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Assistance for the development of small business on the platform Debitum Network

Debitum Network - a convenient platform for small business development. As you know, today he has problems with obtaining credit. This happens due to the distrust of banking institutions towards small organizations. Accordingly, enterprises are not able to use the existing potential in full. This negatively affects the business as a whole.

Project Debitum Network ready to offer an ideal business development principle. Through a well-thought-out, carefully designed scheme, the involvement of intermediaries is no longer necessary. The main goal of the project is to organize a safe, most convenient ecosystem. It will be designed to provide funds for the development of medium and small businesses. The site has a special basis - the Ethereum blockchain. Debitum Network will free small companies from different countries from intermediaries. Thus, they will be provided with promising opportunities for the necessary funding.

Why is it profitable to work in the system Debitum Network

There are the following reasons why investors decide to invest in ICO Debitum Network:

  • the opportunity for a quick start and operational development has been provided: the Debitum team are specialists in the field of decentralized alternative financing. They already have a functioning network of individual investors and active funds at their disposal. Participants' contributions are required to launch the system and its further development;
  • DEB tokens are an effective solution: tokens will serve as the basis for any financial transaction carried out within the Debitum network. Thanks to this, the cryptocurrency will become as stable as possible. Over time, its price will increase (as the ecosystem spreads);
  • experts have already developed an effective product with a small functionality: the mechanism of the block works on the basis of ETH. It is based on requests for funding.

Goals of Debitum network organization

A significant part of small businesses is experiencing difficulties due to the general problem of restrictions on loans. According to the information provided by the World Bank, about 70% of organizations can not get access to borrowed funds. Experts are convinced that the rules of financial institutions, modern banks are aimed at limiting the enterprises to receive auxiliary funds for development from private and international investors. This scenario led to the situation that there is currently a shortage of funds in the market of 2 trillion. dollars.

The credit industry is closely monitored by central banks. They, in turn, are limited in the conduct of operations, actions. As part of this regulation, financial institutions are instructed to create obstacles to the receipt of funds from investors by medium-sized and small enterprises. Due to this, the implementation of the company's business plan is difficult.

The price of management between the lender and the client is also high. Modern companies suffer from certain difficulties in the process of obtaining financing due to the lack of efficient markets, as well as transparent registers of securities that have been pledged.

According to developers Debitum Network the best way to address the issue is to bring together ambitious players for mutual benefit (creating a corner component). It should not belong to any of the members of this chain. Accordingly, the project will not bring profit, profit only to a separate group of participants.

Debitum Network - Better and Smarter

The main goal of this project is to bring together borrowers, participants who submit applications for the necessary financing. This group includes lenders, investors, as well as insurers, document verification specialists. Individual specialists, large companies operating in the field of finance, have the opportunity to connect to a single network for free. After that, the participants can start to work on facilitating cross-border transactions.

Network Debitum Network was created as a universal service. All actions of platform participants are processed through the Ethereum blockchain. This makes the network secure. She does not lend itself to harmful influences from the outside. The described network consists of Ethereum smart contracts (provided by internal payment tools). Operations within the network are carried out using "paper" currencies. This helps companies apply the service to achieve their goals.

The economic component of Debitum tokens

DEB tokens are the most important component of the network. All interested participants of the ICO of the Debitum Network project can buy cryptocurrency. Taking into account the application of DEB tokens during their validity period, the amount of credit required to purchase cryptocurrency will exceed the general provision of tokens for sale. Accordingly, there will be a beneficial effect on the price of the DEB token. In such conditions, the value of the cryptocurrency will gradually increase. Debitum Network has high growth potential as it aims to address the $ 2 trillion issue. dollars.

Financial independence of the project

For each token owner, you need to know that the Debitum network is financially stable. Moreover, it does not require ancillary funding to run in the long term. Financing is required to complete the technological solution, as well as to create operations, the appearance of the project on international markets. Specialists of Debitum conducted special calculations. Thanks to them, the minimum loss-making period for all stages of the ecosystem development was demonstrated.

Features of work in the network Debitum

In order to get started in the Debitum Network project, you need to perform the following steps:

  • make the first installment in the system to get personal DEB tokens;
  • using the contribution, the Debitum team begins to deploy the solution in the markets;
  • Every person who has a free amount of money can be connected to the Debitum system by providing credit to any small or medium company in the world.

During the expansion of the project, the price of purchased DEB tokens will be increased approximately 10 times. Accordingly, the profit of depositors will grow with the improvement of the network Debitum Network.


For the first quarter of 2018, the second stage of crowd sales is planned, as well as an increase in the Debitum team. This is necessary to prepare the project for a major expansion. In September, 2018 will conduct testing, as well as network auditing. They will be held before the official launch. At the end of 2018, the development of the Debitum ecosystem is planned due to attraction of the creators of assets manually.


Project Debitum Network Is the development of a team of professionals with experience in developing similar platforms. They have already created a viable MVP product. In it, the infrastructure is based on the ETH blockchain. Debitum networking takes into account requirements as well as funding requests from small businesses.

Martins Lieberts - founder, strategist

Donatas Juodelis - responsible for relations with partners

Justas Šaltinis - Responsible for Financial Operations

Mazhvydas Matskevichius - Technology Specialist

Märt Lume - Product Manager

Debitum Network Is a completely safe, transparent financial system. It is intended to create better conditions for financing small and medium-sized businesses. Due to the absence of intermediaries, participants are offered favorable terms of cooperation. The Debitum team has developed a project to unite borrowers with those who can help them in achieving their goals. The principle of the system is clear to everyone, even novice businessmen and investors.

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