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Terms of use

The following Agreement has the force of a publicly given promise and its effect applies to everyone who goes through the registration procedure on the site

This Agreement shall enter into force only upon a voluntary and informed agreement between the Administration of the site, hereinafter referred to as the Resource, and a person who, at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement, has reached the age of majority, hereinafter referred to as the User. This Agreement is an exhaustive condition for the use of the Resource.


All information on the resource, is exploratory in nature. Under no circumstances should any content posted on the resources, users should not be seen as a call for any action.

Resource management is not responsible for the information contained in the projects, which may be represented on it.

Resource management is not responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result of User's use of the information contained on the website of the project, which can be presented on the resource.

Resource Administration under no circumstances be held liable for any lost profits, any other incidental or consequential damages that may arise from User's use of any information posted on the resources.

Risk Disclosure

User agrees that investment transactions in the Forex market©As well as other investment markets, investment areas, exchanges, trading platforms, start-ups, trust funds and other investment areas that already exist or may arise, without exception, are associated with the risk of loss of investment funds.

The Resource Administration takes all necessary and possible measures to maintain the accuracy of the content published on the Resource. However, any published information may lose its accuracy and relevance due to certain economic, market, stock events or other reasons. The Resource Administration can not guarantee the accuracy of such information, and strongly recalls that this information is published solely for reference and reference purposes. The Resource Administration shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise as a result of the use of this information published on the Resource.

User agrees not to use any information derived from the content of the resource for carrying out transactions or investments of its funds, as the information that guarantees a certain positive from such actions.

Terms of use of resources. Duties of the User

By accepting the Agreement, it confirms that he was 18 years.

User agrees not to transmit to the software and hardware system resources or in any other way, either intentionally or indirectly, expose it to computer viruses or other similar harmful or dangerous digital content, software and devices. This includes taking action, having the character of intentional or unintentional spam or DDoS-attacks.

User agrees to indemnify and agrees that the administration of the resource is released from liability for any loss, damage, costs or expenses that resource may incur as a result of acts or omissions of the User, as well as actions, misleading or those who lead to distortion of the facts or occurring as a result of breach of this Agreement.

Internal and external links, banners, messages and information on the resource

The Resource presents information on investment projects, messages, links to both internal and external websites related to the content and nature of the content of the Resource information. The purpose of the public placement on the Resource of this information is to provide the User with certain information about investment projects, the publication of market news and an overview of general information on the investment industry as a whole. These links, including those located on banners, are not direct or indirect recommendations, calls for action, direct or hidden advertising or third-party advertising, and are used and provided solely as reference materials. The Administration of the Resource does not guarantee and can not be held responsible for the accuracy of such information, nor is it liable or bound by any obligations for the content of the content received by the User on these links.

User agrees that all actions on the implementation of which it may be asked when you click on such links it performs voluntarily and does not make any causal conclusions related to the resources as a result of such transitions. We are not responsible for the content provided on these links and any risks that may be exposed to User Data.

Responsibilities Resource Administration

Resource Administration agrees to provide the User with unrestricted access to the personal account.

Resource Administration undertakes securely stored in electronic systems Resource users' personal data, of which we demand from the User when registering for resources.

Resource Administration undertakes to treat personal data supplied by the user as confidential information and not to disclose it to third parties.

If you do not accept this Agreement, please do not carry out registration on resources.

If you still intend to register Resource Administration will require you to confirm that you are aware of and fully accept this Agreement.