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Review and reviews of the P2E game Dominator ( without investments and with a yield of up to 2% per day.

In today's review, we would like to introduce you to the completely new gaming platform Dominator (DMNTR) from the Play2Earn (P2E) series, where you have the opportunity to earn real money without investment. The Dominator game can be considered one of the modern ones in the line of blockchain gaming products that we have previously used, for example Stepn and Spexy. It will also use elements of Move2Earn and Learn2Earn, which push the boundaries of earning financial rewards for simple actions. At the moment, the game is available in alpha mode, many functions have not yet been implemented, we invite you to join us at the start and now start gaining skills in the game for further earnings.

Review and reviews of P2E game SPEXY (Test projects)

Review of P2E game SpexyGreetings, dear partners and subscribers of the investment blog Profit Hunters! In today's article, we will dive into the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming industry, where users can earn real money in a gaming manner using cryptocurrency tools. The game Stepn immediately comes to mind, which brought the P2E market to a whole new level and attracted millions of users from all over the world. However, Stepn's time has already passed, and now its main competitor is the new modern game Spexy with Move-to-Earn (move and earn) and Learn-to-Earn (learn and earn) elements. After a long testing period, the Spexy game was launched on the mainnet, all the bugs were completely fixed, the game mechanics were thoroughly worked out, and the applications were updated and available in the Google Play and AppStore markets. In this review, we propose to understand what Spexy is and what opportunities it has for making money.