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Torexo is a scam! Compensation for partners.

100% of compensation paid.

The project worked for three months, a very weak job for such marketing / preparation.
Apparently, the blocking of the site from the very start and the large scams of Antares and Finiko played a role.

Now there is a wave of noise. Those who believe in the project cry and justify themselves.
Some, not particularly smart characters, try to promote themselves on the scam: “I knew and didn't go in,” “I told you so,” etc.
I read this with a smile.

In general, since I posted the project "Personal choice", I decided to support my referrals.

Instead of $ 500, there will be a $ 5000 fund.

Of this, $ 2000 will go towards compensation for all Hunter's lost partners.
And $ 3000 will go personally to the injured partners from VIP club Invest Stars.
My teammates have a lot of losses, and people close to me gathered in the club.
Separately, we will also support the participants of the RN Bounty, as always, we will close a larger percentage.

Apply for compensation. Invest with the right upline 😉

5 reviews for "Torexo - scam! Compensation for partners."

  1. avatar photos Reginald:

    Bonsoir arretez de mentir on se fait voler pour ma part heureusement que je n ai pas eu le temp de mettre plus
    Grosse arnaque et pour lrs justificatifs demandes par hasard a 2jours du sois disant remboursement ne sont plus valables

  2. avatar photos Good:

    We paid out 100% of losses to all our referrals, regardless of the amount of the deposit.

  3. avatar photos Lyudmila:

    And those who invested $ 100 have nothing to hope for?

  4. avatar photos Good:

    I'm always happy to help my teammate 😉

  5. avatar photos Mik:

    Many thanks to the blog and Ilya for 100% compensation for the Torexo project !!! 🔥🔥🔥

    The amount of 1 *** USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17701077-> U87 *****. Memo: Torexo payment from portal. Date: 22:10 21.09.21. Batch: 420707695.