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Verified staff information on the SpringRole platform

Modern companies pay special attention to the procedure for recruiting staff. Despite this, there are major problems in this industry. For example, the use of the principle of search for specialists leads to the fact that the most experienced and competent candidates remain aloof. This prevents companies from developing, attracting the most promising and talented staff.

Practice shows that more than half of the CVs that employers receive contain inaccurate information. The SpringRole system will put an end to inefficient recruitment. Its participants will be able to apply the most advanced tools for a productive solution to the tasks set.

What features does the SpringRole platform have?

SpringRole Is a special decentralized platform where users can share information about themselves, view other users' data and receive attestations in their own profile. This way, each participant can create a credible, verified resume. It can be used when applying for a job, promotion. There are frequent cases when high-quality information about specialists is attached to the project, which is presented on the Internet.

The attractiveness of the SpringRole service for the audience is that users can earn tokens during the activity. Through the profile, those who wish can share information about the passed attestation. The member profile will include the following information:

  • experience;
  • existing qualifications;
  • the presence of certain skills.

The user profile contains information about the academic qualifications of a person (diplomas, proven skills, professional experience). Information about the work experience, the formation of a particular person is checked by companies, educational institutions, which were put or worked by users. After carrying out a one-time check of details, information is added to the block. This data is always available. After checking skills, changes are added to the blockroom only after they have been verified by the sender and receiver.

Conducting background checks

Reference checks are a key feature of the SpringRole service. Thanks to them, each employer will be able to assess the reliability of the data that a potential employee will provide. In the event that the information is unreliable, company representatives have the right to refuse the candidate. Through inspections, the employer will be able to select the most competent, experienced and responsible employees. Users who provide incorrect data will be eliminated at the beginning of the selection. The organizers set specific rules for each qualifying round. In addition, they define the requirements that specialists must meet. If necessary, it will be possible to involve schools, academies, colleges, companies where a particular person used to work for data verification.

ICO SpringRole

For users, SpringRole releases SPRING tokens that conform to the ERC-20 standard. This crypt is the foundation of the platform. All actions performed by users will be associated with the SPRING tokens. On the site, tokens can be used in various ways. Holders of SPRING tokens will receive:

  • access to the most useful tools;
  • additional SPRING tokens, if the organization confirms the information provided by the participant;
  • if any member of the network has earned funds, the percentage of the profit earned is calculated in the crypt SPRING.

The implementation of the creeps will be conducted according to this course: 1 SPRING is equal to 0,00002 ETH. Hard Cap for this project is fixed at the level of 12 million US dollars. For sale in the ICO process of the total number of crypts allocated 2 550 000 000 tokens SPRING. In the event that in the ICO process it will be possible to collect this amount, krausejl can be considered successful. Pre-sale will begin on June the 11th. As for the main part of the implementation of the tokens, it starts 1 June 15.

Distribution of the crypt SPRING



The team consists of the best specialists who have a decent experience working with personnel, technologies Blockchain.

Service SpringRole Is a great helper for employers and job seekers. Therefore, I can say with confidence that the project will take off immediately after the completion of the ICO. The guys from the team did their best. In my opinion, they managed to create a project that in the future will attract the attention of millions of users. There is still time to think well - to invest in the purchase of SPRING crypt or stay on the sidelines.

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