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OTPPAY - a revolutionary payment platform

OTPPAY Is a new payment platform, representing a purse (purchase, sale, exchanges and payments) based on the technology of blocking. OTPPAY has the potential to become the world's largest platform with the ability to purchase all major crypto-currencies, trade them, and use them as a tool of payment with traders with a minimum commission. (Further…)

Monaize - your mobile wallet

The blockade still has to make a significant breakthrough in the field of payment solutions. Some aspects, such as technical limitations and lack of integration, hinder the ability to attract new users. (Further…)

Arbidex is a platform that unites crypto-exchange exchanges.

Unique project Arbidex for the first time launched automated arbitrage on stock exchanges crypto-currency. Arbidex platform will allow you to make the most profitable purchases and sales of Crypto-currency, and also earn on the difference. With the project Arbidex you will have the opportunity from one platform to carry out transactions with all types of cryptoactive assets from different exchanges. (Further…)

SCARA - play online and earn money

Manufacturers of video games have for many years long experimented with digital currencies and assets, sometimes even doing it with great success. However, before the advent of Blochcain technology, all these economies existed only virtually, in an official isolation from the real economy.

NodePower - wireless power transmission.

NodePower - an innovative high-tech company, radically changing the understanding of the marketplace of wireless power transmission. The latest developments in research and development in the field of energy saving and transmission give the project the opportunity to use the idea of ​​high quality and efficiency of use. (Further…)

Get daily help in making investment decisions will help you DANEEL.IO


Do you want to buy crypto currency? But because of the huge flow of information you are not oriented. Set aside anxiety aside, Daneel will help you. He will conduct research, collect and analyze all the necessary information on the Internet and social networks. Daneel has powerful artificial intelligence, so it sorts the relevant data and finds the best information and reliable answer for you. Remember when you need important information will help you easily manage your investment portfolio and find your way in the crypto jungle.


GBX: New Opportunities for Effective Exchange

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Despite all the technical equipment, modern trade is significantly complicated by existing regulations, difficulties in exchange, differences in international and local laws.

To help traders comes blockage - a unique system that allows you to significantly accelerate the conduct of financial transactions and transfers. Developers of the project GBX pursue the goal of becoming the world's leading platform for the implementation of cryptotenes, as well as the actions of crypto-currencies.


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