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return refkomissii

Let us at the beginning of this section I will briefly explain, what refbek.

Each project has a high yield investment program of incentives for partners who bring in new investors to the project. This promotion is called refkomissiya, and is usually calculated as a percentage.

For example 5% refkomissii in "XXX" project means that if you go to the "XXX" project on my refferal link and make a contribution to $ 100, the administrator will pay me 5% of your contribution - 5 $. Only for the fact that I invited you.

Naturally, there is a struggle for the investor in the reformers' market - everyone wants to make money, and many reformers are ready to return part of their refund commission to investors, only so that they go to the project just by their links. This refund return to the depositor is called refback (from the English words ref and back - literally "refk return").

This nuance - 100% refbek means that investors are willing to pay the full amount of the official commission stated on the website, and (usually) in the banner project (2%, 3%, 5%, etc.).

For the investor may seem silly "chase" for the best deals on refbeku - do not make the weather the 5-10%?

I hasten to assure you - very do on the course.

Treat refbeku seriously - such as the $ 1000 contribution you can get 60-150 $ return. A can (due to his laziness) do not get it. For their money should be treated with care and respect.

Another trick - some unscrupulous monitors attract depositors with promises of return 500%, 1000% or even 5000% refkomissii! This is a complete divorce, friends. Just show huge numbers to lure the inexperienced investor to the "light". A percentage of this huge in fact taken from the scalp - it's even written in their rules the fine print.

In my opinion it is ugly.

What's a poor investor to do? It's very easy to get lost in all those 4000% and 10000% ...

Focus on a clear indicator - % Refund of the amount of the depot. Just ask any of the monitor - what is your rate of return of the deposit?

And you see just how blown away these terrible figures. You may not deceive ourselves, friends.


 [ATTENTION! All orders for refbek submit a special form - Order refbek]

Especially for you we do unique and simple sentenceWithout games with numbers and "noodles" in your ear.

Trust - the most important condition of this partnership, we understand that.

What we want to offer you.

In all the programs from our section "Recommended"You get a guaranteed nerazduty

120% refbek.

That is, if the project official refkomissiya 5% of the deposit amount - you get 6%, and so on.

We always try to negotiate better terms for our partners. If you can not agree - you will pay out of its funds. This is an honest and truly "hot" proposal.

But it is - not the limit. In some projects, we will issue an additional bonus for your contributions.

100% + 20% refbek and bonus purse - Not bad, right?

You need a refbek?

IMPORTANT MOMENT! To get a "tasty" refback from me, please make sure when registering that your upline / referrer is Bona or ProfitHunters

For a deposit to be considered repeated, an interval of at least 5 days between deposits is required.

With us you will be in profit. Follow the appropriate section, my friends!


PS: To get refbek of any project in this section, you should:

1) Clear cookies in your browser.

2) Go to the project website using our banner in the section "Recommended».

3) Register, make a deposit to the project.

4) Send an application (nickname in the project, deposit size, batch, your wallet) in a convenient way

(see section "Contact us")

5) Rejoice at the received refback =)

6) In the case when the refback is charged as a percentage of the partner's profit - I pay the refback at the end of the project. Deduced the depot => sent a request with the amount of profit in the project => received RCB

Important: if a project with a refback “from income” did not work for the minimum period and got “under protection” - I don’t pay refback, due to these funds we increase the compensation fund.


The rules for calculating refback are up to 48 hours from the date of application, usually much faster. On weekends, a violation of the rules is possible - we are all human.

Charged on Perfect Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvancedCash, Yandex Money.
STRICTLY on the same payment order which made a deposit!

In some cases, when large payments can arrange for a transfer to your payment order.

608 reviews for "Return refkomissii"

  1. Alexey:

    Refbek 7% came in 12 hours. Thanks.

  2. franck:

    j'ai investi en passant par vous.
    Sur Bitplam.
    Mais comment faire pour recevoir le bonus du dépot ???
    The thank you box

  3. kolgrin:

    Thank you for refbek.
    24.09.21 06:33 Receive Received Payment 0.8 USD from account U1854268 to account U1295 ****. Batch: 421152382. Memo: refback for from the portal

  4. durafan:

    Refbek received. As always SUPERFAST !!! Thanks.
    Received Payment 2.52 USD from account U1854268. Memo: refback for Albet from the portal

  5. VadPiter:

    Thank you for the reflux!
    The amount of 30 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U1854268-> U ***. Memo: refback for EX FUNDS from the portal. Date: 12:51 14.07.21. Batch: 405867288.

  6. ZonderLeg:

    Thanks for the ref 14:32 10.06.21 Receive 398545560 U1854268
    kherson +2.1 24.24 Received Payment 2.1 USD from account U1854268. Memo: refback for rxara from the portal

  7. biana6:

    Received Payment 2.4 USD from account U12287794. Memo: Refback for Icar Digital from

  8. gfsb82:

    341697951 Received Payment 0.25 USD from account U1854268. Memo: refback for 7spectra from the portal

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