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Xmoneta - an innovative service for communication, sales of goods, services

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Xmoneta Is one of the most popular services designed for convenient communication. Its creation was carried out using Blockchain technology, the basic principles of crypto exchange. The decentralized mobile messenger is encrypted. This ensures the security of the transmitted data. The Xmoneta service is designed for business as well as social communication. With its help you can not only communicate with friends, business partners, but also pay for services, purchase various goods. Beginning businessmen use the Xmoneta platform for business development. In addition, the service allows:

  • to buy books, magazines and other goods;
  • to carry out profitable trade on the platform;
  • Keep money on your own reliable wallet.

Convenient applications can be used to effectively sell your own products. The service has a well-thought-out structure, a convenient menu, which every user can understand.

The main goal of Xmoneta developers is to create a safe, easy-to-use platform that can be used for communication, getting stable income, convenient communication, shopping, and advertising. The Xmoneta development team is taking a step into the Blockchain era. The first messenger in the world was created to work with cryptocurrency and classic money. The mission of the specialists is to make the crypto, as well as the classic currency, available to most people, international connections around the world.

The advantages of the Xmoneta service, which all users will appreciate:

  • the audience finances projects;
  • the possibility of making transfers, exchanging several currencies;
  • Using XMN tokens, you can create your own futures;
  • from the purchase of goods on the Internet you can get additional funds;
  • in the process of active activity it is possible to earn additional XMN tokens.

Before the XMN tokens appear on the exchanges, they can be purchased with 50% bonus. Spreading new relevant content, you can also earn additional funds. These features provide participants with more rapid development.

XMN tokens are used within a single ecosystem, they are linked by Master Card support as well as VISA. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to carry out transactions with cryptocurrency using plastic and virtual cards. The conversion rate is tied to the average rate that is set in the exchange trading. No cashing of XMN is required for transactions. The number of tokens in this system is limited - 1 XMN has been issued. Their sale will lead to a gradual rise in the rate of this cryptocurrency. The first five hundred Xmoneta cards are provided to users on preferential terms.

Future plans include the creation of a decentralized autonomous ecosystem. It will unite all participants in the financial market. Developers seek to create a system where users can sell as well as consume and regulate distributed services. The products will be located in a single decentralized bank Messenger. All processes in this case will be based on smart contracts.

Xmoneta (XMN) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be used to conduct various transactions between community members. The provided tokens have Messenger VISA / MasterCard support. Accordingly, users can pay for cryptocurrency using plastic and virtual cards. All XMN tokens will be issued on the Ethereum Blockchain. They will be available for trading, as well as exchange after the Xmoneta ICO. If necessary, they can be used like other types of cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses for investors

Anyone wishing to participate in Pre ICO Xmoneta can invest in Xmoneta. By investing today, users are reaping great benefits over time. As the main ICO company kicks off, a 50% bonus will be provided for XMN. After the completion of the preliminary ICO, investors will be provided with significant discounts on Xmoneta's services. Users will appreciate the ability to sell tokens in the marketplace as well as receive instant profits.

Unlike other similar projects (for example, CoinSpark), the target audience of the Xmoneta platform is wider. The main goal of the developers is to involve as many participants as possible in the Ethereum world. These can be various companies, as well as participants working with cryptocurrency, casual smartphone users. The application is simple, convenient, and safe. All connoisseurs of crypto messengers will be able to appreciate these benefits.

Active channels of Xmoneta

Xmoneta Messenger offers various ways of communication between active users. In order to create a public survey, it is necessary to involve people for the project, its launch. Public channels are available to choose from. Due to this, it is not difficult to find the most suitable active channel. These channel types are archived, they are searchable.

The specialists also developed channels for private conversations, discussions of personal topics. Private channels are intended for the conversation to be carried out in small groups. Such dialogues, as a rule, are closed. In order to join the conversation, the user must become a member of a closed group. Using such an opportunity, the participant will be able to conduct a dialogue with one user, as well as with a small group of participants.

If the topic of discussion is too voluminous, direct messages can be converted to a private channel. If necessary, participants can communicate using a video or voice call. You can also open direct messages, public and private channels. Xmoneta Messenger can be run on a personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

Access to information

Thanks to the convenient archiving system, the flexible search engine Xmoneta provides quick, easy access to discussions, documents and other previous solutions. All information blocks (files, notifications, messages) are indexed within the system. If the user tries to find the context of the current discussion, the Xmoneta search engine will update the memory in the simplest way. The search engine has several tools, through which you can search for people, messages, various files and other information. If necessary, you can specify the search criteria and quickly find the required document.


Protection of personal data

Experts regularly conduct safety tests. This ensures the maximum safety of all mechanisms, important information. Programmers also regularly perform site checks on the presence of malicious codes, elements. The personal data of all participants are located in a safe place. Access to them has only a limited number of specialists.


Aivis Reinbergs - Executive Director

Ostris Iglitis - COO

Mix Brown - CMO

Loris Petersons - Marketing Strategist

Aivars Reinberg - CFO


In the second and third quarter of 2018, the launch of the Xmoneta mobile application is planned. At the same time, the partner program will be launched. In the first quarter of 2019, the market area will expand. The roadmap is planned by experts until 2021 year.

Distribution of tokens

70% - tokens for the development of the ecosystem

20% - for sale during the ICO

5% - pre-sale

5% tokens for the team

Xmoneta is an ideal service for communication, business development, sale and purchase of goods and services. In the process of its creation, potential goals and user preferences were taken into account. Due to the fact that the best specialists worked on the creation of Xmoneta, the service is as convenient and easy to use as possible.

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