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Seasonal Promotions Portal - Winter Stories

Good night friends.
We recently announced Seasonal Promotions and have already received many positive reviews and stories.
It is very pleasant to read real stories in which authors really develop and learn to make money on HYIPs.
Let's read together a few stories of our partners ...

2016 has become a special year for me, because it was this year that I discovered the HYIPs.
Of course, I had previously heard about MMM and had an idea of ​​what a pyramid was, but in my imagination, as for all ordinary people, such schemes were presented as an unprecedented fraud. Searching the Internet in search of online earnings, I have repeatedly come across various "enticements" in the form of beautiful and promising banners.
But they came to me from where I didn't expect them at all. One day my husband went to work and left the laptop open and I, I don’t remember why, decided to look in there. And to my look a very interesting picture was presented: multiple messages from Perfect payment with payments from some projects unknown to me. It turns out that the spouse invested money in HYIPs and very successfully. From this began the history of our team struggle in the raging sea of ​​the HYIP industry ...
Although they say that the first pancake is lumpy, but for us the first year in the HYIP did not turn out to be that way - maybe luck played its role, or maybe a huge amount of information we shoveled in search of the answer “how to make money in the HYIP?”. Of course, there were failures, there were losses, but they were small - losses in some projects covered profits from others due to diversification of funds.
But still a big disappointment was the project Dad-160profit (if I am not mistaken, that was the name), admin chocolate, bot Eve. In these projects, my total minus was 800 - a lot of money, considering that I work as a school teacher and this is my salary for seven or eight (!) Months.
With regard to successful projects, then pleased with the 2016 Venture Alliance, Lara and continues to delight Razzleton. I will not give you specific numbers, but in the projects, your deposits more than doubled and repulsed losses with interest.
What are my plans for next year? It's simple - I'm not going to give up and will continue to invest in HYIPs, moreover, I will show all admins that we are investors, too, are not bored)))

Comment of the portal: Elena, thank you very much for your positive story and optimism! We are sure that you will succeed in the New 2017. We will always help to the best of our ability)


Our partner:
It goes to ...
Probably, that's how I begin my story.
Back in the distant 2008 year, I first became acquainted with Internet investments. The fact is that after graduating from university, I immediately went to work for my uncle, and so it lasted for long 8 years. I remember that even when I took a loan, my salary was not enough to repay it. ...
That's when I began to look for the possibility of additional earnings in the network. I rummaged through different sites a lot, for some time different postal servicemen clicked, but quickly realized that all this was trivial.

And here I first met with such concepts as "HYIP", the pyramid, MLM games. But everything turned out to be wrong, that is simple. It was difficult for me to understand all these concepts, payment orders and so on. Thinking a little, I decided to slow down this business, and in the meantime to look for another source of income.

After some time, I began to study website building, earnings on websites, on advertising and so on. By some miracle, I got to start-up courses “How to earn 30 $ income in 300 days.” And then I thought to myself: “Oh, a miracle, that's exactly what I was looking for, soon you can only work for yourself and forget about hard work on "uncle" ''. But in practice, everything turned out to be much more difficult.

Six months later, I even have a 20 dol. I could not make money on my site, but this problem was marginalized, since I already had my own full-fledged site, with an attendance of 150-200 people per day. Since the topic of the site was like my hobby, I was very interested in managing the site, developing it, promoting, writing articles. And almost a year later, I had my own audience, and almost 1000 people reached visitors a day. I was very fascinated by this, people wrote positive reviews, left questions, a society of guests appeared, who constantly supplemented me or advised something new. And in the meantime, with the advent of some authority in the eyes of search engines, my site began to bring a small income, which undoubtedly could not but console me. True, the income was not what I expected, but oh well.
Oh yeah, I forgot to clarify the site on photo thematics.

But all this time, the thought about Internet investments did not leave me. And I again began to intensively study the investment market, plus I already had a little money for starting, since my website was stable, in small amounts, but it brought profit.

Why am I leading all this, you ask, and to the fact that after a long and difficult period of investment, I became acquainted with the portal, purely by chance in all of us in a well-known forum about pseudo-investments.

