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Revolution in the energy sector with the Bittwatt platform

Bittwatt- the first international service that specializes in the purchase and sale of energy. For full-fledged interaction, project participants conclude binary smart contracts with each other. Due to decentralization using the Blockchain-chain, users have the opportunity to conduct instant transactions.

This is very convenient, since conducting transactions with fiat funds often takes several days. The newest system of calculations Blockchain allows to solve the questions which can arise at construction of trading-monetary relations.

The idea of ​​the Bittwatt project

The Bittwatt system provides an opportunity to conclude contracts between energy consumers and its producers. The developers are sure that this platform will help the companies to unite for fruitful cooperation and further development. A unique system displays the entire list of energy suppliers. Partners can set the necessary parameters and search for the most promising partners. Such a way of interaction of the parties allows you to get rid of the bureaucratic component. Thus, the cost of energy sold will decrease several times.

The available operations for Bittwatt users

Depending on the tasks, users can use the Bittwatt platform to perform the following actions:

  • unification of various participants of the energy market into a single network;
  • energy turnover: sale, purchase of energy, process optimization, speculative exchange transactions;
  • creation of an international network for efficient, affordable and efficient filling of electric cars (a promising direction);
  • establishment of cooperation in the field of energy between market participants from different countries: it is possible to conclude contracts, conduct settlements between companies.

The list of functions of Bittwatt is quite wide, it is not limited to solving several issues. The unique concept guarantees users fast fixing of changes in the conducted calculations, as well as maximum safety of the conducted operations. Developers have created a system that is based on an algorithm of self-executing contracts that are popular in the Blockbuster area. To digitize services, optimize various trading processes, Bittwatt uses a rather powerful potential of artificial intelligence. This approach allows traders to exchange assets without transaction costs.
The identification of registered users within the framework of the Bittwatt platform is carried out with the help of artificial intelligence. Every user who works on the platform can be sure of reliable protection of his data, funds from fraudulent schemes, illegal actions. For maximum convenience, experts from the team Bittwatt have developed a special mobile application. Having installed it on a smartphone, you can conclude transactions, make settlements with partners in any convenient place. The platform is beneficial for all participants in the energy sector.

Advantages of the Bittwatt platform

Participants in the energy sector can appreciate the following advantages of the Bittwatt platform:

  • high speed of ongoing transactions;
  • cost reduction compared to other energy transfer systems;
  • scalability: the platform can expand, it is open to more participants;
  • Exclusion of intermediaries: due to the fact that intermediaries are excluded from the supply chain, the costs of all parties are minimized.

The Bittwatt platform simplifies the current operations of all parties. Participants are guaranteed a stable, absolutely transparent workflow. Due to the use of artificial intelligence developers, the platform is constantly being improved, and timely introduces new tools that are necessary for convenient operation.

The development of E-mobility

According to the majority of experts, electric vehicles will help solve numerous problems associated with the violation of microclimate stability. A unified charging network for electric cars in Europe is more relevant than ever. The Bittwatt platform is ready to offer the best conditions for cooperation to all those interested in the development of electric mobility. The goal of the developers is to turn Europe into a single, most convenient and reliable charging network.

BTW token value

A new BTW crypto currency, corresponding to the Ethereum ERC20 standard, was introduced into the Bittwatt ecosystem. Users can collect, exchange, and also sell this crypto currency. To work with it you need to open a personal Bittwatt-wallet. The use of BTW tokens makes it possible to significantly simplify the procedure for concluding agreements between the buyer and seller in the energy market. In this case, the crypto currency is accessible to all users of the platform.

ICO Bittwatt

In accordance with the planned program, Bittwatt will sell its own BTW tokens during the period: from April 1 to April 28, 2018. For these purposes, 400 tokens have been issued. Of this volume, 000% were planned to be sold at the first stages of the ICO. The main purpose of the sale is to collect US $ 000 (the first stage of project financing). The cost of 75 BWT is $ 36.



Developers Bittwatt have the necessary experience, skills to ensure that the platform took the leading position and received the location of the largest suppliers of electrical energy.
Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that Bittwatt is a promising project that is perfect for a profitable investment. The energy industry is developing at a rapid pace. Thanks to this, users can use all kinds of technologies for a convenient interaction. Therefore, in the long term, participation in the Bittwatt ICO can provide an investor with a good profit.

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