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Problems on the Stock Exchange

Webtransfer-financeWebtransfer (off. Site: is the largest credit network widespread on the Internet. The exchange for issuing short-term loans and obtaining loans from other participants in social networks was launched in the summer of 2014, and in July of this year it will be exactly one year old. During this period, the Webtransfer credit network has achieved unprecedented popularity and wide geographical scope. According to the Alexa rating, the project is included in the 5000 most visited resources around the world, and the number of users of the social credit network has reached more than 6 million. With all the numerous functionality, the main processes on the Webtransfer exchange are automated as much as possible for convenient use, so working with the system will seem easy and comfortable. You can study the most detailed overview of the Webtransfer project in text or video on our investment portal Profit-Hunters.

It would be great if Webtransfer continues to show similar results, but on the eve of its anniversary, the project faced serious problems, namely, long delays in withdrawal of funds began to occur more and more often for many participants. The administration does not give official information on this matter, for all support contacts, pre-prepared response templates are "pouring", they say everything is fine in the project, all applications must pass the obligatory "Security Service (SB)" check to identify double write-offs from the account and others possible violations. In any case, even after passing the security check, as a forced measure, applications continue to hang in anticipation, violating all the time limits. As specified in the VKontakte social network community, such measures concern only partner profits, the withdrawal of own funds is made without checks and within the limits of the regulations. The administration also informs that affiliate profit is not only a bonus reward for attracted clients to the system, but also the profit that was received in excess of the amount of funds deposited. They ask everyone to treat these checks with understanding and not to bombard the support service with such questions. The withdrawal of affiliate profits is scheduled for 1 and 3 Fridays of the month, i.e. the next batch of payments is scheduled for July 17, 2015.

All partners who entered with us under the "protection of deposits" when adding the program to the Profit-Hunters portal, probably fixed a profit and at the time of the problems remained in good profit. Now, on forums and social networks, screenshots of payments from investors to Payeer, Perfect Money, OkPay and other payment systems are periodically popping up. There are video testimonials from members showing how to take profits using Webtransfer VISA Card debit cards, but there are also many disgruntled investors who have been unable to receive their payments for several weeks. In general, while it is not known exactly how it will end, we do not write off the project, but continue to monitor further events and hope for the best.

By the way, our “Best Garant” service acted as an independent guarantor when making a bet between a Webtransfer representative and other members of the credit network. The purpose of the bet on the part of the representative is to prove that the exchange will fulfill all obligations to investors for the entire period up to January 1, 2016. Several other members of the network disagreed on the statement, and their opposition was backed up by a money order. As a result, the total bet amount was $ 36000, which was in the fund of our guarantor service Since the parties additionally agreed on the criteria for ending the dispute, such an event occurred, and the fund in the amount of $ 36000 was transferred to the winners of the dispute. The participants in this transaction have no claims to us, as a guarantor, the fund was returned in full (minus the commission of the payment system), the Best Garant service fulfilled its obligations by 100%. Details can be found at the MMGP investment forum in the topic "Betting on the life of the project."

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    From the wallet in WT from $ 380, I was able to withdraw only $ 100 - and then this amount is under consideration. I made $ 200 - in short, "earned".