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SCARA - play online and earn money

Manufacturers of video games have for many years long experimented with digital currencies and assets, sometimes even doing it with great success. However, before the advent of Blochcain technology, all these economies existed only virtually, in an official isolation from the real economy.

SCAR - this is one of the first games to overcome this barrier, while creating a new crypto currency in the form of ERC-20 based on Ethereum blockchain, under the name SKARAT.

SCAR is a new full-scale world that includes a multiplayer competitive platform eSports, role-based narrative single-player game (RPG) and mobile applications in the rich fantasy world described in the novel "Scara - time of two suns". Author - Pablo Rodriguez for many years creating the history of SCAR and his debut novel was published in January 2018.

SCAR goes far beyond a simple video game. This is a fantastic and rich world where you can meet different forms of life and culture, struggling with each other for survival against the background of the cosmic apocalypse. Having embraced cross-platform video games with novels and comics, the SCAR universe is fully committed to making a significant cultural contribution of the same magnitude as the Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars.
Many have long dreamed of playing their favorite games and still make good money. SCAR in this regard is an absolutely new revolutionary solution, which will be able to implement this at a completely legal level.
SCARA uses a loot-box economy based on the random distribution of a variety of cosmetic items (skins, dyes, tattoos), gameplay (weapons / armor with statistics for single-user mode) and social items (voice lines, emotions). This type of economy is quite common in the video game market.

The game is available for download for free and has its own virtual currencies: SHARD (free currency, which is valid for holding in the game) and SCARAT (premium currency).

Features of the game

Multiplayer online mode of the SCAR universe has a number of important features:
• Fast Combat mode (each character has its own fighting style from the 3 person with a personalized melee type in battles with other players).
• Combat synergies between the team's characters (in order to master all aspects of the game, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the battle style of each culture in order to create the advantage of the unique skills of its character, in order to act as a single cohesive group of soldiers of all cultures).
• Quick multiplayer match (different modes of play from 3 to 10 minutes, you must kill all enemies as quickly as possible to survive yourself).
• Game modes (1v1, 3v3 and 5v5.4 of different types of arenas that contain interactive elements, danger everywhere).
• Knowledge (all cultures in SCAR are individual, each has its own history, language, heroes, political structure, music, etc. - all this was created primarily by the players themselves and is found in the Traditions section).
• Opportunity to become a hero (the best of the best will be able to "immortalize" his character, who in the future can become the main character in the novels of Pablo Rodriguez, and then enter the new version of the single player).
• Card system (for each player a collectible card is created, displaying certain statistics in the game, the top players will have a lot of advantages).

In addition to the above, SCARA will also have its own betting platform, in order to ensure full transparency and fairness for all its users. All results will be synchronized and updated automatically in the online mode. The subject of bids will be the native SKARAT token.

SCARA and ICO tokens

SCARAT (SKARA token) is a unit of value created for the ecosystem and will provide SCAR users with the opportunity to interact with other products, contributing to the distribution of rewards and benefits to all stakeholders. This token is in the form of ERC-20 and is based on the Ethereum blockchain; the total planned issue amount is 20 million tokens. They will be distributed as follows:

Scarat and blocking will be built into the heart of the SCARA ecosystem in order to decentralize the benefits of participating in games, both in an accidental and competitive manner.
Most of the assets of SCAR, purchased with the help of these tokens, are purely a cosmetic element of the game (exclusive gaming details, etc.) and do not provide a competitive advantage in it, as the developers of the project tend to make the game the most competitive eSports. The remaining assets, in turn, will provide special opportunities and skills in SKARA, but only in non-competitive game modes, such as single-player, etc.
Scarat and valuable game items will be stored in decentralized blockade on a special Eth-purse of the user, which can be directly linked to his account in the game.

Scarat will allow you to use new features:
 buy and sell various goods;
 Trade in Scarata;
 access to the play area;
 trading cards;
 access to events and competitions;
 bid on various competitions;
 rewards to the participants of the event.
Professional players will receive at least a portion of their salary in Skarats. In addition, by promoting the idea of ​​professional gaming, SCARA will offer rewards in native currency at different stages of the game to those players who can stand out in any way - be it game skill, participation in content creation or positive contribution to the community.
Users of the game will spend Scarat on unique game content, in game auctions or participating in tournaments (be it a game or a bet). All this forms the daily activity of millions of players who, as predicted, will play in SCAR, while creating a constant demand for the game currency in the open market.
When buying anything in the game, be it a weapon or a blow, 50% of Scaratov spent will be burned, and the remaining 50% will be transferred to a special account called Game Funds.
The incendiary half of the Scarabs involved in every transaction in the game provides inflationary price pressure on the market value of the remaining Scaras as a limited number of tokens, which is constantly decreasing.
There will also be a function to transfer this token between players' accounts when trading on the open market.
According to statistics, about 80% of trades inside the game are between the players themselves, the remaining 20% between the game and the players.
To date, you can become the owner of Skarat in such ways:
1. At the stage of sale from 8 February to 23 February 2018year.
2. Having bought Scarat from the hands of another owner, using the purse Ethereum. After the end of the campaign to sell the tokens, SCARAT will be open for trade; The player will be able to purchase it on the market and add to his account.
3. On the official site of the game "SKARA - The Blade Remains". The part of users who are not very versed in cryptocurrency can easily become the owner of Scarat for fiat currency.
Using Scarat in the game will be possible already 8 February - that's when the beta version will be released. The functionality of these tokens will constantly grow as Skara Universe expands through eSports, betting, trading cards for later use in other video games. Already in full swing are negotiations with studios wishing to use the currency of SCAR in their games, which makes the potential of this token unlimited.


The creation of the SCAR project was attracted by a large number of professionals with experience in playing AAA games from around the world. They all combined to create a new world of entertainment and gaming.


The road map of the SCAR project is as follows:


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