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White Rabbit - platform for the creators of serials, movies

White Rabbit Is a project whose main goal is to create a blockchain-based browser plugin. It is intended for watching movies. More recently, the development team announced that an affiliate program is working. It was created for special video services.

White Rabbit is a project developed by a group of software developers, promising filmmakers. The system allows you to pay for viewing the material directly. Thus, it will be possible to avoid intermediary schemes. In addition, the plugin implies the presence of a library for users. It will contain all purchased films. The following requirements are imposed on the participants:

  • they must be accountable;
  • to be creative;
  • have a love for TV shows.

The main goal of the project White Rabbit is the fight against piracy on the Internet. The system is aimed at a common benefit for all participants. Thanks to the functioning of the platform, copyright owners of content, producers, and directors who participate in content creation benefit.

Due to the principle of smart contracts, which are laid in the Block, the procedure is fully automated. In the case of visiting the resource, choosing the material, the tokens are transferred to the rightholders of the series, the film or the musical composition. If they can sell a ready service, the transaction will be carried out without problems. When the translation is not carried out, the tokens are returned to the user.

Participants in the ICO project White Rabbit will also be able to implement other services. For example, you can sell at an attractive cost support materials, extended versions, as well as video from the filming. In other words, the materials that are not available in the public domain can also be found in free access.

Features of the system White Rabbit

Using the system White Rabbit Is a convenient way to settle payments between a service seller and consumers in the music and film industries. Data transmission is carried out on the basis of a P2P network that is connected to the Blockchain. Currently, companies that sell content to the film industry have occupied a significant segment of the market.

Large companies Amazon or Netflix dictate their own rules in this area. Accordingly, they do not take into account innovative, interesting projects, which many call a masterpiece. These companies are interested in content that meets the requirements of the popularity of the bulk of users. In the end, decent pictures with a large budget do not get on the screens. Because of this, users do not know anything about their existence.

As for popular movies, serials, they steal in the literal sense of the word. Their creators do not receive dividends, which they rely on. The situation is also complicated by the digital space, which has almost destroyed the DVD market, beautiful film studios.

Service White Rabbit offers a simple and unique solution to the issue. Work in the system will allow you to make payments conveniently and efficiently. Participants in the system can transfer funds to the rights holder for the content, bypassing the group of intermediaries (it absorbs up to 90% of this amount). In addition, each user can thank the actors or staff after watching the movie. For this, a certain amount can be donated (without taking into account the interest that the system charges).

Solution of actual problems

In the modern field of cinematography, the proliferation of the digital type, there are the following problems:

  • incomes are problematic to determine, the receipts of funds have to wait a long time;
  • the minimum number of representatives of the cinema receives funds from the placement of content through digital technology;
  • lovers of cinematography have to break the law in order to evaluate the series, because they are not able to pay for content;
  • the range of material is small, because closed services have a regular income from expensive subscriptions. Often, users can not afford this;
  • there is no competition in the extensive popularization. For this reason, the user interface does not develop, innovations are practically not being introduced into this sphere.

White Rabbit solution

Project ICO White Rabbit helps to solve all the problems listed above. In this case, users can easily watch their favorite TV shows, as well as streaming movies. Smart contracts, in turn, withdraw payment from the balance of users. Accordingly, content owners receive income instantly. Blockchain technology guarantees transparency to all users. The White Rabbit service allows viewers, the creators of video content themselves, to get rid of the unprofitable conditions that other closed server platforms offer.

Distribution of profits on White Rabbit

The profit received from the conducted transactions on the White Rabbit platform is distributed in a certain way:

  • the authors of the content receive 75%: a third of the transferred amount is transferred to the creators of the series, the movie. No other similar system translates to creators and half of the cost of payment;
  • the commission of the White Rabbit system is only 15%;
  • virtual partner services that broadcast, 10% is assumed (if the partnership agreement is absent, the income is only 5%);
  • The remaining 5% remains at the disposal of White Rabbit.

Benefits of the White Rabbit service

Participants in the White Rabbit project will appreciate the following advantages:

  • the widest choice of legal material for the audience;
  • The availability of financial incentives for the development of this industry;
  • stable work of the business model for the popularization of content using digital technologies;
  • transparent distribution of earnings from management of depositors, as well as content producers.

Distribution of tokens

40% - sale of tokens

31,5% - WR reserve

16% - tokens for the team

6% - tokens for partners

5% - advisory board

1,5% - tokens for the Bounty campaign


Alan R. Milligan - CEO

Hengameh Panahi - artistic director

Alexander Yarushin - CTO

Adrian Hessel-Rütter - COO

John Inge Bouley - CFO


In 2018, the sale of tokens will be conducted, streaming partner sites will be activated. In addition, it is planned to purchase new content, launch a beta version of the project. After that, the service will be launched. At the end of 2018, developers will implement a new technology for content recognition.

Viewing a material on legal terms can allow each user by excluding intermediaries. Selected films are added to the personal library. A separate basket is called a rabbit hole or a Rabbit Hole.

Smart contracts, as well as Blockchain, provides participants that payment for TV shows, films is sent to authors without time delays. Thanks to this technique, justice is restored in the film industry, the problem of piracy is being solved, as well as the availability of content. The main plus is that the foundation is being created for an environment in which there is competition.

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