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WePower - service for the convenient sale of green energy

WePower Is a service designed to sell or buy green energy. The site operates on the basis of the Blockchain. Producers of renewable energy sources, thanks to the service, can raise funds through the issuance of tokens (WPR). The cryptocurrency is issued specifically for WePower. Thanks to energy tokenization, it is possible to standardize, as well as open, simplify the energy investment ecosystem. Energy sellers can work directly with buyers and can also raise capital by offering favorable product prices.

To optimize the financial cycle, opening access to capital, WePower activates energy tokenization. Owners of WPR tokens can gain access to participation in auctions for the purchase of Tokenized Energy after the renewable energy base is connected to the site.

The distribution of WPR tokens owned by participants plays a crucial role in the development of the platform. Owners of tokens can apply, and also sell available energy.

The WePower platform is designed to make the distribution of energy more rational. There are too many middlemen between energy consumers and their suppliers. These costs ultimately go to the consumer who has to pay for everything. The service is aimed at solving current tasks of access to capital for suppliers of renewable energy sources. Participants in WePower will have access to investments in profitable projects for consumers. This is done through a transparent method using smart contracts in the blockroom. With the help of technology WePower will resolve such problems existing in the energy part of the market:

  • lack of speed, transparency of operations;
  • unstable access to deposits, trade in green energy;
  • There is no global access to capital for green energy projects.

The legal side

Legally WePower is the seller of energy. Service WePower can connect to the power system, the local market for energy exchange. WePower has information on the used, as well as on the energy produced in the electricity exchange market, the power grid. The energy information will be tokenized after the power station on the power source is connected to WePower. Tokenization of energy is carried out on the basis of unit kW / h. The energy token is 1 kW / h. It will be released in the near future.

Business case WePower

The WePower development team decided to create an ecosystem in Europe. Experts expect to get high results thanks to a unique regulatory framework. The European energy community is distinguished by a competitive market that provides regulation in all member states. This is the most important condition for energy tokenization in large volumes.

The WePower platform will evolve by providing more transparency, simplicity in the market. In addition to growth, it is also necessary to provide the best experience for all users of the service. The team includes developers of energy projects in the area where projects are being developed based on market prices with a team of professionals. After entering the new markets, the WePower team will be expanded.

Specialists cooperate with private and corporate energy consumers. Only high-quality services are provided to them. The first clients were involved in the production sphere. They create renewable energy sources, and also generate more than 1000 MW of solar energy in Spain.

WePower token - features

Renewable energy sources connected to the platform open an auction for the sale of tokenized energy. Participants who have WPR tokens get access to these auctions. Their placement will depend on the number of tokens that the user has on hand. The new installation helps create an auction on the WePower platform, which is used to sell energy tokens at a minimum cost.

With the help of energy sources, the following opportunities for participants are opened:

  • manufacturers are able to sell products in advance on the world market, and also receive the necessary capital to increase the profitability of the project;
  • investors are offered more favorable investment conditions. They gain access to green energy projects in a standardized way. Developments are making green energy an attractive asset.

WePower is a new generation token

WePower - another stage in the evolution of the token economy. The tokens released to the market tokenize capital, cash flows that have no internal price. WePower allows you to tokenize energy with measurable value.

Blockchain functions

As already mentioned above, WePower service is based on blocking technology, which allows:

  • to provide participants with transaction history, as well as the procedure for forecasting transactions;
  • Provide convenient community interaction in different applications;
  • to improve efficiency through smart contracts, eliminating intermediaries;
  • guarantee the liquidity of a third party with the help of exchanges, decentralized exchange protocols.

The developers of ICO project WePower have created a platform that allows funding for renewable energy sources. In order to become independent of the central authority, experts try to develop an ideal platform for the effective work of all participants.

Distribution of tokens

55% - for participants of the WePower token sale

20% - for the WePower team

15% - for the community, attracting new users

10% - for future participants


Nikolay Martynyuk - General Director

Arturas Asakavičius - Co-founder

Kaspar Kaarlep - Chief Technology Officer

Heikki Kohl - Creator of Integrated System Architecture

John Matonis - Blockchain Implementation Advisor


In February 2018, the open sale of WPR tokens starts. After that, a trial version of energy tokenization in Estonia will be launched. As of May 2018, it is planned to connect to the energy infrastructure, test the work of the platforms. In 2019, WePower will be launched in Portugal, Germany.

WePower transforms the methods of accounting for environmental energy. The platform implements this through a more technological, reliable and transparent solution. For this, smart contracts and public blocking are used. The modern market for environmental energy certificates lacks transparency, trust, and efficiency. In addition, it does not encourage the transfer of investment in new capacity for the production of environmental energy.

Project WePower ICO 2018 allows you to generate income from energy when investments are stable, efficient and profitable. The profit will be used in the local market for the production of clean energy. Acting as an autonomous energy supplier, WePower provides participants with the possibility of cross-border energy transmission. It can be carried out in those cases when it is expedient from the economic point of view.

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