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ROSCAcoin - a platform for conducting secure financial transactions

ROSCAcoin Is an autonomous self-regulatory platform built on the basis of Blockchain. The developers used smart contract features to create it. Thanks to a competent, innovative approach, specialists have managed to create a perfect financial ecosystem.

Social capital is used to carry out activities within this platform. Trusted people, in turn, search for the most promising, profitable options. In the process of searching, specialists do not consider offers with a high cost of borrowing.

ROSCAcoin offers users the following financial solutions:

  • ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC);
  • ROSCA P2P Platform (RPP);
  • ROSCA (RCS) - credit rating;
  • the ROSCA (RMP) trading program;
  • ROSCA - crowdfunding platform (RCP);
  • charity ROSCA platform (RYP);
  • ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD).

Experts plan the systematic development of each of the above site. Projected work on these projects will be completed in 2022 year. In addition, the developers plan to invest in various potential services that are capable of recognizing ROSCAcoin.

Features of ROSCAcoin Ecosystem

The platform was created on the basis of Ethereum, it complies with the ERC20 standard. Under this system, BTC cryptocurrency will be accepted as well as an Ethereum tester. If necessary, users can exchange these tokens for ROSCAcoin. Thanks to this opportunity, the demand for the ROSCAcoin Ecosystem will increase. All system participants will be able to use ROSCAcoin. This will greatly simplify business development - users will be able to collaborate without any restrictions.

The goal of the ROSCA project is to establish sustainable partnerships with large, promising enterprises. Thanks to this, users will receive broader development prospects. They can use a variety of financial instruments to be productive. The ROSCAcoin Ecosystem is transparent to all parties involved. Users will be able to control and easily manage their financial flows without involving a third party.

ROSCA Lending Circle (RLC)

This is the first major product containing the ROSCA methodology. The RLC platform consists of a clever Blockchain contract. It provides automation of the process of borrowing, saving. The service can be used by users through the website, as well as through mobile devices. The platform supports ROSCAcoin tokens, which improve the stability of the entire system.

Features of ROSCA (RCS)

The second product is the ROSCA (RCS) credit rating. The purpose of its creation is to increase the reliability of the information that the user receives. A credit rating can be passed on to third parties to verify the credit history. According to the developers, the introduction of the credit rating ROSCA (RCS) will provide a positive effect.

ROSCA Merchant Program (RMP)

This is a special program that allows users to use ROSCAcoin for trade in goods and services.


Another important product is ROSCA P2P (RPP). With its help, lending is organized on a platform. Thanks to special tools, individuals can take money, lend them without intermediaries. When crediting peer-to-peer loans, users take loans from individual investors. They provide funds for an agreed interest rate. The credit rating of the borrower allows the creditor to find out the appropriateness of providing funds.

ROSCA Crowdfunding Platform (RCP)

A product that allows specialists to achieve their goals. This element attracts young minds who create innovative products in the digital economy. The RCP platform will expand the market for a larger number of participants. At the same time, they will be able to achieve financial independence with less difficulty. The procedure for launching the platform is automatically managed by a smart contract (there is no need for an intermediary).

ROSCA Lucky Draw Platform (RLD)

The platform is designed to collect 10 RCA at the beginning of each quarter. All collected coins will be sent to the reserve. At the end of each quarter, the system automatically selects the winners who put the coins into the pool automatically. The prizes will be as follows:

  • first winner: 30% of the number of coins in the pool;
  • second winner: 20% of the total number of coins in the pool;
  • third winner: 10% of the total number of coins.

As a transaction fee, the RLD platform will charge 5% from each winner. The automatic system works through Blockchain, the technology of smart contracts.


This is a charitable platform of the system, its purpose is to control the transparency of operations. Thanks to RYP, fraud in the system will be excluded. At the end of each quarter, the development team will create and run a survey for participants (from a non-profit organization). The proposed charity program will be published on the platform.
The above-mentioned elements of the ROSCA system allow for convenient, transparent fund management, distribution of funds, bidding. In this fraud, hacking wallets participants are excluded. Users can be assured of maximum security of the tools used.

Role of Block

The work of the ROSCAcoin platform is based on Smart contracts Ethereum Block. They are used to provide additional security, transparency of ongoing transactions. Experts used several security mechanisms to protect users. Secret keys are protected by elements that are between the main components for the internal API. Despite the use of the transaction contract Block, all operations remain available for viewing. Users can perform full control over transactions, personal information.
Transactions can be made at any convenient time of day. The flow of data in the block chain is consistent, complete and accessible to the participants of the system. Compared to other financial Internet systems, transactions in the ROSCAcoin system are performed promptly.

Conducting ICO ROSCAcoin

In total, 10 billion RCA tokens have been released for the development of the project. For the ICO, the developers have allocated 3 billion RCA tokens. ICO is held in March 2018 year. You can buy ROSCAcoin for the following types of crypto currency: BTC, as well as ETH. The ROSCAcoin project's crypto currency complies with the Ethereum ERC20 standard.

Distribution of tokens



Financial transactions on the ROSCAcoin platform can be carried out as transparently as possible, reliably without the involvement of a third party. Many experienced users will agree that ROSCAcoin is one of the most convenient and promising services.


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