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Technical analysis of HYIP: what will the project preparation tell you about and will it help to get profit?

The productivity of the HYIP industry can be envied, but not everything that is launched can be considered a working project. Many foundations look more like homework of a negligent schoolboy, cooked up on the knee - you certainly shouldn't trust such a hype with your money. Well, about how to determine the level of preparation of the project and whether it affects the final results of the work - let's try to figure it out in this article.

Does the preparation of the project on its performance?

In the HYIP industry, as elsewhere, they are greeted by their clothes, and let's not dissemble - well-prepared projects are perceived by investors with more enthusiasm than crooked sites with five-kopeck costs. Such projects are not very prompting for investments, and this is logical - an administrator who has not spent money on his brainchild and is unlikely to give investors something to earn. On the other hand, the site with all the bells and whistles and expensive software, bright and stylish design, attracts the attention of investors and the expensive appearance in itself opens the way to investors' wallets. But, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, not all that glitters is gold and good technical assembly is not a XNUMX% guarantee of the working attitude of the administration.

An investor of such a risky instrument as HYIP needs to understand that so many events in this environment happen unpredictably. And even the HYIPs with the most perfect preparation go off to the scam and sometimes they do it very suddenly. Let's not forget about partisanswhich start in the most miserable form, but this does not prevent them from working for years and making a profit. Nevertheless, we will not deny that there are technical issues that administrators are simply obliged to comply with. For example, a site without DDoS protection can very quickly stop its work even with a weak attack, and while working on a stolen script, the administrator risks misleading his cash desk, which will sail away in an unknown direction.

From all of the above, we make two conclusions: by and large, the level of preparation of the HYIP does not directly affect our earnings, but in a project with good preparation we have more chances for success than in a foundation with a slag-like look. If only because the latter even technically will not be able to work out normally.   

How to investor to analyze the project?

To analyze any project must be approached comprehensively. This means that you can not look only at marketing or technology - it is important to take into account all the parameters in the aggregate and draw the appropriate conclusions. But by itself, the training can tell a lot about the project in which you are going to invest - it remains only to draw attention to the important points and decipher them.

HYIP script

Without exaggeration, the main thing in any HYIP project is its script. It is the basis of its performance and provides all the functions, therefore, how the ship will sail depends on what quality of the script the administrator chooses. It so happened historically that two types of engines are widespread in the HYIP industry - H-script и Gold Coders. There is an opinion that the latter is the prerogative of foreign administrators, since its roots grow from abroad, but in practice CIS administrators often use such scripts in their projects. As for the H-script, it is really used by Russian-speaking administrators, since the script was developed by our compatriots and the support works in Russian.

Less common script Shadowscript, which is made by foreign developers and is much more expensive than the two previous engines. If you saw a HYIP on Shadowscript, then you almost certainly have a product from a foreign administration. However, this script is not the most esteemed in the industry at all - much cooler if the project is working. on samopisny engine. If a unique script was specially written for the project, this is a completely different level of functionality and cost. And this means that it will take the admin a little longer to recoup the money spent on preparing the HYIP.

All the listed scripts are working options that will provide the HYIP site with proper functionality. But you can rely on them only if the admin uses the licensed version of the product purchased from the developer. In practice, there is often a different picture when the board decides not to spend money on buying a script from a manufacturer and simply uses the stolen version. You can also offer a cheaper option to him on some muddy website. Both options are very dangerous, since no one knows what a surprise is hidden in an unlicensed script - it is quite possible that the very next day after launching the project, its cash register will become the property of agile programmers who used the admin's greed and stupidity.

DDoS protection

Even an expensive licensed script will not allow HYIP to work if it “lies” under the DDoS attack. A site that is not securely secured will simply not be able to withstand the load if the attackers choose it with their target. The project will not have time to go from a strike, as its investors will spread in a panic through all the nooks and crannies, that HYIP has smacked off and the site is unavailable. And in the field of high-yield investment is a complete fiasco.

