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Gifts, double refbacks, bounty update.


Winter has come, and the holidays are closer every day.
Profit Hunters congratulates dear partners on the upcoming holidays and gives gifts.

In the period from 05.12.20 to 05.01.21 we will be constantly distributing RM vouchers to our subscribers.
Subscribe, you can get vouchers:
1. On the telegram channel of the blog @profithunters_news
2. In the blog chat @profithuntersgroup
3. In the mailings of the Bender bot @Bender_PHbot

I will also randomly send vouchers to the most active investors via telegram / mail.
Subscribe to us on Telegram, invest with your favorite blog!
Gifts and New Year's mood are ours 😉


Throughout the winter, we will randomly double the refback amount for 1-5 investors every day.
The number of doubled refbacks depends on the total amount of refbacks ordered on that day.
The higher the activity, the more bonuses we will send.

To participate in the promotion you need:
1. Invest in any project on the blog following my link.
2. Apply for refback via Telegram bot @Bender_PHbot
3. Wait for a bonus.

The maximum bonus amount is 25 $ / for one doubling.
For all questions write to Dima @khersond, he is the main referral on the blog.


Extra income from $ 100 per week - no risk.
This is real.
RN Bounty blog has been helping our active partners earn great money for the second year now.

Details and conditions: RN Bounty

To create a New Year mood, we have updated the Bounty program.

1. Bonuses for blog stickers in chats.
When unsubscribing about payments in Telegram chats, place Profit Hunters stickers.
Ragnar will select the 5 most active members every week and pay an additional $ 3 bonus to each.

Link to blog stickers:

2. 10-30 $ for a video review of the Profit Hunters blog.
We are very interested in your opinion about the blog and wishes for our work.

Once a month, you can record a video review with an honest review of your personal experience with the blog

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get to know the RN blog?
Tell us about the pros of blogging.
How much do you earn on investments and bonuses?
Tell us about your experience of earning money on the Bounty program.
What do you dislike about the blog? How would you improve your blog?

For anonymous video review without recording a person's face, we are ready to pay a $ 10 bonus
For a personal review with a personal opinion of a person, when recording with an open face - $ 30
You can record 1 review every month. We are interested in your opinion.

I reserve the right to refuse to pay for the bonus (explaining why).
If you record a creative, interesting video review with editing, I can increase the bonus amount to $ 300 (at my discretion).
The blog reserves the right to publish your review on their social networks.

3. Winter Bounty avatars.
We have prepared a festive New Year avatar pack for the Bounty.
Add new avatars, greet the holidays with a great mood!

If you have been working with us for a long time and are active in chats, you can apply for bonuses for an avatar.
Our Bounty chief Ragnar: @ Saf77777


We can not allow large investors to lose large sums in the scum.
Therefore we make a separate VIP fund for large investors.
Now each deposit from 500 $ will be insured for a minimum of 20% of losses.

We form a separate fund for investors with deposits from 500 $.
The fund is valid for all new projects on the blog, except projects with a note (DOES NOT WORK WITH VIP FUND) in the description.

With a quick look in the project, all large investors receive a separate compensation from the general fund, at least 20% of the amount lost in the project.
Compensation is not cumulative with “Deposit Protection” compensation.

Thus, on the one hand, large investors receive a high percentage of compensation.
On the other hand, for investors with small deposits, the Deposit Protection Fund will not be “eroded”.

IMPORTANT! VIP compensation periods = deposit protection period. Keep track of the deadlines!


We are announcing a VIP chat for wealthy partners. In it, we will give information for investment by serious amounts, plus we will conduct internal actions "not for everyone".

Chat access rules

- For any calendar month, make deposits on our links for a total of at least 3000 $.
Apply to add to the VIP chat.

- All information in the chat is confidential. We reserve the right to refuse work without explanation.

PS: If you do not have the opportunity to invest such amounts, but the information is needed - do not be lazy, write questions to me in PM.
His partners are always ready to help.

Contact us (On Skype is full of scams, click on the link)


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