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PerfectMonet Epaycore Yandex Money Payeer Okpay Qiwi Payza BTC project overview. Medium income hyip with lot system and yield 5% per day

We offer you an acquaintance with an interesting middle-income fund called The site was added to our blog almost from the start, as I was interested in non-standard and profitable marketing. The unique system of lots allows the administration to regulate the flow of deposits and to prevent quirk - you can work with such a system for a long time and fruitfully. Moreover, the fund offers a good interest rate in the form of 5% per day with a deposit included. The list of advantages of the fund includes a generous bounty program, the possibility of investing from cards, decent technical assembly and instant payments. All the features of we described in detail later in the review. (Project Start: February 14 2019 years)

Legend Smartslot says that the project earns through successful high-yield operations in the financial market. The activity of the fund is not described in detail, there is only information that the platform allows investors to earn money thanks to a unique system of lots. The company conducts its business completely legally, as it has registration in the UK and presents in the section “About Us” the corresponding certificate with the number 11741243 (from 24.12. 2018).

Design The project is completely unique and creates a pleasant impression. The design is restrained, so the appearance of does not distract from the main thing, and the navigation is completely familiar to the investor. All the information the user needs can be found directly on the main one, besides there are sections that describe in detail one or another aspect of interaction with the project. From the start, we have two language versions of the site in English and Russian, which also simplifies working with an investment resource.

Marketing is is middle income and has one important feature. The investment is based on a lot system, which allows the administration to regulate the flow of finance into the project. The organizers daily add the possibility of investing in one or another amount, the investor only needs to “catch” the lot he needs. The working conditions for deposits are the same, the differences are only in amounts that are fixed for each lot.

  • 5% per day on 30 days
  • Active lots: 1$, 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 250$, 500$, 1000$, 2500$, 5000$
  • Deposit is included in the calculation
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 20 day
  • Profit per lap: 50%

In addition to lots with a fixed deposit amount, the project has a limited lot that can be “caught” in your personal account. Its terms can assume any amount, term and interest rate.

Technical part:

- Script from H-script (with license)
- SSLCertificate from GeoTrust EV RSA CA (up to 2020 year);
- The design is unique, presented in English and Russian;
- DDoS protection against DDOS-Guard;
- Verified PM wallet.

Here you can view project status on monitors:

Deposit dynamics are available here:

You can get acquainted with the HYIP statistics and detailed technical analysis at this link: theme on the main investment forum:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, cards Visa / Mastercard.

type of payment: instant for amounts up to 100 $, more than - manual payments with an 24 time limit. 
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 $, the maximum is 1000 $. Transaction fees are not charged.

Affiliate Program (Five Level): 4% -1% -1% -1% -1%. For the turnover of the structure, you can raise your partner status and receive additional income:

  • Level 1: at the turn of 1000 $. Bonus 10 $.
  • Level 2: at the turn of 5000 $. Bonus 60 $, in addition 1% from the profit of direct referrals.
  • Level 3: at the turn of 10000 $. The reward will be increased to 5% -2% -2% -1% -1% of the deposit and 1% -1% of the profits. Bonus - 120 $.
  • Level 4: at the turn of 20000 $. The affiliate accounts for 5% -2% -2% -1% -1% from deposits and 2% -1% from profits. Bonus 350 $.
  • Level 5: at the turn of 50000 $. Partner deposits will be 6% -2% -2% -1% -1%, and 3% -1% -1% will accrue from profits. Bonus 1000 $.

Bounty program: In you can earn for performing simple actions:

  • Social network activity - from 0.1 to 10 $.
  • Writing articles - from 10 $ to 20$.
  • Special offers - from 0.05 to 15 $.

Contacts: accounts in social networks, chat in Telegram (English and Russian), channel on YouTube, feedback form on the site.


phone: + 1 (702) 637-1383

our deposit: 300$.

return refkomissii: 5% of your deposit.

Hack and predictor Aviator: is an interesting middle manager with a good idea in the form of a lot system. This idea will provide the fund with a smooth flow of investments that the administration can manually regulate. The project offers to earn 5% daily for 30 days, which, as a result, will bring 50% profit. As for the amount of the deposit, it is determined by the lot - in total, there are 11 options for amounts from $ 1 to $ 5000. The limits are updated daily, and the number of lots is always different and the project does not accept more than the set number of lots. In addition to this unusual investment system, has other chips that will arouse the interest of investors: a multi-level affiliate program, a bounty program, the possibility of investing from cards, instant payments. In short, the project has everything it needs for productive work - the rest is in the hands of the admin. Smartslot will be under "Deposit Protection" until 09.03.2019/500/5 with a fund of $ XNUMX. Do not forget to increase the profitability from the project due to the refback - we pay all our partners a bonus of XNUMX% of the created deposit!

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