Before exploring this wonderful portal with regard to Internet investment, I had a period when I got into a coin in almost every project, I always got into those projects that very quickly covered themselves at the peak of their development and got into SCAM. I will not remind you which ones, those who are in the “topic” will understand me. And then I thought that the crisis began in the HYIP industry. Many projects in which I participated at that time went into a minus, and I managed to earn all that I could earn in other projects.
It's a shame, shame, come on, I thought, and threw up investing on the Internet for a few months ...

But as it turned out, this was not the case. Investing on the Internet for me turned out to be a drug. I already fell asleep with the thought that a new real project might have opened at that time, which would give a chance to earn money while I continue to work for the state, since by that time my company had closed and I had to look for at least some work
But to return to the industry of investing like that simply did not work out. There is already a bitter experience of losing a depot behind our shoulders, there are already concepts of investing, but there is NO money. I did not want to take my salary, because they are so minuscule.
And then I decided on a cardinal step. Sell ​​my website, which served me with truth and faith for several years, and then I can have some kind of start to continue investing on the Internet. My wife immediately told me: “WHY? "You put so much time, soul, energy into it, and so sell everything ???? ... After that, I felt uneasy, I even wanted to cry. No matter how, it was a pity to sell. With these thoughts, I went to bed.
On the second day, having thought over everything thoroughly, I decided to put the site on the exchange. Since more than two years have passed since his birth, something new is not so easy to write, the attendant fell a little and, accordingly, the income too ...
A month later, I already made out all the transfer site to the buyer.
Well, I thought, back in the game ...
Now I look at new projects in a different way, as a more experienced and advanced investor. (This is what I thought of myself).
And I was a start, I raised well. Then I started diversifying, well, I already “experienced investor” scattered on different projects and was sure that everything would be fine ... Although the nostalgia about the site still did not leave me ...
But HYIP is a high-risk investment, and the holiday on my street was not a long one. On the morning of Monday, I find out that part of my portfolio, namely 65%, was covered with a “copper basin” ... It was just a nightmare, just annoyance ... the thought flashed before my eyes that I would rather have a website and enjoy life.
Clouds thickened homework. But fate gave me a new ray of hope, namely, acquaintance with the previously mentioned
I began to study in more detail the information that the administration of the portal gives us, began to analyze those projects in which the profit hunter invests his money, and I also began to receive just a wonderful refback and additional protection of deposits (which I did not have enough).
If you take more deeply, then this is just a godsend for any Internet investor. Here you and the HYIP monitor, then you and the rating of projects for every taste and online chat, where you can always quickly find out this or that information about upcoming affairs in the world of HYIPs.
If we take, for example, the last six months, then at this distance I already have a plus, thanks to those projects that are offered by and, by the way, with the most “tasty” refka.
It is clear that there is nowhere without scams, but I really like the concept on the blog as “deposit protection”, which also pleases the investor who received the fast scam and his wallet, which received some compensation.
In general, I am very glad that, at last, I was lucky, and I met this wonderful assistant in Internet investments, I like that the administration is always open for communication, as well as always trying to solve this or that problem quickly, and always in the regulations fulfills its obligations!
Also, I can not help but notice that the portal also holds various promotions, contests, which makes it possible to get additional benefits from working with a blog both emotionally and financially!

If we take the 2016 year, then I want to say that it was ambiguous. How to put it right ... I broke stereotypes or something.
In the summer, we managed to make money, which, as it were, was not typical of this period, and in the fall, we managed to lose, which was also very surprising.
For me personally, CRP.Center was the leader in terms of earnings. I invested 300 $. For me it is a lot of money, and by reinvesting, I doubled my deposit. What was undoubtedly pleased. The only regret is that late saw through this nugget!
Most of all I lost in the project called - Allibio. There was a different percentage every day, and the deposit was frozen for 30 days. Well, as always, with my happiness, the scam came on the 29th day of my deposit. The administration began to extend the term of my deposit and never gave it back, in total I got 200 bucks. It was very disappointing, since I was collecting the sum, so to speak, "bit by bit." I remember I was very upset then. Then I had to fight off losses in other projects, since then the portal offered decent options, and also, I managed to participate in promotions from the portal and compensate for the losses a little.

