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Perfect the body and earn with the platform GYM REWARDS

GYM REWARDS - This is a special project that allows you to earn money for training in gyms and gyms. The service is based on Blockchain Ethereum. The platform will be powered by applications that analyze and validate user exercise. The more a user trains using the GYM REWARDS service, the more GYM tokens are credited to him. The main goal of the project is to motivate people to exercise regularly, perform exercises to maintain a decent physical shape.

Similar systems offer participants a crypto currency exchange function. For this, in most cases, only the system's own tokens can be used. As for GYM REWARDS, the specialists created a special trading platform. Working on it, users can trade, and also exchange with other participants tokens GYM, and also crypto currency Plata, Ethereum. This function will become active after the start of the project.
The GYM REWARDS project is the largest in its industry. It is based on Blockchain technology. The principle of the system is simple enough. The user just needs to download a special application GYM Rewards to the smartphone and use the special technology Proof-of-Exercise to perform tasks. After their execution, the system displays information about the passed phase. Users will appreciate the very extensive functionality of Proof-of-Exercise. The system includes a crypto-currency purse, a controller (for accurate pulse measurement). The most important addition is the journal with exercises.

Features of the GYM REWARDS platform

Among the positive features of the GYM REWARDS service are:

  • The fees for GYM token owners are not available;
  • tokens can be earned for further sale;
  • users can trade any Ethereum or Plata tokens.

The most important element of the system is a special tool created to confirm the activity of the participant, called Proof of Excercise (POE). POE is an agreement that is based on a special bonus system. It is activated through GYM visits (specified in the contract). Heart rate analysis is carried out through a special application. It controls the process of transferring bonuses that users have earned during training. The program also evaluates gym activity. Therefore, there will be no errors with payment.
Confirmation of the participant's activity is carried out through special functions. The installed application will measure the heart rate for a certain period of time. The ultimate goal of the GYM REWARDS developers is an “all-in-one” solution (payment for sports activities, wallet for management, income control, optimization of tasks, sports exercises). GYM REWARDS strives to stimulate as many people as possible to take care of their own health, to train more intensively not only in gyms, but also at home.

GYM REWARDS service includes:

  • smart contracts and GYM tokens;
  • exercise journal Proof of Exercise (POE);
  • heart monitor Heart rate monitoring;
  • crypto-currency purse Cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Social Networking social network for participants of the system;
  • rewards for inviting referrals. Rewards referral features.

The main reason for the attractiveness of this crypto currency is that every average person can earn it. The amount of the amount obtained depends on the activity of the work in training.
Block-scheme of application of GYM tokens

Within the framework of the GYM REWARDS platform of crypto currency is used:

  • in insurance companies, where the GYM crypto currency is used to obtain discounts;
  • in the GYM Rewards Mining app: through it you can receive tokens for sporting achievements;
  • partners GYM REWARDS: sports shops, halls where you can buy a subscription, goods for GYM tokens;
  • on the internal crypto-exchange GYM Rewards Exchange: here currency pairs GYM / BTC, GYM / ETH, ETH / BTC are sold.


The sale of GYM tokens began in March 2018. The public ICO is scheduled for May 1-15, 2018. To date, the following rate has been fixed: 1 GYM = 0,0001 ETH, as well as 1 GYM = 0,0000082 BTC. A total of 2 GYM tokens have been issued. The smallest possible purchase amount is 000 ETH, the maximum is 000 ETH. The daily sales limit is set at 000.

Bounty-campaign GYM REWARDS

To attract more participants, to stimulate their activities, the developers decided to hold a Bounty-campaign. In total, 45 000 000 GYM tokens or 4 500 ETH are allocated for this program. Awards will be distributed as follows (as a percentage):

  • Content development campaign: 25%
  • translations, moderation: 15%
  • campaign signatures: 15%
  • Facebook jobs: 15%
  • Twitter jobs: 15%
  • Telegram: 10%
  • Reddit: 5%

The Bounty program is conducted in the Bounty Hive system. To participate in it, each participant must register. Enrollment of bonuses to the specified account is carried out after the completion of the ICO. Participants in the Bounty campaign should remember that only high-quality, original material is accepted. The length of the proposed video should not be less than 1: 30 minutes. For Steemit, Medium, Newbium, only one article from one participant is accepted.

Prospects for the development of GYM REWARDS

Buyers can buy GYM tokens today. For public sale, 10% of the total volume of the crypto currency is allocated. 73% of coins are reserved for mining. Experienced users argue that this approach provides the project with good prospects. A unique system of rewards for playing sports is interesting to many. It will serve as an excellent incentive to earn good money on their own sports.



In late 2017, the POE intuitive exercise proof system was developed. In the same year, Ron Palmer, an expert in technology improvement, joined the team of specialists. In February 2018, partnerships were established and strengthened. Airdrop was launched a bit later. 2% of the total amount of tokens was allocated for the rewards of the participants. The bonus stage of the ICO will begin on April 1, 2018. Cryptocurrency sales include 40% bonuses.

GYM REWARDS Is one of the really useful projects. It can improve the standard of living for many people, as well as motivate them to play sports. The developers are confident that the platform will become attractive for residents of large cities who actively use various gadgets, as well as have access to a significant number of gyms.

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