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Uservice - global service for car servicing

Project Uservice Is a decentralized platform based on Blockchain technology. The service is intended to conclude transactions, productive cooperation between automotive services and vehicle owners. The platform is the basis of a unique ecosystem of services for car owners, as well as the collection and analysis of available information. Service Uservice allows you to create processes in the modern auto industry.
The project can be used for effective work by motorists, dealer services, and also suppliers of digital technologies. Users can connect to the system, as well as provide services, increasing the value of the block system. By connecting to the platform, they get the opportunity to interact with each other. Thanks to this, the effectiveness, transparency of all business processes is enhanced. In the future, the service will unite the participants of the air, as well as water transport market.

Uservice Service Tasks

The main goal of Uservice is to solve issues and tasks that motorists have to deal with throughout the entire period of using the car. One of the key courses of resource development is the supply and purchase of spare parts. Buying and maintaining a car is expensive. Despite this, most vehicle owners strive to keep their vehicles in good condition. It is for this reason that the business of making copies, substitutes, is highly developed.

Among the main tasks of the auto industry are:

  • lack of service that unites all car owners;
  • minimal transparency between all market participants;
  • ineffective analysis of the information received.

The developers of Uservice have created a completely unique platform that is based on the key principles of decentralization, as well as equal opportunities and economies within the system.

Benefits for participants

The advantages of a decentralized resource will be appreciated by the following participants:

  • car owners: will be able to quickly find the service station at a favorable price, high quality of services. For accurate treatment of cars this group of users are intended discounts. Details can be ordered from the supplier directly;
  • car buyers: this group of users can purchase cars from the manufacturer, without third parties. If necessary, they can learn the history of the car during the acquisition;
  • maintenance objects: they provide an influx of customers without significant investment in effective advertising. In addition, they are guaranteed a reduction in prices (from official manufacturers);
  • manufacturers: they have the opportunity to make edits quickly, during the release of the vehicle in the factory. In this case, the analyst is used for the most common failures;
  • suppliers, as well as component manufacturers: adjust the need for different details. The customer base is significantly increased without financial investments;
  • insurance companies: they ensure the formation of a pricing policy that is understandable for all. This takes into account the frequency of car repairs. 

The Role of Blockchain Technology

During the development of Uservice, Blockchain-technology was used. It is based on the clever contract Ethereum. Thanks to this feature, the transparency of the organization's operations is ensured. The interface is designed to integrate business processes into the project.

Blockchain technology allows you to store, analyze significant amounts of important data, and create a transparent, accessible history of all transactions. Taking as a basis Blockchain, service Uservice will make life of motorists more convenient and quiet. A well-thought-out system will relieve the niche of selling spare parts from poor-quality products, counterfeit.

Interaction model at the network level

The Ethereum network provides an environment for effective interaction between users and companies in a single ecosystem of Uremont / Uservice. The parties are contacted by sending transactions to the Uservice contract. The transaction is verified by the business logic of the contract, after which the data is written to Block. The API contract is open to all users on the Internet. Accordingly, anyone can become a member of the Uservice project.

Security of Uservice service members

Access to electronic wallets is available only to those persons who opened them. Passwords from accounts are not on the site. For operational login, the hash principle is used. Depending on personal preferences, users store passwords from electronic wallets on their platform. To improve security, they can be deleted. In the latter case, to transfer money to the user, you need to enter the password from the wallet.

Links to e-mail, profiles of participants, as well as other contact details are available only to account holders. The rest of the users they are not visible. The top developers, as well as the platform moderators have access to links to the profiles of participants, their personal data. As for the access of moderators to participants' wallets, as well as passwords, identifiers, they do not.

UST Token

Thanks to the introduction of the UST token into the system, the specialists managed to ensure the full work of participants in the ecosystem. As for the course, the UST crypto currency will be issued in a given amount in the process of holding a token. Due to the expected increase in the number of participants in the ICO Uservice project, the price of the UST token will gradually increase. This can be explained by the fact that the brick was created using a deflationary model. Purchasing UST tokens will provide the following options:

  • carry out calculations on the platform;
  • to exchange UST for USX tokens.

During the listing period, the price of UST will significantly increase. The purchase of the UST token will be useful to drivers, as well as partners (sellers of auto parts, car parks, logistics, insurance companies, as well as lending organizations).


Translations, which are carried out by users, are encrypted and fixed on a mandatory basis. Wallets of participants on the platform are encrypted. Accordingly, their association with the profiles of participants is leveled. The connection between the wallet and the platform participant can not be viewed (only the developers of the Uservice resource can do this). Sometimes this is required to resolve disputes, as well as to provide objective answers to participants' questions.

For the security of backers, as well as investors, authors who receive funds through the Uservice resource must be public. These participants must provide information about themselves. During the campaign period, anonymous mode can be enabled. After the campaign ends, the author can go into anonymity mode. However, in past campaigns, public type information will be displayed (the data indicates when the company starts).

Monetization Features

ICO project Uservice is distinguished by an understandable model of monetization. The commission is calculated on the basis of tariff zones. Their parameters are selected by marketing research in a particular region. Each parameter is the same within the boundaries of a particular region. Due to this, customers can be sure that they are provided with services at the most favorable cost.

The funds to be collected during the tokenization process, as well as the Blockchain technology, can significantly expand the ways of monetizing products. It is ensured by attracting various participants of the auto industry to the ecosystem.

Application of collected funds

25% - for the implementation of Blockchain technology

25% - software

20% - implementation of the program on the markets

15% - tokens for marketing

5% - for security systems

5% - legal support

5% - creation of other directions

Distribution of tokens

60% - pre-sale and main ICO

20% - for project development

10% - tokens for the team

10% - for advisors


In 2018, Blockchain technology is planned to be implemented, platform support will be provided, and the system will be scaled, and the resource will be introduced to entry markets (Europe and North America). In 2019, further development of Uservice in Asia, as well as in Middle Eastern countries will be carried out. The USX-token issue is scheduled for this year. The developers of Uservice are sure that in 2020 the project will dominate the market.


K. Hajiyev - head

E. Malkin - speaker

Shore William - Head of Caspian

A. Borodich - CEO

Petrov V. - Advisor

Mikhailets G. - Director of Customer Relations

The advantages of the completely new, innovative Uservice platform will be appreciated by all user groups. The service is designed to collect, obtain statistical data, fully service motorists, as well as to create the latest business processes that are characterized by maximum efficiency. Accordingly, we are talking about the registration of transactions, various operations, as well as a broader range of services.

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