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Service Cool Cousin - the best assistant for every tourist

application Cool Cousin Developed specifically for fans of travel. With it, users can get up-to-date information from local users about the best places to rest. The service is always available, you can use it from anywhere in the world. The main idea of ​​the project has a lot in common with tourist forums, where travelers exchange their impressions and tips (how to get there, where to stay, eat). Participants answering the questions have verified information. They are called "cousins".

Cool Cousin Idea

The creators of the project position it as a service for young travelers. Cool Cousin is aimed exactly at them - proactive, entrepreneurial. Many representatives of this generation organize their vacations on their own, rather than go on a trip to a travel agency. In this case, the Cool Cousin service will be your best assistant.

As you know, a huge amount of money is invested in the tourism industry. Statistics show that every tenth position in the world has to do with tourism. Naturally, many niches have long been divided and divided between active players. Travel agencies, in turn, demonstrate some features and carefully hide others. Accordingly, many sights, dignities are often fictitious. They are advertised for more active attraction of tourists. In fact, such objects have neither spiritual nor historical value. Many negative nuances of travel agencies are often silent, because of what tourists can find themselves in a quandary.

In order to avoid "pitfalls" on vacation, it is recommended to use the Cool Cousin service. This is a kind of social network. Here, every traveler can ask for advice on everyday issues, the best route, transport, entertainment, and so on. Those users who managed to visit the discussed place or live there answer the questions asked by opponents.

Ecosystem Cool Cousin

Ecosystem is divided into such parts: community and company. The transaction fee spent on the platform is distributed between these groups. The company is responsible for business development, technical platform promotion. Thus, strong community support is provided. Guiding principles have been defined for him. With the passage of time, a transition to self-government is planned.

Basically, the community manages the application. Its participants control the content, services provided, and also provide quality control, monitor disputes. The company receives half of the fees directly. Participants in the community are transferred through a special mechanism of rewards. Thanks to this scheme of work, the community will become fully manageable.

The Cool Cousin Council of Representatives includes members of the community. The purpose of its creation is for the two groups to be intelligently combined. This will make their collaboration mutually beneficial and incentives consistent. Discussion of problems, solution of issues is carried out in the following percentage:

  • 35%: opinion of the company;
  • 65%: community position.

Community members Cool Cousin

The community includes several players who play a critical role in the development of the app ecosystem. The Cool Cousin platform is based on cousins. These “locals” perform the following functions:

  • create guidelines;
  • answer the questions posed by other participants;
  • offer travelers solutions to the issues that arise.

In addition, cousins ​​carry out managerial actions - they resolve disputes, evaluate newly joined cousins, analyze fresh content. A cousin may also provide services to another traveler to support payment, obtaining Pro-Cousin status.

The second group of participants is users. These are ordinary people using the Cool Cousin app to get verified information. Using the service, they can purchase various services (premium). Active members can become an official member of the Cool Cousin project and earn CUZ tokens. To receive funds, you need to perform actions that improve the application's performance: update low-quality, old photos, as well as add new users, view the recommendations left. After a certain time, the participant can become an editor. In this case, the CUZ cryptocurrency can also be charged additionally. The Cool Cousin service is also used by business owners. They can manage their review pages right in the app, pay for advertising for their own company.

Features of the CUZ token

CUZ tokens are a cryptocurrency created for users to work in the Cool Cousin app. After all, to receive certain services you need to pay. This list includes:

  • concierge services;
  • affiliate link;
  • contributions, recommendations;
  • travel agent services.

Group members receive reputable payments from the Community Pool. Their accrual takes place according to the approved reward mechanism. The public pool is funded by CUZ tokens. Funds are charged for transaction fees. The mechanism that distributes awards applies clever contracts. They are intended for the distribution of basic payments by participants (based on the number of deposits). Cool Cousin includes a purse in the main application. In it, you can exchange the fiat currency for CUZ (and perform the reverse operation).

ICO Cool Cousin

ICO starts in March 2018 year. The preliminary sale of tokens will begin on 15 March. Its participants can purchase crypto currency at the most favorable cost. For ICO, the exchange rate is: 1ETH = 3770 CUZ. Discounts for pre-sale range from 20% to 50%. Public sale involves the calculation of bonuses in the amount of 5% to 20%. The percentage depends on when the participants contribute to the ICO. In the process of carrying out this program, it is planned to sell 300 million ICO tokens.

Distribution of CUZ tokens

33% - ICO participants

25% - general reserve

24% - planned operations

10% - for the Cool Cousin team

8% - for project advisors


Itai Nagler - Executive Director

Danielle Zilberberg - Content Creation Manager

Guy Levy - Head of Service Hardware Development

Itamar Weizman - Chief Operating Officer

Nadav Saadia - Chief Marketing Officer

Shahar Kotani - Lead Product Developer

Jill Azrielant - Chief Technology Officer

This is not the whole team. It is formed by 17 experienced, creative specialists who have achieved certain successes in this field. Work on the community, the resource Cool Cousin is carried out for two years. During this period they managed to gain an understanding of what kind of service is needed by modern users.


In January 2018, the Cool Cousin team announced an ICO. A pre-sale of CUZ tokens will take place in March 2018. The main ICO is scheduled for April 2018. For 2019 - the launch of new Cool Cousin communities, which will attract new members. In the second half of 2019, the project administration will develop business partnerships. The developers are confident that in 2020 the Cool Cousin project will reach its peak of popularity.

Cool Cousin Is a handy travel app that boasts impressive results today. For example, over the past six months, the growth of users has increased by 220%. More than 550 thousand users from 65 different cities of the world took part in the project. The developers are not going to stop at the achieved results. The community will continue to expand in the future. Investing in the Cool Cousin ICO can be called a profitable investment.

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