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HYIPs-partisans: why should projects be quiet and can they earn money with them?

Each investment project has its own development plan and on how well the administrator thinks it through, depends not only the success of the HYIP, but also the profit of the contributors. Some projects immediately go into battle and are aggressively advertised online, others may sit underground for years and earn reputation. Why many admins prefer the inconspicuous type of the project and its quiet development - let's look at the new article of the portal Profit-Hunters.

Who are the partisans?

First of all, when choosing a project, any investor pays attention to the appearance of the HYIP and what is heard about it on the Internet. No matter how cool you are, and bright funds immediately attract the eye to themselves, high-quality preparation instills confidence that the future giant is in front of your eyes, and abundance of advertising on the move prompts the depositor that the admin does not skimp on money. Unfortunately, this is far from being always true, and experienced investors know that sometimes too bright and fast-moving projects often turn out to be bablosborami. And even, on the contrary, many inconspicuous projects with cheap preparation eventually become TOPs, bringing hundreds of percent of the profits.

In the HYIP there is a separate category of projects, which are called partisans. The name speaks for itself, and it is easy to guess that these are funds that work very quietly, in a kind of underground. For several months and even years, the HYIP partisans can work themselves quietly and hide from investors. It is clear that having noticed such a partisan, you can make very good money, but this is the whole difficulty - it can be very difficult to understand that an unsightly, and at times miserable-looking HYIP is a project with great prospects.

Why do admins work in underground mode? The reasons for this behavior may be different, basically they are two:

  • Administration no money for training quality project, but I want to work. For this, a penny project is created, which requires almost zero investment, and the admin slowly saves money from deposits for renewal. Under favorable circumstances, the project in the future turns into a more presentable and has funds for advertising.
  • Creators of the project want to build a reputation - the work experience in the HYIP plays into the hands, and with minimal expenses you can sit in ambush for years, which the projects successfully do. At some point, there is a transformation from a wretched HYIP to a wonderful and expensive fund, and in a heap of accumulated reputation, this can bode for a very good inflow of investments. 

Although initially the admins are planning to update the project and exit the quiet mode, but in practice it does not always work out what is intended. Sometimes the project comes to a premature scam through the fault of large deposits or the admin loses faith in his HYIP and turns the shop around without showing his offspring in all its glory. Nevertheless, in the HYIP industry, a positive attitude has developed towards the partisans, because, as a rule, with such projects, it is possible to earn both before dressing and after. The main thing is not to confuse the HYIP in the quiet phase with the usual slag, which will close without digesting the deposit in 100 $.

The main features of the project in quiet mode

Most of the articles on the Internet speak of HYIPs-partisans, as projects with weak preparation and patterned design. The point, of course, is far from it, because the project can look immaculately, work with a fashionable design and on an expensive script, but at the same time it is still partisan. The main thing in such a fund is a quiet mode of operation, during which the admin does not force events and does not buy listings. The project simply works without advertising, or with a minimum amount of it, and there is a long period of time at this stage.

All other signs of partisan are secondary - they may be completely absent:

  • Weak preparation. The partisan does not need a bright and presentable appearance, because he does not need to attract the attention of investors to himself. Therefore, the purchase of expensive software, many guerrilla admins consider a waste of money and often their offspring look like frankly cheap websites: the project runs on a bare script or on its unlicensed version, nobody bothers with the design and registration of the company.
  • Minor interest rates of return. The plans of the partisan - in quiet mode, wind up the period, which can be delayed for long months and years. If all this period to pay a chic profit, then you can not live to change. Therefore, interest rates are chosen so as not to strain the cashier of the project, because in the future they can still be changed to more attractive ones. But let's not forget that history knows such partisans who have worked for years with high-yielding interest and investors for many years after the scam remember admins with a kind word.
  • Mean affiliate program... The guerrilla administrator is indifferent to the main tool for attracting new deposits, so the affiliate program is most often designed for a symbolic percentage. The reward seems to be there, but it is unlikely to encourage someone to build a referral structure and "download" HYIP.

  • A small amount of Payment Systems. A lot of admin payment is required to attract a large flow of deposits, and well, partisans need only one EPS, as a rule, this is Perfect Money. There is another approach, when a not very popular payment system is connected, through which not every investor will invest, for example, Bitcoin.
  • There are no bonuses, promotions and contests.. All these "baits" during the period of partisanship are inexpedient, so no reasonable admin will begin to use them, but will save them before going into active mode.
  • May exist limits on the amount of the deposit or the number of deposits. Again, the admin needs to protect his project from the influx of investors in every way and in this case all means are good. The governor may introduce certain restrictions, and they may even be unspoken. It may not be indicated on the website that it is impossible to deposit a deposit in 500 $, but when creating a deposit, the admin can simply send them back to you. But such an approach will be only for ideological administrators, for individual boards such a sum can be a weighty reason to squander the project.
  • As a rule, the partisans one language version, most often in English, since there will not be an international distribution of HYIP in the guerrilla stage. And if a website running on a bare script suddenly starts to add different language versions, then it looks at least strange. Competent admins leave the addition of languages ​​for the future, because this will not only help the project to develop, but also attract new flows of funds from investors from different countries.

As you can see, the picture looms rather repulsive than attractive, so it is not surprising that many investors bypass the partisans. Is it worth it to lose the opportunity to earn with the future long-liver - a personal matter of each investor, but it definitely has its advantages.  

Is it worth investing in HYIPs with guerrilla development?

HYIP in quiet mode does not apply to those funds that provide an opportunity to earn quickly and a lot. Rather, on the contrary, cooperation with them is more focused on the future and it’s a sin not to capitalize on the project’s desire to work for a long distance. Therefore, many experienced investors even hunt for such quiet projects, expecting good earnings from them.

HYIPs guerrillas are considered relatively stable projects and more predictable than most classic funds. At the same time, ordinary slag projects, which do not at all try to earn reputation, are often mistakenly fall into this category, and they don’t even plan to work at all. And even if you are lucky to find a partisan at the initial stage and distinguish him from a pile of slag, then no one guarantees that the project will pay you a profit for many years.

Approach the choice of a partisan for cooperation thoroughly, analyze the features of preparation and development of the HYIP, and also do not forget about diversification. The blog portfolio will help to draw attention to promising projects in the guerrilla stage. Profit hunters, in which we add only those funds from which we expect good performance.

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    Thanks for the informative article! No wonder they say: "Repetition is the mother of learning." And many novice investors will find useful information for themselves!