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Why low-interest HYIPs do not bring profit?

Projects with restrained marketing have long been considered the most reliable and efficient in the HYIP industry. It was these funds that formed the basis of any investment portfolio and worked in all seasons when middlemen and fasts demolished the scampade. But now the situation has changed and it seems that the low interest rates have lost their positions. What happened to long-playing HYIPs and can they work profitably in modern realities? We will look for answers to such questions in this article.

How do low incomes work?

HYIP industry does not stand still and its trends change regularly. But if earlier we observed small changes in the form of special attention to telegram bots, projects on smart contracts, a certain marketing, now the situation has changed globally. Investors have ceased to believe in low incomes and therefore long-term marketing simply do not stand up and go to the scam.

A number of very promising low-percentage members, unfortunately, have not been able to adequately work out this season. Adorned projects with excellent preparation, experienced administrators and active support of referrals did not justify the hopes placed on them and showed not the results that were expected of them. And these are not some unaware HYIPs, but real giants who did not justify the credit of trust issued to them.

Dominant finance

One of the biggest disappointments was the project scam Dominant Finance. A powerful site was predicted for a great future, compared with such a giant of the past as Questra, but in practice something different happened. The administration spent a lot of time on preparation, hooked up a lot of advertising resources, conducted webinars, gathered pools. But after the New Year, investor interest in the fund decreased and even steady development “on the ground” did not save it.

Why did this happen with the Dominant? There is an opinion that contributed to this disclosure by the admins of their involvement in the notorious Hyipa Resonance Capital, in which many investors lost considerable sums. In fact, the administration chose a clearly unsuccessful marketing with small percentages and long periods, which did not arouse much interest from investors. And if initially, on the popularity of the hype, it was possible to attract investors, then the wave of interest quickly passed and the fund became fed by nothing.


As a result of their work, HYIP paid the first investors about 20-30% profit - of course, it was expected from Loany24 is a completely different result. An investment project with serious promotion in offline opened numerous offices, but their work was not long. HYIP simply outlived itself and had no resources for further work, therefore in mid-March the administration stopped paying. The reason for this scam is also obvious - the fund's marketing offered the most affordable plan for 0.7% per day with a deposit included. Not all investors wanted to wait more than 140 days before going to profit.


Creating a stock exchange, exit on ICO, development in the CIS and far abroad - all this was in the plans of the Cointonix administration, but it was not possible to implement them. Before the New Year, the work of the project was flawless, but with the onset of 2019, things worsened markedly. The project developers began to change the rules for withdrawal, commissions and delays appeared. As a result, the project announced that it was ddosyat and against the background of this payment stopped. Investors not only failed to earn anything, but even those who came in the front row could not reach the breakeven and return their contribution.

Cointonix was not saved from scam by neither practically ready-to-work crypto-exchange, nor by the admin, who did not hide his face and even met with contributors and leaders.


The investment fund Fexbet began its smooth development back in 2018, and in the HYIP industry big bets were made on it. A carefully prepared project, and even with working long-playing marketing and a smart affiliate program - the expectations were the most optimistic. Large MLM leaders, many of those who once turned Cashbury, took up the promotion of the fund. The site was actively distributed throughout the network and not only by listings - many of them willingly took to advertise it.

Fexbet confidently survived the New Year holidays and, it would seem, further there are no dangers and barriers to work. But the end of March was fatal for the giant Fexbet. The administration reported that their accounts were allegedly blocked in both Advanced Cash and Payeer, which is why they are forced to lend the project. The work on the outcome was worthless, as many people paid attention to the site after the New Year and suffered great losses.

Why are long-playing HYIPs no longer trendy?

If you look at the situation objectively, then indeed, today there are much greater chances of getting profit from fast than from low interest. To play in a long-term project it makes no sense to go in small amounts, and in short-term projects and a small deposit will allow you to get a good profit. Therefore, a logical question arises: why risk a lot of money and wonder for months how can you repulse your contribution if you can collect a portfolio of short-term HYIPs and earn small amounts of money with reduced risks?

