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UNIBRIGHT - the world's first business integration platform based on block-technology, as well as a set of complementary applications. The UNIBRIGHT concept will allow integrating concrete blocking technologies into existing IT infrastructures and business integration.

Compared to existing systems, for example, smart contracts for Ethereum, this project provides the ability to create smart contracts without having the skills to program them. At the same time, UNIBRIGHT users do not have to waste energy on working with various technical details, such as protection against hacker attacks.

Application UNIBRIGHT and detailed analysis

  • In order to abstract from a large number of roles in business processes and work with many executive units, UNIBRIGHT identifies a certain set of system components that will serve as a support for all stages of the business integration process.
  • Thanks to the Unibright Connector application, business processes, IT systems and other block chains are integrated in the company's domain. With the help of special smart adapters, it becomes possible to use standardized connections through common technologies, and a special conversion mechanism called Mapping engine, for the purpose of further processing, transfers the objects defined by the interface to other domain objects.
  • Unibright Business Workflow Designer locally developed the workflow of business integration.
  • A special Unibright Explorer serves as a conductor. With this application, all smart contracts compatible with UNIBRIGHT are requested and controlled through the automatic creation of certain smart requests.
  • With the help of Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager, automatically generated code is used, which is supported and updated as smart contracts in a certain block.

All the above applications are evenly concentrated both on business processes and on the working processes of specialists, developers of block technologies, software architects, IT professionals, while ensuring that specific expertise can be used without the need to obtain the latter in other domains .

Unibright Contract Interface - the central part of the ecosystem, defining the basic structure, methods, variables and transformations that are automatically implemented by each generated smart contract, combining it with UNIBRIGHT. In terms of content, the Unibright Contract Interface is a kind of pivot in integrating smart contracts into different blockchains and interfaces of various systems. Any user of the ecosystem can visually represent certain workflows, while choosing the necessary templates that predetermine typical processes with a certain abstraction. As soon as the required template is selected, the operator is automatically assigned the workflow toolkit, as well as the initial example of the latter, which can be adapted to the needs of each use case.
Each template has a specially selected interface, which will subsequently be implemented by the generated smart contract, as an addition to the basic Unibright Contract Interface. The number of templates will constantly increase, giving the opportunity to use in other cases and different industries.

Smart contracts are executed and stored in the block, they are enclosed in code blocks. To create a set of these automatically generated smart contracts for individual workflows, UNIBRIGHT provides standardized views and control mechanisms in addition to any specific block technology. Compatible with UNIBRIGHT smart contracts implement the Unibright Contract Interface, which provides logical access at any level.

All business workflows are based on the templates of certain business cases, including an adaptive core workflow and the corresponding tools. In the process of selecting the required template, it is possible to add specific needs from the user. This is done in a visual way using the Unibright Business Workflow Designer; programming skills are not needed here.
Smart contracts, published in a real public place, can be controlled in a locker independently using the Unibright Explorer. The user will be available all the data, as well as the flow of transactions and all compatible smart contracts in one place.

The UNIBRIGHT software architecture allows the automatic display of workflows to a specific platform code that is not associated with a blocking (SAP process configuration). This will be the subject of further research and development.

The UNIBRIGHT and ICO tokens

UNIBRIGHT decided to issue their own currency, called UBT, thanks to which the platform will work. The tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), which indicates their reliable level of security and high liquidity.
The total number of all UBT tokens is 150. The ICO starts on April 000, 000 and will last until May 10, or until the full sale of the planned number of tokens. Price for 2018 UBT = 10 USD. The minimum amount of fees is 1 USD. The maximum amount of fees is 0,14 USD.
Referral program: absolutely all users participating in the ICO will be rewarded with referral links. In the process of exchanging this link with other users, a bonus in the form of 5% of the number of purchased UBT-tokens will be sent to this participant's wallet by this link.

The entire UBT currency will be distributed as follows:

  • 67% of all tokens will be sold during the ICO;
  • 12% will be retained as a liquidity reserve;
  • 9% is intended for early investors;
  • 6% will be reserved for the UNIBRIGHT project team;
  • 6% is for other expenses.

Distribution of received funds:

  • about 50% of all funds will go to further development of the platform;
  • 20% to create a business case for templates;
  • 15% will go to marketing.


The project UNIBRIGHT gathered under its banner of strong specialists in the fields of business, engineering, block technology and smart contracts. The team will do everything possible to ensure that this platform is continuously developed and has reached a large scale.


The road map of the UNIBRIGHT project is as follows:

1989-2000: an SAP solution provider.
2000-2010: Web 2.0.
2011: Own integration platform.
2016: branch of block.
Q2 2017: launch Unibright.
Q4 2017: business organization.
Q1 2018: UB Connector.
Q2 2018: first versions of tools.
Q3 2018: more templates and blockers.
Q4 2018: Experienced customers.
2019: the finished product.

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