the sports event, the rating of all participants is calculated based on the scores (columns, diagonals, rows). Rewards to users are accrued in RBS virtual money, as well as in RBG tokens. In addition, the award can be accrued in cash (based on the competition). Above the individual bingo card is a simulator. It shows the game data, as well as statistics in the real-time mode.

Competitive Advantages RankingBall

Firstly, RankingBall users receive only verified and relevant information. Real-time sports data is delivered in a timely manner without delays. Thanks to this, it is much easier and more convenient for users to make successful bids. As for the channels, experts carefully monitor their condition - they are regularly cleaned. Thanks to this, information is not distorted.

RBG token

To operate the platform, a special token RankingBall Gold (RBG) was issued. It is based on Ethereum. Virtual money was linked with the help of the RBS crypto currency. A unique approach allowed to create a new system of competition of players with a convenient, transparent structure of rewards. In addition to the marker intra-platform economy, the RankingBall system offers a loyalty program in partnership with external platforms with a marker economy. These facts make RankingBall the leader in sports betting. A unique ecosystem based on RBG tokens will unite gamers, sports developers, and publishers.

Types of Contests in the RankingBall System

On the platform RankingBall held the following types of competitions:

  • RBS Contest: a small amount of money is awarded to each player after the registration. RBS tokens can be used to participate in contests. The best players (determined based on the rating) also receive bonuses. Additional RBS can be purchased on Android or iOS Market (via applications);
  • RBG Competition: RankingBall Gold is a versatile play money that can be purchased on exchanges. To do this, you must have an active e-wallet and API. At the same time, players can participate in contests and receive an RBG award;
  • competition in Fiat Money: if there is a permit, participants can use the regulated fiat currency to participate in competitions. Contests involving fiat funds can be integrated in future with RBG contests.

ICO RankingBall

The RBG tokens will be sold from 21 May to 3 June 2018. For the ICO, the following course is set: 50,000 RBG = 1 ETH. In the process of carrying out this program, it is planned to collect 30 000 000 USD.

Distribution of tokens



RankingBall Is a convenient platform that can be used by every gamer, sports developer for effective work and successful bets. You can take part in the RankingBall ICO starting May 21. The project has good prospects.

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