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Zetbull, Zeppelincars, Advantacapital - scams! Compensation for partners.

Compensation paid.

Zetbull - # 1 admin in the industry quits.
As always, hundreds of percent profits, great work.
Indeed, the standard, admins have someone to look up to.
We are really looking forward to a new project.

Zeppelincars - for the third time I've been scammed, now apparently forever.
Greedy, deceitful admin: transferred deposits to other plans, put 100% reinvest, endlessly lied in PM.
In short, I will not miss the project.

Advantacapital is typical fast.
The admin said the project had been hacked.

Projects have stopped paying.
The current fund amount is $ 1000 for Zetbull and $ 500 + VIP fund for Zeppelincars / Advantacapital.
Waiting for reports, sending them via bot @Bender_PHbot (very convenient)
or a special form for compensation:

7 reviews for "Zetbull, Zeppelincars, Advantacapital - scams! Compensation for partners."

  1. victor-bailon:

    porfavor me pueden ayudar zetbull no me paga tengo 930 dolares en zetbul porafvor alguien me puede ayudar

  2. Igor leonidovic:

    Thank you for compensation! 2021-12-03 12:00: Project: ZETBULL Wallet: LSuYrW1tMFgaAjaSPw2GTMZcNVwAm8Z6fx
    I sent compensation to your wallet (two applications in one payment).
    0.09 LTC (0.055 + 0.03)

  3. Igor leonidovic:

    Thank you for the compensation! 05.12.21/14/44 XNUMX:XNUMX
    Received Payment 54.00 USD from account U17701077 to account U31724258. Batch: 436511116. Memo: API Payment. Compensation Advanta Capital from the Profit-Hunters portal

  4. CNatalia:

    Thanks to Profit Hunters for compensation in the Zetbull project ❤️ (three applications in one payment). 68.5 USDT (1 + 22.55 + 44.91) 2021-12-03 01:59

  5. Aleksandr19:

    Thanks for zetbull insurance.
    12.05.21/17/08 1.00:17701077 Received Payment 17533503 USD from account U436534672 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: API Payment. ZetBull compensation from the portal

  6. mikhal44:

    It's nice to deal with professionals!

    Compensated for ZetBull

    Received Payment 51.64 USD from account U17701077. Memo: API Payment. ZetBull compensation from the portal. Batch: 436534674

  7. Fifa05:

    Thanks for the compensation zetbull
    I sent compensation to your wallet.
    2.05 USDT

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