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Advantageous sale of author's photos on Wemark platform

 Quality photos are in demand, they are worth good money. At the same photographers themselves can not receive a decent reward for the work done. After all, they have to cooperate with photobanks, in which about 80% of the revenue is lost.

This is due to the conclusion of unauthorized agreements between the parties, the use of images by third parties. Giving the work to a special service, the photographer loses copyrights. At the same time, agencies can freely sell unique images to third parties several times, earning considerable funds.

In the modern market there are several large photobanks. They have seized the digital segment fairly tightly. Photobanks control this industry and impose rules on all participants. These services dispose of the received materials as they wish. Accordingly, photographers have no choice. Such an approach to cooperation negatively affects the enthusiasm of specialists.
Such an order of things does not suit talented photo artists. The creators of the Wemark platform came to their aid, launching a convenient and completely free marketplace.

Features of the Wemark site

Wemark Is a decentralized service that allows photographers to sell their work to interested buyers with full copyright protection. Thanks to the use of smart contracts, Blockchain technology, transparent, mutually beneficial cooperation is ensured between the parties. The service is great for beginner photographers. Using Wemark, you can quickly find new customers.

The advantages of working on the Wemark platform include:

  • the author retains identity by controlling the cost of work;
  • in a smart contract, the conditions for placing pictures are prescribed (by agreement of both parties);
  • The transaction is carried out when the author arranges the price and the conditions of the buyer's work with the pictures.

On the platform, you can attract new participants through the referral program. Transparency of the Wemark system ensures that the author can track the work after the sale.

The value of decentralization in the work of the Wemark service

The digital industry needs to be decentralized no less than other spheres of life. The implementation of Blockchain technology in the Wemark platform provides the following advantages:

  • reliable protection of the author's profits: if a photographer uses a stock bank to sell his pictures, he can not know exactly whether photos are used without his knowledge. Thanks to Blockchain technology, the author can track all the actions that are performed with his content. In this case, the photographer has data on how many times the picture was used by the buyer;
  • carrying out calculations in the crypto currency: modern photographers sell their work to customers located in different parts of the world. Thanks to the use of crypto currency, the interaction of participants is simplified to a minimum. From the point of view of external intervention, the calculation in the crypto currency is the safest. By using tokens, no one can interrupt or cancel a transaction. Interaction between participants is not limited to the framework of the payment system;
  • absence of intermediaries: the procedure of interaction of participants is as transparent as possible. The deal is formed only by the buyer and the seller.

Increase profits through the Wemark system

By eliminating the mediator, the photographer can increase the profit from the sales of unique images. For example, a photographer, used a bank of photographs, is forced to sell pictures not for 100 $ (objective photo price), but for 15 $. Otherwise, he will not be able to find a buyer. After all, no one will know about the work of the photographer if he does not place the goods on the marketplace.
As for working on the Wemark platform, another scenario awaits the photographer. If you place works on an innovative marketplace, the photographer will be able to contact customers directly. Taking into account the mark-ups of the centralized bank, it is advisable for the photographer to reduce the cost (up to about 75 $). Accordingly, the work will be sold cheaper for the buyer. Thus the author will receive not 15 $, but 60 $. This type of transaction is beneficial for all users of the Wemark platform. For a transaction in Blockchain you will have to pay a small commission. It is incommensurably small, compared to 85% in photobanks.

Conducting ICO Wemark

WMK Is a cryptocurrency created to develop the Wemark ecosystem. Tokens comply with the ERC20 standard. Owners of the WMK cryptocurrency will be able to purchase photos. Users can use fiat funds to top up their balance. In the process of loading into the system, fiat money is generated into WMK tokens (in accordance with the current exchange rate). The issue of the WMK token is 135.
ICO Wemark is held from 12 to 26 April 2018. 53 WMK tokens have been allocated for the sale. The cost of 000 WMK token is 000 USD. Buyers can use ETH tokens to purchase cryptocurrency. The goal of the Wemark ICO is to receive $ 1. The minimum amount planned to be raised is US $ 0,2.

Distribution of tokens



The guys from the Wemark team do not plan to stop there. They are sure that the crypto currency must become a universal means of settlement between the parties in different spheres of business. It is likely that having achieved success in the digital industry, Wemark service will be prepared for distribution of music tracks, logos, illustrations and other products. I think that in this case even larger investors will be attracted to ICO Wemark. Many experienced and wealthy investors have already become interested in the project. Each of you can be convinced of the uniqueness, prospects of the Wemark project. To do this, check out the official website or the materials from Whitepiper.

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