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Seasonality in HYIPs: when is it time to invest?

Any business is subject to successful and unsuccessful periods when earnings may decrease or increase. Investment also concerns, and HYIPs, like no other investment tool, are dependent on the time of year. How seasonal changes affect projects and affect the earnings of investors, we will describe in this article.

What is seasonality in the HYIP industry?

A large role in the world of high-yield investments is played by the human factor, after all, both admins and contributors are people and all human things are not alien to them. It so happened that in certain periods of the year, most residents of the CIS countries and abroad are en masse to rest or celebrate holidays. And there are quite a few such time periods when participants in the industry have no time for investment. In parallel with this, there are seasons of fruitful work, when everyone is actively focused on making money and then the peak period begins in the HYIP.

Such mood changes are called seasonality, because they are directly related to a specific season. Immediately make a reservation that you can earn on projects in any season and the lull in the industry does not mean that you need to reel the fishing rods and forget about HYIPs. Experienced investors successfully earn a profit at any time of the year - sometimes it is just easier to do it, and in certain periods of time you need to work hard and choose projects more carefully.

So that you don’t puzzle over when it’s worth taking risks, and when projects need to be checked very carefully and consistently, we’ll tell you in detail how the seasonality affects the HYIPs.

What to expect from HYIP spring?

The first two months of spring are very favorable for investment, but with the onset of May, the situation is changing. Traditionally, during the May holidays, investment activity decreases, you can notice a greater number of scams than before. In addition, May precedes the summer season when there is complete calm in the HYIP industry, so this month many admins are in a hurry to stop their work before reducing the flow of investment. Therefore, investing in the last month of spring has increased risks and investors need to be especially vigilant.

  • In the spring, many viable projects start and the flow of deposits can keep afloat not only middle and low interest rates, but also fats.
  • The choice of projects is large and investors have the opportunity to build a high-quality, diversified portfolio, many of which will work in the long run.
  • In May, especially closer to the summer, there is a wave of fast-track projects, so investors should be careful at this time.

Summer in the HYIP industry

The hot season for the HYIP industry means only one thing - a lull, both from investors and admins. Everyone is in a hurry to go on vacation, closer to the sea and the sun, and, of course, rare investors are lingering on the Internet at such times in search of projects. Admins also slow down and go offline.

Summer is, above all, a difficult time for projects with long-term marketing, which began its work earlier. The flow of investment in these HYIPs is significantly reduced, not every admin will be able to work under such conditions. As a result, many long-term clients try to cover up their work by the summer, but those who dare to continue their activities may simply not live to see autumn.

Summer in HYIP has the following features:

  • Investor activity is reduced to a minimum, very few projects are launched.
  • Starting fast with a space percentage at such a time smacks of obvious cash flow, and from an inexperienced admin. Government officials with experience know that this option is losing in the midst of holidays - no one will go to a project with high percentages.
  • Summer is a great time for a smooth start, so many high-quality funds that want to work for the future are launched in the hot season. For the start of the partisan, this is probably the best time.

Toward the end of the summer, an increase in the number of quality projects that begin their work, preparing in advance for the autumn fruitful season, can be noticed.

How does the fall season affect earnings?

Perhaps, autumn is the most productive period in the HYIP industry and this is not an empty assumption, but a fact confirmed by time. Firstly, at this time of the year there are no major holidays, and secondly, admins and investors who are rested after the summer are actively ready to work. Earnings of investors during this period are the highest, much less projects go to scam and more interesting new products are launched.

  • In the autumn, HYIPs collect not only more deposits, but often catch large deposits in their cashier.
  • Since HYIPs start much more, and administrators after rest work more productively, then investors seem to have a lot more quality projects with good preparation.
  • Although autumn is a good time for an investor, you still need to carefully treat long-term employees, because many of them will be tempted to close before the New Year. Therefore, it is advisable to select HYIPs in which you will be able to recapture a deposit by this point.

Is it worth working with projects in the winter?

A large number of New Year's holidays, which are popular among the people, greatly influence all the processes in the HYIP industry. This is the scampad season, so in the winter you need to carefully select projects in your portfolio. If everything is clear with December, then January can be considered a transition period when the work of the HYIP industry is just beginning to return to normal. More or less the scope of investment comes to life in February.

To successfully invest in the winter you need to remember the features of this season in the HYIP industry:

  • On the eve of the New Year many projects stop their work. This is due to the fact that most investors withdraw their earnings and happily spend them on gifts and celebrations. The same can be said about admins who, moreover, foresee the outflow of funds in advance and rush to scam the project before you take your deposit and go shopping.
  • New Year's holidays stretch for several weeks and the whole of this period of great activity in the creation of new projects will not be.
  • As in the case of the summer season, during the holidays, only those HYIPs that are interested in a smooth start and unhurried work or obvious junkies are launched. Distinguish one from the other is not difficult.

  • Some projects take a vacation at this time. For some, this is an opportunity to protect themselves from a decline in investor activity, while for others, it is an excuse to stop paying and go to scam.
  • Particularly active on New Year's Eve can be noticed among the fast HYIPs, which, although they are not launched for a while, but from time to time give investors the opportunity to earn extra money.
  • The start of the project with long-term marketing on the eve of the New Year is completely ignored by investors, therefore, at this moment, HYIPs that want to prove their desire to work are often launched. The project that survived this grand celebration automatically becomes more attractive in the eyes of investors.

Seasonality has a great influence on the HYIP industry, but investors and administrators have already learned how to cope with it and use its features for their own benefit. Despite the fact that at different times of the year projects work with different success, there are always those funds that bring good results, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, you should not be afraid of periods of lull in the industry, on the contrary, at this time you can notice future giants - you just need to carefully analyze the funds and select worthy candidates to your portfolio. And, of course, in any season, your investments will be saved by diversification, without which there is nothing in the HYIP.

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