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Swissborg: managing crypto-currency assets in a new way

Is it possible to manage a crypto currency in a Swiss bank? Oh sure. If you use the specialized algorithms of Swissborg, a unique platform created in Switzerland. It was developed by a group of experienced financial experts with extensive experience in the system. The owners of cryptotenes CHSB not only gain access to the system, but also become members of the special community. They can participate in referendums and be rewarded for participation. Thus, they will be able to determine the future of the project.


Modern currency systems are developing at a fast pace. There is no doubt that the future lies behind the maximum use of electronic applications. However, many specialists are in captivity of obvious contradictions. On the other hand, the ecosystem of development of each project needs some centralization in order to increase the amount of money involved in the system. On the other hand, one should not take into account the benefits of the detachment, a unique development that provides an opportunity for all participants in the system to participate in decision-making.


Use of the blockade on the basis of the Etherium. This technology allows the use of smart contracts that come into effect only if both parties fulfill the contractual condition.

Tokenization. The use of cryptotenes simplifies the acquisition and use of services, makes easier access to the crypto-currency market.

An experience. The use of innovations does not exclude the use of effective and proven financial instruments.

Adoption of democratic decisions. Users can determine the fate of the project themselves, voting for the adoption of a decision.

Distribution of tokens

The system developers plan to distribute the created tokens as follows:

  • 62,50% is intended for distribution during the ICO.
  • 20% will be used for the development team and advisers
  • 16,50% of tokens system builders will use to further develop applications and develop the entire ecosystem as a whole.
  • 1% - remuneration for bounty participants.

Why you can trust SwissBorg?

The development team consists of highly qualified specialists. Each of them has extensive experience in the best financial organizations in the world. The office of the company is located in Lausanne, so SwissBorg is a member of Swiss Finance Startup.

The portfolio of each member of the team is provided with links to pages in social networks. These are really existing professionals working for the benefit of business and offering effective and timely solutions.

How to participate in ICO?

It is enough to create an account in the system and transfer some amount of crypto currency or fiat money to the account listed on the site. Beware of links hosted on third-party sites. More detailed guidance on how to participate in the ICO is available at

Why is it important to have CHSB a token?

Possession of this crypto currency provides an opportunity to use all the advantages provided by the platform Swissborg. In addition, the owners will be able to participate in the user voting.


  • Focus on investment management. Development and application of the strategy of using tokens, the creation of one crypto-currency fund. Development of client platform for the platform.
  • Investment Management Division. Release of the second version of the Swissborg platform, release of payment services. Creation of migration protocol for cryptotene CHSB.
  • Emphasis on providing thoughtful advice. Creating and implementing payment services, launching the operation of the SwissBorg 3.0 platform
  • 2021 / 2022. Emphasis on the full regulation of the platform. Full-value tokenization of the system operation, release of the SwissBorg0 platform.


  • Cyrus Fasel. CEO, founder of the project.
  • Anthony Lezosmiere. CSO, co-founder of the system.
  • Christophe DeSerence. COO.
  • Maxim Gillo. CIO.
  • Misha Ron. Expert on smart contracts.
  • Olga Vorobyova. Head of Marketing and PR.
  • Thomas Hanak. Specialist in IT-operations.
  • Denis Dudayev. Manager of business promotion.
  • Mai Kiguchi. Blocker adviser.


The developers have launched a bounty company in order to attract additional specialists to the work of the project, as well as to disseminate information about the system. In order to receive a reward, you need to be active in social networks, post messages, put on huskies. The amount of remuneration will depend entirely on the activity in social networks.


SwissBorg Is a unique platform that is developed by true professionals of the financial market. It really will bring users profit and opportunity to profitably implement their investment plans.

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