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Remme - blockchain authentication of the future

Most software security breaches occur. So, the password you created can be easily found or read in the internet. Unfortunately, modern solutions for information security no longer match with the necessary requirements. For example, one company missed out personal data of 143 million customers just because it used the word "admin" both as a password and as a username.

Remme Company tries to become the industry leader in solutions for the management of corporate access, using the advantages of the blockchain technology on traditional companies. The idea of ​​creation was born in 2015 due to a series of cyber-attacks on large Ukrainian companies. The growing threat level, compounded by unreliable security system, has inspired creators to start working on blockchain solutions that could protect sensitive data from cyber theft. What are the main characteristics of the project and its advantages? First of all, there is no need to invent passwords. We all know how hard to invent a strong password and not to forget it. Instead of passwords, the user generates an SSL / TLS certificate for each device. Certified data is managed by a blockchain, which creates difficult conditions for hackers planning to hack the system. Secondly, it is decentralization. The project involves blockchain to create a distributed certified control of the system, which has no chance to "fall face down in the dirt" and not execute its task. Third, with Remme technology, there is no need to invest millions of dollars in complex hardware or software. Certified technology is supported by almost any device, even a computer in the car

The project aims to address the problem of data security through the use of blockchain technology. All of this provides a high-level of security. It is especially useful for corporate clients. Huge corporations store incredible amounts of data and they all need in high security and control. The success of such a project is justified.

Tokens and ICO

Payment method of the platform is provided by the REM token. It is a kind of access to the system itself and to the function on it. The total number of coins issued is 1 billion. The hard cap that has been achieved is 20 million (achieved in 24 hours and one minute). The type of smart contracts is standard - ERC-20. The initial price was $ 0.04 or 0.000047 ETH. The purchase can be made using BTC and ETH currencies. The stages of the sales started in February 2018. There is no other information about the ICO terms.

The distribution of coins is presented below:

50% is for sale, 20% to partners and Advisor consultants, 20% to team and founders, 10% reserve Fund. The structure of bonuses is quite simple: 20% pre-sales stage, 10% main stage from 1 to 3 days and 5% main sales stage from 4 to 7 days.

The distribution of the proceeds will be used for research and development, business development, operations, marketing and legal services.


The initiation of the project can be attributed to 2015. In 2016, the creators began testing the pilot version. In 2017, they started to build a strategic plan and own community. And also began to attract employees. By the end of this year, the pre-sale phase for the community began. In this year the project structure has been legalized, special tests and software has been developed. Next they have a plan for expansion in the Asian part of the world and continuous development of business and team skills is planned ...

Project team

Interesting facts and the story of the success of this project are presented on the website:

Social media:

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Conclusion of the review

The Remme project departs from the generally accepted concepts of security and allows companies to implement their technologies without any damage to personal data. Today, the safety of information is one of the primary tasks, because it is very important to support the purity and reliability of it. The main decisions made by company management are based on data analysis. Accuracy and integrity are the main attributes that allow the situation assessment and inspire customers' confidence.

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