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Convenient implementation of data - using the service RepuX

Verified, unique information has a high price tag. It is actively used in various fields of activity - from innovative developments to the sale of food products. On the platform RepuX there will be an exchange of user and corporate data between different parties.

Owners of high-quality information will be able to sell it, getting a good profit.
RepuX developers set themselves the task of introducing a data exchange protocol. It will speed up the procedure for monetizing information. In the future, RepuX will unite medium-sized and very small enterprises that generate significant amounts of high-quality information that is not used in practice. On the other hand, software creators will be able to buy and profitably use this data to develop artificial intelligence. The RepuX protocol helps information owners maximize their value. At the same time, the need for paid services of special agents disappears.

Purpose of the RepuX protocol

First of all, the unchanging data transmitted through the protocol is used to increase and accelerate the scale of common developments. In addition, such materials are necessary for machine learning. You can list the following areas where the RepuX protocol is used:

  • medicine;
  • scientific developments;
  • accounting, advertising campaigns;
  • filling sites, e-commerce;
  • technological production chains.

We can say that the RepuX service is the world's first decentralized B2B data marketplace. The use of the protocol is especially beneficial for small groups of web developers, small and medium businesses. Communities are also interested in the services of the RepuX service, which collect certain information for its further transfer to large organizations.

How does the work on the platform RepuX

Users sell information and earn RepuX cryptocurrency. Developers, in turn, acquire data to create effective machine learning algorithms. The companies then sell smart applications to interested businesses. With reliable information about consumer preferences, manufacturers will be able to make the right business decisions. The most important goal of RepuX is to integrate the business protocol with Blockchain technology when creating various custom solutions.

Persons using the RepuX platform are guaranteed:

  • reliability of the information being sold;
  • market regulation of the cost of materials;
  • stable, completely transparent information market;
  • a simple opportunity to earn money on the sale of information.

Thanks to the resource of RepuX, it will be possible to eliminate intermediaries, who very recently took an active part in the sale of products. Thanks to this, sellers, all data buyers will be able to save considerable money. The source code of the open type will help the API creators to build the Repux protocol into different applications. To exchange information, users of the RepuX network will be able to use the virtual instrument. It will simplify the exchange procedure. In addition, there will be a simple integration with the rest of the Blockchain platforms.

REPUX tokens

To maintain the project's efficiency and its further development, REPUX tokens were issued in the amount of 500 million. 20% of this amount was used for pre-sale, 30% - for the main stage of the RepuX ICO. REPUX tokens comply with the ERC-20 standard. This means that users will be able to transfer this cryptocurrency to others without difficulty. To store tokens, you can use the Mist wallet, MyEtherWallet or Parity.

Conducting ICO RepuX

ICO RepuX is held from March to April 7, 2018. At the stage of the sale, the cost of 1 REPUX will be $ 0,20. The minimum deposit amount to participate in the RepuX ICO is $ 100. Hard Cap for this project is $ 33. To purchase REPUX tokens, you can use the cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, as well as bank payments. After the end of the crowdsale, all tokens that could not be sold will be destroyed.

Distribution of tokens



In total, the team of developers of the project RepuX includes 11 people. Each specialist has extensive experience in the field of working with digital data.

Using the platform, the average as well as small businesses can make their information accessible and as useful to developers as possible. Receiving quality data, the creators of goods, all kinds of programs optimize working models and introduce them into production. Potential for growth, operational development of the project RepuX is available.

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