But what I remember most in the past year is that my wallet on the PM was brazenly robbed !!! At that time, I had about $ 660. To be more precise, here is an extract from the keeper:

Date: 08 / 03 / 2016 11: 10 From / To Account: U9555315 Amount: -660.00 Currency: USD Batch: 141986016 Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange PM to BTC 0729a7964a358254eacda778a75eeccb. Payment ID: 0729a7964a358254eacda778a75eeccb.
That's what the support said to me: Date: 18: 08 03.08.16
| By ******** Today I have stolen money from the account. $ 660 What should I do? Maybe get them back? 08.03.16 11: 10 Account Transfer -660.00 Sent Payment: 660.00 USD to account U9555315 from U357xxx. Batch: 141986016. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange PM to BTC 0729a7964a358254eacda778a75eeccb.
Answer: Hello, what is your password? Your account and email passwords might have been stolen by swindlers. Please note that the operational system. After that you need to change all your passwords. Unfortunately, we can’t help you, because the funds have been withdrawn out of our system. Sincerely, Customer Support Manager Mark Neuton

That's how I stayed with a “donut hole”. It was saved by the fact that at that time I still had some small deposits in other projects, well, and a bonus from profit hunter for comments and reposts in the VC group and on the YouTube channel, which, to my luck, was paid just after I found the theft.
Otherwise, I would probably have already said goodbye to my investment activity.

So the main lesson that 2016 gave me is the security of the data of my PM wallet.
Guys, if I'm lucky, and I get into the top five of the most interesting stories that will be published on the portal, and accordingly many newcomers will be able to contemplate my story, then I want to warn you: DO NOT KEEP THE CODE CARD IN E-MAIL OR ON YOUR COMPUT, PRINT HER AND REMOVE ELECTRONIC VERSION WITH COMP!
Also, often change your password from the LC in the PM account, and set up two-factor protection of your mail, with which you work with HYIPs. It is very important.
Here is such a sad situation and at the same time an instructive story happened to me, at the height of the investment period in 2016. After that, I find it difficult to restore the previous balance, since autumn was very difficult in terms of investment and now my investment budget is almost $ 300. But I do not despair, as my plans for the new 2017 year are to renew the losses, as well as to exceed the mark of 1000 $. For some, it may seem like ridiculous numbers or ridiculous plans, but for me this is now exactly the barrier that needs to be overcome, and I hope that I can do it, because I hope for a great helper in the world of investment, namely on the portal

And the fact that the portal has announced a smart news in terms of the shares held on 2017 year inspires me even more and gives confidence that my goal will be achieved this year. And if to summarize my story, then I want to say that Internet investment is real, that you really make money in HYIPs and that we have a wonderful compass that, if used correctly, will lead us to such a profit. Thank you to for the work!

Comment of the portal: In fact, very often it is an interesting hobby that becomes a good source of income - the main thing is to believe in yourself.
We wish you in the New Year not to make a difficult choice between interests and earnings. Well, be very attentive to safety.
Thank you very much for your positive feedback, very nice!


Hello! Here comes the new 2017! .. Best greetings and wishes for this year!

And the last one, for me personally, in the sphere of investments, turned out to be quite strange.

First Steps: I almost did not believe in some kind of earnings in "Internet investments", in April I invested in the "Kairos" project. One of my relatives very much "super-presented" it to me ... The point is to turn on the downloaded program online for 10 hours a day - it was paid for renting disk space ...
But !, this program (package) had to be "bought" for a year, the funds are fought for about 5 months, there are four packages in total, from $ 125 to $ 2777 We decided to issue a third package and enable it on his friend's server, because it needs 180 GB free space on your computer, but mine doesn't have that much.
What did it cost me to "dig" $ 1000! (And I work physically with a pay of only up to $ 150 / month!). And I borrowed $ 500 from him to pay for the third package (it cost $ 1577) ... I worked off the debt + for the work of his server + interest, which was earned during the time of repaying his "loan" of $ 500; transferred almost $ 700 to his personal account, paid. It's time to accumulate for yourself. But when I was ready to withdraw, "Kairos" began to have problems and from August 2016 to this day, payments are again and again transferred to the next period ...

