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Serial scam projects. What is a skamopad and how to deal with it?

Good day, dear partners.
We all know that there are successful and unsuccessful periods in HAIPs.
Today I want to talk more about the massive closure of projects at one time.
Especially something like this we are seeing right now.
What is a "scamopad" and how to deal with it?

Why did I start writing this article? In order to explain to the newcomers the mechanisms of such series of scams, so that there was no empty discussion in the chat rooms ("The end of the haypam is coming!") And the requests to me in a personal style in the style of "How so?" And "You are all specially planned it!".

To begin with, the scam (or project closure) in 95% of cases occurs for two reasons:

Reason number 1. There is not much money in the project.

The admin did not calculate the correct marketing and the amount of payments is more than the replenishment. Or he withdrew half of the cash to repay the loan at the start. Or the payment system has blocked a purse with a large amount on the account and there is nothing to make up for it. Or on the forums, the cheaters have merged the negative insider and no one is going to the project. Or hackers have broken the project purse ... yes, anything in general. There is no money in the ticket office for the administrator, or there is but little - and he can not pay / does not want to.

Of course, all these groups of causes are most often caused by the blunders of the admins themselves. Lack of experience, negligence, stupidity or greed - anything can lead to loss of cash.

It should also be noted for fairness that advertising on blogs and monitors costs a lot of money, but the flow of investment into the project does not guarantee at all. Often, admins are gaining expensive inefficient advertising and paying interest to negligent advertisers at the expense of investors. As a result - an empty cash register, a scam, and in profits only monitors.

Reason number 2. There is a lot of money in the project.

This variant is less common, but it occurs. The last successful project became public, or the admin buys a lot from the start, or simply "successfully" the project has come in - investors have piled up a bunch of deposits in the early days, and everyone is waiting for profit. The administrator has serious money on his hands, deposits no longer make, and he sees no reason to work further.

A living example for understanding is Rightcorp. The midseller was well assembled, the admin unobtrusively told everyone in the lists about his past successful project Carismo. From the start I typed all the best blogs - mass deposits, huge cash ... Why pay? Admin remembered that his profession all the same throw people and threw. Hardly so all threw.

In general, the cause of the scams was considered. Let's figure out why and when there are protracted series of benches.
We will answer your common questions and tell you how to deal with scammers.

A series of pews, when projects close one after another do not happen just like that. The most common reasons for such a "black band" are:

1. The period of major holidays (and pre-holiday period).

What do you think about 2 weeks before the New Year? About gifts, corporate parties, festive efforts - anything but investment. Yes, and money for the holidays are always needed - you have to bring them to the real from online. That is why during the holidays and for 1-2 a week before the holidays (especially the New Year, May holidays, 23 February + 8 March), there are so many scams. You can describe the events in such a scheme: Investors do not invest money - admins ditch projects - investors are even more afraid of such big losses - they do not invest in anything at all - even serious projects are falling ... Skamopad.

By the way, I think that what we are now observing in the HYIPs is the result of the spring holidays 23 February and 8 March.

2. Summer period.

Summer is a traditional time for holidays. People do not want to sit in front of the monitor, barbecues / cottages / trips - all this needs money. As a result, interest in haypam falls, following the interest drop their projects and admins.

3. Scam of one or several giant projects.

You can compare HYIP projects with stones that are thrown into a pond. From small scamers-pebble waves a little, the project was closed quietly and all do not care. But when the cobblestone-giant is drowning - the waves from its fall go in all directions. It's hard not to get wet.

An example of such a project may be Trinity, Razzleton, Larawithme, etc. Thousands and tens of thousands of investors are invested in large projects. Of course, after the scam of such a giant, people are often frightened, and do not rush to invest their blood in more mediocre projects.

Another side of the medal - I heard that many mediocre admins "twist" part of their cash in giants projects to stay afloat. After a large project scam, projects that trust their money are automatically closed.

With the causes of scammapads figured out. Now I will answer in the article on the most common questions.

1. I lost everything I earned / invested in HYIPs! What to do?

There are only two answers to this question: either stop investing in HYIPs, or draw conclusions and work on the errors. Change your strategy, consult with me in PM, take a pause at last.

There is such a thing - variance, that there is a scatter of random events. Perhaps you just started investing in an unsuccessful period of time or because of inexperience you chose not the best projects. For example, starting your way to invest investor in the beginning of December, be ready for losses.

2. How do you choose projects? It's not a selection, it's mockery! Quickly fill the blog with reliable HYIPs !!!

Analysis of HYIPs by “experienced investors” is another myth. The technical part of the project is weakly related to its lifetime. The rest of the signs are also "fortune-telling", do not trust the analysts.

For the analysis of the project, only the insider about the admin, his past projects, the dynamics of the purchased advertisement plays a role. But even here there are no 100% guarantees: even top administrators sometimes make fast-track on reputation. And by the way on 90% of projects in general there is no insider - admins start projects as new. So, we do not have to choose projects - we themselves are investors. A blog only supports you in your choice - refreshments, bonuses, compensations.

Do not shift your responsibility for your money to us. This is a wrong approach.

For the sake of justice, I add that this year we have entered the mark "Personal Choice" for projects whose admins have proven themselves in the past on the good side. Of course, this does not guarantee profits in the new HYIP, but gives some certainty for the investor. Also it is always possible (and it is necessary!) Before a large contribution to consult with me in PM. All I know from projects - I always say.

3. And why is the "Protection" fund only 500 $ at all? Let's take from admin on 2000 $ and all will be enough for 110%!

A simple sentence, but what kind of administrator will pay such a money for listing? I'm told for 500 $ that it's expensive.
And if I collect 2000 $, then the projects will be at least twice less on the blog.
There will be less projects - there will be less choice from investors, contributions will be made in what is.
Accordingly, the losses on the benches will be higher. Economically, such a price is not justified.

The solution of the problem is in the introduction of the "Eternal Fund" insurance. With large amounts of deposits from the blog in the projects I ask for additional insurance from the admins.

4. I have 10 $ / 100 $ / 50000 $. How to invest without risk and earn?

No way. Even putting them in Sberbank, you run the risk of losing them. What to say about HYIPs?
For large investments requires a special approach, we provide it in VIP chat blog.
For investments by small and medium amounts - I can consult in personal correspondence. Again, give advice, not guaranteeing profit.
Risks in HYIPs are always there, risks are always high.

5. Is there anybody who earns a HYIP? We just feed admins and monitors!

A lot of investors are consistently earning in haypah. Ask in any major HYIP chat.
Simply, as in any case, there is no "button Bablo" and you need to be serious about investing, how to work.
If everyone just lost in the HYIPs - long ago there would have been no high-yield projects.

Well and the main question which to me set on 100 time for each period скамопада: What should we do?!
The answer is very simple - take a break and do not invest anywhere for a week.
Dozens of projects are launched every day, the HYIPs will not get away from you.
Either very much limit the amount of investment, make a more rigorous selection - it will save your money and help to pass painlessly through the black band of the scamp.

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