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HYIP monitoring

There are many ways to make money on the Internet, all of them are of varying degrees of reliability and complexity. One of them is HYIP and HYIP monitoring.

What is HYIP

Not to be confused with youth slang, in which HYIP means a big stir around something. In the business of HYIP - High Yield Investment Program - a highly profitable startup, which is held due to the flow of investment capital.

In simple terms, HYIP - almost the same financial pyramid, where old investors receive income from investments just come. It is investments and new customers that provide the basis for such a scheme and ensure its viability. It is clear that with the loss of interest from the public site is closed.

Previously, the pyramids were obviously negative, seeing in them only the threat of fraud, but the only reason for this was ignorance. Now, with certain skills, you can and should earn money on the HYPE.

HYIP monitoring the best projects

Why do I need and how does HYP monitoring work

HYIP monitoring or is a specific resource that collects and provides customers with comprehensive information about existing HYIP projects. Here is the quintessence of everything: the experience of moderators, statistics, reviews and public information. The founders of the projects themselves apply for listing.

This service allows you to choose a pyramid so that the investment has become the least risky. You can find information about:

  1. Project, date of its foundation, concept, number of investors;
  2. His solvency and dates of last payments;
  3. New pyramids;
  4. Status - SCAM, reliable and so on.

SCAM is called projects that have already lost or did not have any potential at all, those that do not make payments. The range of data depends on the service policy and its capabilities.

Separate attention deserves the publication of HYIPs with insurance: in case of a sudden closure of the project, you will receive some kind of compensation. This money is provided by the founder of the pyramid itself, and for the time being they are stored in the monitor fund.

If you intend to invest in a HYIP project, monitoring should not be abandoned in any way.

Nuances that are worth your time

We want to draw attention to two main aspects of work with monitoring:

  1. Monitoring is not a one hundred percent guarantee of a successful investment;
  2. Not all monitoring is equally objective.

Indeed, such a site will allow you to learn about the project everything or almost everything, including its solvency, but it is not responsible for the final result, which is sometimes negative. This can happen, for example, if you looked at the status of the project today, and invested in a week without checking it again. Seven days is a long time in the life of the HYIP, for which much can change.

Or the project just suddenly closed. Of course, this happens rarely - almost an exceptional situation: the founders always act until the last investor and fold only when the public has lost interest.

HYIP monitoring choose HYIPs correctly


A separate section is about reliability. Indeed, not all HYIPs work honestly: rarely, but the placement of questionable information comes across. This can happen in the case of:

  1. The project in the listing refused to pay extra, and the moderators undeservedly assigned it the status of SCAM;
  2. The project paid and the moderator exaggerates its advantages.

But more often, HYIP monitoring is an adequate resource and gives projects an objective assessment. It is useful to pay attention to whether monitoring is a contributor to a particular project - this can also play a role.

In our HYIP monitoring you can always find true and complete information about projects.