PerfectMoney: In September, looking for an ordinary part-time job via the Internet, and not paying attention to earnings on the network, (and Kairos, by the way (and my senior partner) led a policy - all around enemies, competitors, envious fraudsters, and only Kairos! even be interested in others), I accidentally got to the site, how to cheat some game by sending $ 1 from Perfect to Perfect, specifying a certain code and getting $ 16 "in return". Of course, nothing came to the account ... But in this way I learned that there is such a thing as an electronic wallet in the world - Perfect, I designed it for myself. And he found out what he ate. exchangers, where to find them and how to use them ...

Surfing, "Incor-Partners" and "Profit-Hunters": After searching for exchangers, wallets, etc. I was led to register for a part-time job by watching advertisements and various surfing on the website of "Profitcenter" and "Social Public". I also learned about Bitcoin faucets. I was earning a penny an hour, I wanted to see what would come of it. But now, on surfing, an advertisement for leasing agricultural equipment in the Inkor-Partners project with investments popped up, I took it and asked 🙂 I looked for information in Google and I got this Profit-Hunters website with a description of the project. At first I decided that "Profit-Hunters" was just a site exposing fraudsters at the request of its partners, and from what was stated on it on "Inkor-Partners" I understood that this project was most likely not a scammer, and also noted "Edelweiss". Therefore, I made a bookmark in my computer for the future, where "Profit-Hunters" with a description of that project and "Edelweiss", but there was no money to invest yet.

Return to "Profit-Hunters": As far as Kairos did not pay, and the pennies from surfing did not bring joy, until November I threw everything connected with the Internet ... Once on YouTube, I subscribed to a couple of blogs about the lucky ones turning money in mid-November following the example in the video register. and invested in rubles (from 50) with a profit of 150% in 5 days. It was "", but I managed to earn some money, and then of course "scam". Other projects were directly related to the blogger who presented them, but not a single Payments and answers to questions in the comments online. On the hike, the commentators turned out to be "dummy", sang odes of gratitude and with them his dialogue went fine ... After that, I wanted to delete their bookmarks, and at the same time the bookmark from Profit-Hunters. Finally I decided to read more fully on the Profit-Hunters website, about that about the other, made some discoveries for myself, learned about Profit-Hunters more correctly.
And at the end of November he began to register on the projects offered by Profit-Hunters and invest, where the minimum deposits are from $ 10. I lost some (, due to "scams", I saw how partners receive compensation and refbacks. Then I decided to register and also get refbacks and God forbid, as they say, if a "scam" comes and the schedules allow, then some kind of compensation ... The most "old" for me is, December 3, 2016 made a contribution and still so far accrues! (reinvest did). There were problems recently, they fixed, apologized, well done! In my opinion, is the most profitable and calm project of this kind - 2.5% per day from the deposit and this is without taking into account the body of the deposit !! The deposit is also refunded! And accruals every day! Even in New Year !! I think that he is undeservedly not mentioned again in the reviews, because they have only 300 depositors! but it works. I have finally invested in Please note - you can use them online through the admin, ask for a deposit, set automatic capitalization according to the first plan! - Then the interest is not floating, but a good average stable and capitalized every day to the deposit!
Also, I think it's not bad, where I also contributed, for some reason I liked the design there, but it's in English. And also, - the conclusions are automatically sent to your email immediately. purse! Somehow primitive in the office, but payments go and go ... And of course, he will tell everything for himself, upon entering the site! There are many more good ones, but there is still no way to invest in everything.

I would like, of course, in 2017, to recapture all investments made through Profit-Hunters, to invest in new worthy ones, increasing my portfolio with investments. The second step is to recapture investments in Kairos, if he still confirms his "scam". The third is to leave difficult physical work at the enterprise ... By my example - to attract friends to this type of activity. So, let's get to the first step! 🙂

Therefore, all good luck in the New Year, good profits and do not get disappointed with your decisions!

Comment of the portal: Sergey, we wish you success in the New 2017, do not forget about diversification and trust only yourself in the HYIP.


Thank you very much for your stories - we will publish the most interesting ones as we receive them.
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