DDoS attacks on HYIPs are not fiction at all and they occur mainly for two reasons:

  • HYIP is too popular and it does not suit competitors. In this case, admins may spare no money for DDoS attacks in order to erase an unwanted project from the face of the earth. Enough to ensure the inaccessibility of the site and violation of the rules of payment, as the fund will immediately go to scam on all blogs and monitors.
  • The HYIP environment is a realm of big money and they are trying to earn money not only on investments, but therefore they can arrange a DDoS attack on HYIP for the purpose of receiving a ransom from the admin.

Therefore, no matter how they say that the DDoS-defense is not very important for the HYIP, in fact this is a misconception and experienced boards know what role such defense can play. In any case, the lack of protection against attacks indicates the negligent attitude of the administrator to his project, and this is already an important bell for the investor.

We draw your attention to the fact that in almost every hype it can be written that there is protection against DDoS attacks, but in practice such an inscription often has no basis under itself. This service can be provided by more expensive hosting providers or specialized companies - cheap hosting does not protect against any attacks, because they do not have the equipment for this. Check how real protection against DDoS can be on the website of the hosting company, checking if there is such a service in the proposed package.


Whatever one may say, but the process of cooperation with HYIP involves the transfer of certain information from the user to the site. And if the name and surname, as a rule, everyone writes fictitious, then the payment data are the most real and I really would not want anyone to take possession of them. This SSL encryption prevents this, but not every HYIP has it. Data encryption can tell you a thing or two about a project:

  • If there is no encryption at all, then you have a real slag and you have nothing to do with it. And not only because unknown persons can take possession of information that is important for you - even the fact that the admin launches a HYIP with such a vulnerability proves that no one is going to work.
  • When purchasing hosting services, SSL may also be provided for a short period of time - for example, three months. The project with such encryption protection also needs to be treated with caution, because if the admin does not buy SSL for a longer period of time, then it is likely that he does not plan to work longer.
  • The most prestigious is SSL encryption with a green bar. This is not only a more reliable option, but also more expensive. In addition, a green line is issued only to official companies and the like, so obtaining such SSL will require more effort from the admin - for a one-day HYIP, no one will even bother with getting a green bar.

Domain and Hosting

HYIPs are not entirely legal activities, so by default most hosting companies do not cooperate with them. Nevertheless, there are those who turn a blind eye to the activities of such projects, and also do not respond to various kinds of complaints from visitors. There are few such loyal and bulky-resistant hosting sites, they are known and preferred by them in the HYIP industry. As a rule, admins use DDoS-Guard, Koddos, Geniusguard.

After learning which hosting project uses, you can judge its performance. For example, if an admin uses a cheap, free, not bulletproof or not loyal to HYIP hosting, then the chances of working out at him are practically reduced to zero.

As for the HYIP domain, then buying it for 10 or 20 years is not at all an indicator, since in fact it is not worth the substantial money for the admin. By and large, the domain can say little to the investor in technical analysis, unless you should avoid sites that use a registrar of domains REG.RU. This indicates a high probability of blocking the project domain, and therefore, a premature scam.

project design

Finally, we will talk about the design of the project, but in fact the appearance of the HYIP plays a significant role. Non-aesthetic design can push investors away from it, even if the fund is perfect in technical training and offers the most generous interest. Not all admins understand this and often HYIPs with crooked designs in the style of "tear out the eye." Poor-quality design is a clear sign that the admin stamps HYIPs in a conveyor way or is new. It is quite significant if the administration does not bother and steals someone else's designs, especially - if the project that owned the design before was famous and recognizable.

Many investors underestimate the technical analysis, believing that it does not affect the work of the project. Yes, many HYIPs without a smart technical base successfully work out long periods and, conversely, flawless projects sometimes turn out to be fast-track. But this does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to how the admin is prepared to work. With a comprehensive analysis of the project, you will be able to assess the theoretical chances of getting a profit and make the right decision whether to cooperate with the HYIP project.

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