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VIP Bounty in the project + 2000 $ insurance is unlimited.

Good afternoon, dear partners.
What could be better than bitcoins in a growing market?
Only Free bitcoins from the perspective project.
Today we will tell you more about the steep Bounty project program,
which in addition to high-quality investment offers now to earn their customers and on the performance of simple tasks.
This is very interesting, I have not seen such programs in HYIPs - let's take a closer look.

I don't want to talk about the project itself - you can read our detailed Review of
I myself went after the redesign with my own, at the moment I have repelled almost 80% of the deposit and I'm going to do reinvest.
I really like the project, and from now on the investments for our referrals have become much safer.
The indefinite insurance fund 2000 $ - this is very serious! (Before 25.03.18/2500/2000 - the total fund will be $ XNUMX, after $ XNUMX, respectively)

We are also very interested in the recent update of the project. The site has been added page of the bounty.
To participate in the program you need to fulfill the required conditions, I quote:

Register on the company website
Add your bitcoin wallet in your account settings (and get + 15000 Satoshi!)
Subscribe to our official Telegram
Submit our Facebook group
Sign up for Twitter companies
Subscribe to a group of companies VK

Did these simple steps? You can get money in Bounty for completing tasks.
Let's consider more in detail: how much money and for what actions does the project offer?

1. For registration in the project - 15000 satoshi (at the rate - about $ 1.7)

Under the terms, everything is clear - you registered, registered a bitcoin wallet - the money was automatically added to your account.
"It's a bitcoin faucet!" - you say. I also thought so at first, but the admin turned out to be more cunning than us - the minimum amount for withdrawal from the bitcoin balance is 0.005 btc.
Accordingly, to collect this amount, you will have to make a contribution or perform several tasks.
Anyway - almost 2 bucks for registration - that's pretty good.

2. Reposts in social networks - 15000 satoshi for 2 reposts (at the rate - about $ 1.7)

Here you need to do a retweet / repost of the official news of the project on your account.
Any 2 action on facebook, facebook, twitter or instagram.
A slightly confusing description of this task - I had to check with the admin (what exactly to repost? On which accounts?).
Admin explained that you need to repost on personal accounts, only official news of the project (news that are on the site, not information articles).
He promises that soon there will be a lot of such news - but for now the admins do not find fault with the conditions and distribute money to everyone.
Than certainly it is possible and it is necessary to use.

We made 2 reposts - sent links to them / or to your page through the report form - got our money.

3. Invite friends - up to 1 bitcoin.

This task is the most generous, but suitable for active investors.
The project automatically calculates the bitcoins for invitations to the project in an automatic mode.
An invitation is considered to be a person who registered for your link and made any deposit into the project.
The accrual takes place according to the scheme:

- Invite 5 friends and get 0.001 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 10 friends and get 0.002 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 25 friends and get 0.005 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 50 friends and get 0.01 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 125 friends and get 0.03 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 250 friends and get 0.07 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 500 friends and get 0.25 bitcoin for free!
- Invite 1250 friends and get 1 bitcoin for free!

At first, it seemed to me that the project charged some kopecks.
But having figured it out, I appreciated the chip - the more you invite, the more profitable the offer.
Let's say you invited 5 friends who made deposits - $ 11 in your pocket.
But if you invite 5 more friends, the project will charge you $ 22 at the current rate ($ 33 ​​in the end)
For 50 invitees, you will receive 11 + 22 + 55 + 110 = 198 $
And if you add the referral commission and the potential growth of Bitcoin, it's a very tasty offer.

4. Video review of the company - from 0.0005 to 0.05 bitcoins ($ 6-600 at the exchange rate).

A very simple task: take a review of the project, upload a channel to your YouTube channel, send a link - get money.
On the one hand, it strains such a spread in the amount of the bonus, on the other hand, the channels and reviews are also different.
I hope the administrators will not pinch money for quality reviews.

If they pay $ 30-100 for average video reviews, it will be a very profitable offer.

5. Review of on your website / blog - from 0.0025 to 0.1 bitcoins ($ 28-1100 at the exchange rate).

Here the task is more difficult - at least you need to have your own website. But the bonus is much more significant.
If you have a website / blog, you can write a project overview and get money.
The scheme of work is the same: wrote / posted a review - sent a link to it - received money.

That's all. The administration promises to supplement the list as the project develops.

What I want to say positive about the program:

Thoughtfulness. I have not seen such a complex Bounty in haypah yet.
Performing tasks, can earn as beginners (it's better than clicking on bugs
The program in fact can be interesting for everyone. For example, as a blogger, I really liked the system of payment for invitations.

High rewards are also encouraging. If you figure it out, you can make good money.
As always, in HYIPs you will be paid more than in any other “non-financial” niche.

Ergonomics. Without problems, the administrator has collected all the bounties on one page.
Forms are convenient to use, moderation (yet) is quite fast.

From the program's minuses I want to note the insufficient description of tasks - you need to set tasks more clearly.
If the administration is ready to pay for any reposts and reviews of the project on the culinary blog, the effectiveness of such a program will decrease.
It is also unclear what will happen to the program in the event of a sharp increase in Bitcoin's rate.
In any case, these disadvantages are minor - but in the place of the admin, I would have thought about them in advance.

And how do you rate the bounty program Write in the comments.

It's no secret that the second year in the world is particularly relevant to the topic of crypto currency.
The concepts of "blockchain", "airdrops", "token", "bounty", "ICO" are included in the life of every smart investor.
Our blog follows trends - for the second year we have been publishing articles on cryptocurrency topics, we follow promising ICOs.
It is obvious that progressive HYIP administrators also follow the "fashion".
I'm sure very soon Bounty programs, tokens, ICO advertising elements will increasingly take place in investment projects.

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  1. Avatar photo Ig Sem:

    They are still playing in Telegram on 120-150 $ last days on quizzes.

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    Great project! I adore your friends portal. Bona is my best example, which I look up to ...