It is no secret to anyone that the era of low-income producers has passed long ago and such marketing does not justify itself. And investors and the admins themselves understand this. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to prepare a quality low-income company, whereas with fasts and gutters it's much easier. Let's not forget that investors are attracted primarily by marketing, and if it is not profitable, then no preparation will help the admins to set up the flow of investments.

As practice shows, low percentages who have been working for years have become the exception to the rule. Several factors have led to this situation:

  • The competition between administrators increases. And you do not need to be a genius to guess that in the current realities, it is much more profitable for not only depositors, but also admins, to work with middlemen and fasties. Such projects are more dynamic and allow you to earn faster. Why wait for profits for years if you can set up a pipeline of short-term HYIPs and regularly be in profit?
  • Investors are spoiled by good interest. If earlier there were not so many projects and, more likely, administrators set the tone for the HYIP industry, now the investor chooses what to invest money for - there are enough projects for every taste and color.
  • Cryptocurrency also contributed its spoon of tar into a barrel of honey. The crazy opportunities that digital money showed us in 2017, lured many HYIP investors into cryptocurrency trading. Indeed, even though the Coin are now experiencing hard times, buying coins and waiting for them to grow is much more pleasant than taking risks in a low-income hype.
  • We will not hide the fact that today there are much more scams than five years ago. Because of this, investors have become more cautious and often not willing to risk large sums. They prefer to split the investment portfolio into several HYIPs, thus diversifying the risks. And as we know, there is nothing to do with a deposit in 10-20 $ in low-income companies.

What should an investor do?

A series of scams from giants with big names pushes to the conclusion that at present, low-income workers are not able to work. And in this case neither the experience of the administration, nor the brilliant preparation will save us - long-playing marketing is simply not interesting for investors. Does this mean the death of low-income? We will not make hasty conclusions, but it seems that in dealing with such HYIPs it is worth taking a time out. Perhaps administrators need to change the approach and inject some kind of zest into the funds with small percentages, make such projects more attractive for investors and stimulate their interest.

5 reviews to "Why low-interest HYIPs do not bring profit?"

  1. Yes, there seem to be for financing the company of one of the presidential candidates in Ukraine now many HYIPs were created - today, almost about this Russian Insider wrote an article. Although other admins are also "good fellows" - as soon as they see the minimum profit in their hands, they immediately destroy their projects and therefore the level of investor confidence is lower and lower ...

  2. Avatar photo Dmitry:

    Understand one thing that any HYIP works from the incoming flow of deposits, that is, if the project’s short plans are 15 and the percentage is valid for 0.5 per day, then such a hyip will live long because there will be a constant flow of deposits and if the plans for 200 300 are this full shit flow will the first months and then the admins simply have nothing to pay because the flow is very small. Also, Mfo capital on 365 days is also scam

  3. Avatar photo Abalex:

    I agree with almost all the conclusions of the Author. And with what I do not agree (or rather, I almost almost disagree) - I don’t remember. Different thoughts came in the course of reading, but I did not remember them. Nevertheless, I also noticed that I, as an investor, have already begun to "strain" long terms - yes, fig knows them, - if I will reach the end. And I began to pay more attention to short projects, but taking into account the entrance - literally for 2-3 days. I have already come across the fact that when you enter the first day, you may not live until the second.
    I must inform the Author (if I am not mistaken, this is Ilya, but maybe I am also mistaken) that I would like to see this article much earlier, otherwise I have already invested heavily in a couple of HYIPs. Now I'm sweating a little. But I never, do you hear ... I will never invest very large, because I do not see any logic in this, even the Pareto law confirms this!
    Thanks for the article, I would like to see it early ...

  4. Avatar photo trend:

    I agree with the opinion of the author of this article completely. I worked in such projects and I see that the risks are very high. Because you need to risk at least on 3-4-5 months. before going to breakeven. The admins have become very greedy, they just make money.
    Therefore, I turn to more highly profitable areas, which should be treated like a game. But everything is clear, the percentage is higher, but the break-even is 15-20-30 days.

  5. Avatar photo Arlett:

    Thanks for the interesting article. In essence, I had about the same thoughts on this topic.