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Review and reviews of (Test projects)

(The site is protected by VPN)

Opening hours: from 12.12.22/15.02.2024/27.03.24 | Redesign: XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX | On Hunter: from XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX


CFG Beta ($10-$100): 1.11% on weekdays for 20 calendar days, deposit at the end.
CFG Beginner (from $10): 2.1% per day on 20 days, deposit at the end;
CFG Basic (from $200000): 2.3% per day on 30 days, deposit at the end;
CFG Advanced (from $200000): 2.7% per day on 45 days, deposit at the end;
CFG Trader (from $200000): 500 25% over days, deposit and profit at the end.
CFG Expert (from $200000): 700 35% over days, deposit and profit at the end.
CFG Pro (from $200000): 1200 60% over days, deposit and profit at the end.
CFG VIP (from $100000): 2500 90% over days, deposit and profit at the end.
CFG Liberty (from $100000): 5000 120% over days, deposit and profit at the end.

The project pays manually (up to 48 hours).
Minimum withdrawal amount: 3 $

Comment: A new promising partisan with classic marketing and limits.
Laconic design with unique content, licensed. GC script, familiar LC interface.
At the moment, one tether payment is connected to the throne network, a limit of $100 on deposits and 1% ref.
The project started in 2022, a redesign was made, I like the development of the project without listings - Take a closer look!

Accepts: Tether USDT (TRC20).

our deposit: 10 $

Bonuses from the blog: 1% from the amount of your deposit!
TEST project: There is no "Deposit protection", shares do not work. Only 100% refback and Bounty.

239 reviews for "Review and Feedback of (Test Projects)"

  1. Avatar photo Mukhtar2:

    Deposit Cfg Liberty 100 USDT 44b2d98545daede86920c8d9d1a9187908511d2c4a87be7dcd30d3c77c6c0986 Date: 22:57:48 28.05.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX I invest with the Profit-Hunters blog.

  2. Avatar photo Mukhtar2:

    Cfg Liberty 101 USDT 342590cfa5a87fb3902a09eded5299e7593e00fc5c85b1aeb3f3baa6c455f6b5 Date: 22:40:09 28.05.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX I invest with the Profit-Hunters blog.

  3. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    New deposit CFG Liberty 100 USDT f092736a0c539b46d00fbfa61096917c83e1d034e9073dce5b233cb43b278aa3 2024-05-28 21:49:53 Investing with Profit-Hunters

  4. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Payment CFG Liberty 70.7 USDT cbce03c320db2e75a9a6cce230543c621a0a0fb2fb7d542dda20d340a9bf1cbd 2024-05-28 19:41:39 Инвестирую с Profit-Hunters

  5. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    Deposit 136 USDT 81bfd5e521daa7bd1275a745750944191cc50e06d4a963d1d05b437d6c671a9b 2024-05-28 23:12 Investing with Profit Hunters

  6. Avatar photo Lara2016:

    +103.33 USDT d98a4999b2dedb4b317c3940ac3c1e64ece2095dbd3d14651e8a4bbecbd167da 2024-05-28 22:40 Investing with Profit Hunters

  7. Avatar photo Natallia:

    f198c5dedf34f9e7e4ad62caa6dc9580164f315a7f2996329ecf22551ff5da9a 2024-05-27 21:31:18 (UTC).

  8. Avatar photo sergo1964:

    28/05/24 00:31
    I invest with PH

  9. Avatar photo Katenkakatyush:

    3.33 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account 2024-05-28 02:31:27.
    Transaction batch is d5f7b815d7077f2a19eba51f099290f7ea1e27b42554e2e61812de2e0d22f66f.
    CFG Liberty Investing with Profit Hunters.