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SYMM: platform for investments

Many people want to place their money today. However, they do not know how to do this. Therefore, there is a need to create a unique investment fund that could facilitate the placement of financial assets.

SYMM Is an investment fund that trades crypto currency and invests in crypto-currency projects and krauseyls. The main currencies used in the process are bitcoin, ripple, lightcoin, dash, and etherium.

Why do investors not take the risk by investing the Crypto-currency in various projects. The fact is that the main element of the strategy for reducing the risk of SYMM is to find capital in the main reserve currencies. These funds are not involved in trading operations, but ensure the stability of the system as a whole. The presence of such a stock reduces the risk of losing funds.

The main advantage of investing in SYMM is the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of constant liquidity. With the help of the system you can freely trade at any time.

How does it work?

Trading operations that take place in SYMM are divided between exchange offices. Payments are discussed collectively - this becomes possible due to the use of the block-room. At any time, users can assess the reserves of the fund and its value. After the execution of financial transactions, the responsible participants of the system are rewarded with some amount of crypto currency.

50% of dividends are transferred to a special fund. Other 50% are sent every month to the etherio purse.

Why use SYMM?

  • Mandatory refund. The SYMM Fund uses its own analytical methods to ensure high profitability of shareholders. This allows you to achieve good profits that are not comparable with other platforms.
  • Dividends. Every 30 days depositors receive 50% profit platform in the crypto currency etherium. The balance is sent to ensure the growth of the platform and its development.
  • Flexibility. The main advantage of investing in SYMM is the possibility of instant liquidity. The creators of the system offer investors to withdraw their funds until the bidding starts. Such a liquidity indicator will be provided over time.
  • Large volumes. SYMM Is not just an investor, it's a fund. The company can invest in profitable start-ups and projects much more capital than an investor can do. This means that the dividend income will be higher, and the risk of losing the amount is minimal.
  • Comfort. You do not need to use complex methods in order to withdraw funds. It is enough to have a special Symmetry Card - a bank card, for which dividends will be accrued.
  • Freedom. There is no hard cap for ICO.
  • A solid foundation. 10% of funds will be kept in reserve in order to ensure a stable position of the fund.
  • Competent solutions. 20% of funds will be invested in high-yield ICO. This will make profit from the crowdsdale.
  • Flexible system of commissions. If the investor has not received any profit, the project will not charge any fees for its actions.
  • Versatility. SYMM functions using various crypto-currencies. This bitcoin, lightcoin, dash, ethereum.
  • Professionalism. Specialists from the sphere of programming, finance and investments participated in the development of the project. Special scenarios have been developed that will ensure the project a high profitability.

How will the capital of funds be distributed?

The released tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% of the funds will be directed to the functioning of the reserve fund.
  • 20% is an investment in the implementation of the ICO.
  • 70% - investments in cryptocurrency trading.

What is the amount of earnings?

The amount of dividends depends entirely on the volume of investments. The more the client invests, the more will be received with a monthly compensation of 50% of profit. Earnings will accrue in the etherium. Experts believe that the ROI will be about 50% annually.

How to get tokens SYMM?

In order to purchase tokens, you must register in the system. After that, transfer a certain amount of money to the account indicated on the site. The entire amount is paid in the etherium from the calculation of 0,1 ETH for one token SYMM.

Where is the system registered?

SYMM is a legal project, the operation of which is carried out on a legal basis. The platform is registered in the Cayman Islands.

How much is it planned to raise funds during ICO?

The system does not have strict restrictions on the amount of funds that must be collected during the ICO. The system will use various trading strategies depending on the capital collected in the ICO.

Are there any bonuses?

SYMM is a system that offers all investors equal conditions for cooperation and the same tools.


How are dividends paid?

Crypto-currency compensation is paid with the help of clever contracts every 30 days. Investors can deduce the accumulated funds in the etherium at a time when they want. The accumulated funds can be stored in smart contracts for a long time. This means that payments will be saved in smart counterparts, even if the user has withdrawn the deposit body.

How earns SYMM?

Project developers earn money management and profit from the competent placement of deposits.


  • Andrew Levin. Manager, CEO.
  • David Steiner. Manager, COO.
  • Marcus Kohn. The programmer, the engineer of system software.
  • Harald Hantke. Manager of the strategy of funds.
  • Thomas Steinger. Manager of investment strategy.
  • Vladislav Savochkin. Business architect.
  • Mykola Vdovichenko. Legal consultant of the project.
  • Fatima Aktar Shatha. Expert SMM.


The development team does not intend to conduct a full-fledged bounty company.


SYMM Is an interesting undertaking designed to facilitate the placement of investments. The project is created by professionals, which guarantees its success and profitability.

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