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How much do HYIP admins earn?

In the field of HYIPs, each of us is trying to make money, and if it is easy to guess about investors' incomes, then the profits of the admins are a mystery covered in darkness. Many people think that all developers of investment projects are millionaires and get huge profits from each HYIP, but is this really so? In this article we will try to figure out whether it is beneficial to be an admin and how much profit this work brings.

Is it advantageous to be an admin?

It is unlikely that the HYIP admin will honestly talk about how profitable his craft is. Some greatly exaggerate their earnings in order to appear more solid, while others, on the contrary, downplay, posing as altruists working for the benefit of investors. In fact, no admin can know in advance how much money the projected HYIP will bring to him - too many factors influence the final result, which makes the admin's profit unpredictable.

Let's start with the fact that, of course, no admin earns mining mining, Forex, or oil production. No matter how convincing and beautiful the stories are in the pages of the project, they are very far from reality and exist except in the imagination of the admins. All these are beautiful legends that lure the money of investors and have no relation to reality. Of course, out of a thousand HYIPs, it is possible that there is one project that has some elements of real activity, but this is rather an exception to their rule. The rest of the admins earn from our contributions and this is no secret to anyone.

Despite this, you should not judge the earnings of the admin according to the statistics of HYIP. First, often the information on the site is “drawn” by the admin himself in order to create the appearance of an active flow of investors. Secondly, even if the statistics are real, not all the money that will be invested in the project will become a profit management system. Most of them will be expenses on the payment of interest on deposits, partner remuneration, website maintenance, advertising, etc. In fact, the statistics only show how much money was invested in the HYIP during its work. Therefore, sometimes even projects with millions of turnover can have no more 10000-20000 $ on their wallets. In this situation, the admin can barely cover his losses on the creation of a fund, although the project will look like a success from the investors.   

What does admin's profit depend on?

For any novice investor, at least once the thought of creating his own HYIP sneaked into his head, because in the view of ordinary people, administrators turn over millions and burn life with chic. Only a few succeed in this way; most of the boards can only dream of untold riches.

In many ways, the result of the work of HYIP depends on the admin and his experience. The longer the project creator manages to retain the interest of investors, the higher will be the turnover of the fund, and hence the final yield. For example, a novice scammer can close a project at the start and get 100% of turnovers, which in terms of dollars will amount to several hundred bucks. An experienced admin can work for several months and years, eventually receiving 10% -15% from the bank, which can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are several types of admins who earn in different ways:

  • Novices and Slakhahypery - to those who are just testing the soil of the HYIP industry or already have some experience in the production of projects, but do it carelessly, big money does not shine. The first often remain in the red due to lack of knowledge and habits, and the second - are satisfied with a small advantage, which is enough except for the creation of the next slag. Both newbies and slaghahypers are united by the fact that they have to hope only for their luck. Perhaps one of the investors will risk and throw a couple of hundred dollars into the project.
  • Conveyor Admins - for these HYIP manufacturers, the creation of projects is put on stream and the projects often look non-unique and do not work for long. The admin does not invest in the project neither soul nor creativity, therefore it is not possible to earn much from it. Such funds never become TOPs and legendary, because the government is not ready to risk either their money or time and effort. Earnings from each such project can range from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of dollars - this is already as lucky. On the other hand, earnings can be considered quite good, because such funds can be launched several in one month.

  • Experienced boards - people who understand not only how to create high-quality HYIP, but also how to skillfully promote it. The project from an experienced admin is able to digest large sums at his cash desk and will not close even from a deposit of several thousand dollars. By creating a HYIP, his developer approaches with creativity, is ready to invest serious money and wait for time in a partisan regime. This approach allows you to get a good return, so the admin can earn from a few dozen to several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Old school admins Are real virtuosos of their craft, who have polished their skills for many years and on many projects. Such an admin from one HYIP can earn himself a comfortable old age, but you need to understand that most often such administrations work for the sake of an idea and see in the administration of projects not only a way to raise money. They like the very process of creating a fund and its management, at the same time, administrators are very interested in making a profit for investors, because their reputation is built on this. It is this category of admins who can count on hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

Both experienced admins and newbies sometimes make miscalculations that lead to a bad result of the HYIP. Overconfidence, as well as lack of experience, play against government and can become fatal. Only a subtle miscalculation of all the nuances, patience, willingness to sacrifice their time and money lead to a good result. Unfortunately, not all admins are ready for such a serious job and perceive the management of the HYIP as a gamble, so they are at great risk not to beat off the costs of creating the project and remain in the red.

Profit modern admins

If we analyze the work of HYIPs, then we can say with confidence that not more than one third of projects bring in income to their creators. The rest only allows you to recapture the costs, or, at all, make you count losses. Yes, in the HYIP industry it also happens that not only investors remain with empty pockets, sometimes admins lose their money. Let's not forget about the seasonality of HYIPs, sometimes the launch of a fund in an unsuccessful period can confuse all the cards to the admin, even if the project had all the chances to work well.

Today, making serious money on creating HYIPs is becoming increasingly difficult. On the one hand, investors have become more cautious and prefer the cunning, on the other hand, the number of admins has increased dramatically and there is a lot of competition between them. Do not improve the situation and various shkolokhaypy, which only undermine investor confidence in earnings on high-yielding investments. Nevertheless, those admins who consistently get good profits from their projects and give investors the opportunity to earn money are still here. Perhaps the secret of success of such boards lies in the desire not only to improve their financial situation, but also to give participants a profit.

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