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The next addition to our list of investments was a project on a smart contract called The fund is at the start of its promotion and has already passed an independent audit, confirming that the contract code does not contain errors and vulnerabilities. Therefore, we can safely say - we have an honest project, which has all the advantages of HYIPs on the blockchain. The “Narodny” project proposes to make money on conditions tested by other smart contracts in the form of 1% profit per day. Such marketing proved to be worthy of work, so will definitely attract the attention of investors. We have the opportunity to start cooperation with a smart contract at the beginning of its work, which gives a good chance of profit. (Project Start: January 8 2019 years)

Legends doesn’t have any activities, which has become a tradition for projects on smart contracts. There is no need for such funds to somehow substantiate their activities and the income earned, because they work completely transparently and do not hide the fact that the payment of profits comes from the participants ’deposits. But unlike the standard HYIP, the project’s work on the smart contract is not regulated by the administration: the human factor is completely excluded, which means there will not be an unexpected scam for It is important that an independent audit of the code was conducted, confirming that the fund will operate in accordance with the stated conditions. In addition to the peculiarities of cooperation with investors, the code also provides for the distribution of funds: 80% will be used to pay depositors, 13% will go to service the project (including 8% for advertising) and 7% will amount to referral rewards.  

Design The site looks attractive and is completely unique. It presents all the important information for the investor, there are also several thematic sections, which describe in detail the various aspects of cooperation with the fund. Despite the fact that the site of the project is only a one-page platform, it is quite well prepared. The resource is presented in Russian, so investors can easily find the necessary information on it.

investment offer from is presented in one tariff plan with a restrained, working percentage of profitability. Such marketing has already been tested in practice by other HYIPs on the blockchain and has shown itself to work well, which is an indisputable plus for this foundation. The project offers investors to invest from 0.01 ETH and receive 1% per day for 400 days. The deposit is already included in these charges, and the daily profit will be paid to the wallets of the participants automatically.

  • 1% per day for 400 days
  • Deposit amount: from 0.01 ETH
  • Deposit is included in the payment
  • Breakeven: in 100 days

To invest, the participant must send at least 0.01 ETH from his Ethereum-walk to the address of the smart contract:


It's important! The wallet must be your personal, that is, you must have a private key. You can not use the purses of stock exchanges or send money through exchangers. Project developers recommend using Myetherwallet, Metamask, Mycrypto, TrustWallet wallets. During the operation, specify the gas limits 250000.

Technical part:

  • Smart contract in blockchain Ethereum;
  • SSLencryption from cPanel, Inc. (on 3 of the month);
  • Unique Russian-language design;
  • Domain NameCheap;
  • IP address:

Detailed technical analysis and project status can be found here:

Payment systems: Ethereum.

our deposit: 300$.

Payments: automatic (daily in 09: 00 GMT).

Partnership program: For each deposit of an invited member will be charged 5% from the amount invested.

return refkomissii: 6% of your deposit! Here You can see the instructions for creating a deposit.

It's important! To get a refback, you need to specify when making a deposit in the field "DATA" ("DATA") blog wallet address:


Contacts: project channel in Telegram, online support on the site.

Hack and predictor Aviator: We are dealing with a HYIP on a smart contract that has passed the code audit, is honest and works completely transparently. This means that the human factor in his work is completely excluded and the fund will function until the funds in his wallet are completed. is just beginning its distribution on the network, while there is practically no information about the project, which is an advantage for Profit-Hunters partners who have the opportunity to invest in the front ranks of investors. For marketing, HYIP is an intermediary and will allow investors to receive 1% per day for 400 days. Such a moderate percentage will not have a significant burden on the fund fund, which means will be able to show a good result. Plus, we note that 8% of each admission to the project is allocated for advertising, so the promotion of the site will go confidently, which will stimulate the flow of contributions. For our partners there is an increased Deposit Protection Fund from 500 $ before 20.04.2019, and also offers a refback in the amount of 6% from the amount invested.

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  1. Avatar photo Arthur:

    Samsara is a great project that provides an opportunity to earn money regardless of age. I was invited by friends, and I am glad that I agreed. So far, I'm starting with $ 100, and then we'll see if everything is as good as it is now, before I will develop my structure.

  2. Avatar photo alexd:

    I have been in the project for 4 months already, I went for $ 100, and I have already made the first conclusion. The project is normal, the money was withdrawn within three days, the support is responsive

  3. Avatar photo msKompas:

    6% refback received, thanks
    TimeStamp: 13 hrs 48 mins ago (Jan-24-2019 08: 54: 50 PM + UTC)
    Value: 0.0306 Ether

  4. Avatar photo Set78:

    Good day. Tell me the charges themselves come to the wallet. Or output as necessary?

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    Refbek came thanks

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    Oops did not write there)) litter

  7. Avatar photo NataliINV:

    Regular payments%%

    Transaction Date: January 20 2019 11: 47
    Operation ID: 718046774
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    Status: Done
    obtaining Amount: $ 0.67
    Comment: Invoice #1925, NataliaD

    From: P80727090

  8. Avatar photo Gialin Sergey:

    Good smart! Refack received!
    ProfitHunter excellent monitor! Thank!

  9. Avatar photo Nealdanver:

    Oh, an interesting smart, judging by the plan, design and content of the fund for a long time came. I am glad that there is an audit, I definitely take into the portfolio