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Ultimate Trade and Keeper Money - scam. Compensation to partners.

Bonuses and compensation paid.

For a long time there were no scams on the blog, everyone began to carefully get used to the good.
Two good projects immediately violated the regulations.
Never been, and here again 🙂

Ultimate Trade: Cool card idea, creative and fresh. Working long plans.
But the admin made a few incomprehensible moves - he sharply increased the referral, and for the last couple of weeks he did not take ads.
The result was sad. Submit applications, fund 500 $ + VIP fund for investors from 500 $.

Keeper Money. I’ll tell a story now, after scam you can.
If there was a Church of Greed in the world, then the administrator of Kiper would be elected as the Pope in it.

Firstly, he agreed to add the project only with a huge, even indecent discount.
Bargained with me for several days. Okay, the project is good - I agreed.
Secondly, before my deposit, he changed the maximum of the plans in his office so that I would fall into the 0.5% plan :)) This is the first time I see it.
Directly upon deposit, the cabinet showed other boundaries of the plans, not as in the description. After the deposit, I changed it again again. Ingenious.
Thirdly, he asked that his banner hang on his blog for life.
When Hunter ran out of seats, he took it off - on the same day he received an angry letter: Return my banner! Yes, Your Highness.
The project is hosted on 73 resources. Lord, this is how all blogs should be monitored in order to react so promptly.

And, of course, it leaves "nicely": transfers large deposits to long-term plans, selectively pays monitors, already wrote me an angry letter: "Return the status Paying."
I will not return of course. In general, the admin worked well, but in aggregate, the sediment remained unpleasant.
Submit applications, the fund for the project is $ 300.

Projects have stopped paying.
Waiting for reports, send via bot or a special form for compensation:

2 reviews for "Ultimate Trade and Keeper Money - scams. Compensation for partners."

  1. cerg76:

    Keeper-Money received compensation, thank you!
    Date of operation: 05 Jun 2020 02: 44
    Operation ID: 1048085689
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    The amount of write-offs: $ 13.72
    obtaining Amount: $ 13.65
    Payeer Commission: $ 0.07
    Comment: Compensation Keeper-Money from the portal

  2. SAF1L:

    Received Payment 12.7 USD. Batch: 317844189. Memo: Keeper-Money compensation from the portal

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